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Member Benefits 072: Sculptural

Enjoyed the tutorial and as usual you made it so simple.They look so beautiful, so real. I saved the photo and sent it to my mother. She loves painting flowers and also molds them and makes sculpted paper flowers too. ~Cherie-H >> Original comment was posted here: Poinsettia Charms for Christmas I’m very happy that […]

Member Benefits 071: All Ages

My younger grandson and I made these tonight. Boy, did they turn out pretty. He’s seven and very proud of himself. I just gave instructions and he did all the work. Now he has presents for his mom and step mom. When he goes home tomorrow I will attempt some cause I really like how […]

Member Benefits 070: Beyond Beginners

I am constantly amazed at how much information Cindy passes on. I’ve been messing around with PC for some years but she still manages to bring up subjects that seem quite basic until we hear what Cindy has to add. And to be still doing the videos after 4 years is amazing. When I first […]

Member Benefits 069: Techniques Tools

Dear Cindy – I just watched the Rose Bead video. Thankyou-thankyou-thankyou!!!! I really needed to see the whole process because I have read instructions on how to make flowers and they were as clear as mud. Your instructions however are so clear and the colour blending is so logical and practical. I can see myself […]

Member Benefits 068: Tutoring Support

Cindy, I can’t tell you how wonderful your videos have been for me. The course I purchased has launched me into creating beads that are an amazement to me and also to my friends!  I love all the videos you send as well as your prompt answers to any questions or concerns. Being able to […]

Member Benefits 067: Color Mixing

What wonderful stories that accompany your color palettes! Now this is why you have such a following. Such depth of field in all that you both do. It adds so much color (pun intended) to our lives.  Thank you. The palette is lovely, I can see using all the colors over and over. YUM! ~Patt-W […]

Member Benefits 066: Fun Events Contests

Just enjoyed your whole trip and as I had been away from my own area (Astoria, Oregon) for about 10 years and am trying to get to know what all is here again.  I was in search of fellow polymer clay artists, low and be hold you gave me a start with local folks.  Thanks […]

Member Benefits 065: Video Learning

Cindy Lietz provides a brilliant tutorial site at absolutely minimal cost. Okay, there are plenty of free tutorials on the web… but if you want real quality, easily understood videos, wonderful projects and lots of free info, Cindy is the one to follow! It costs so little… and every month there is so much to […]

Member Benefits 064: Sculptural

Cindy and Doug, Thank you so much for featuring my work. I’m honored to be here and thanks again for all your inspirational tips and techniques that you share with us weekly. I refer back to your tutorials more than any other reference materials that I use, well maybe I use anatomy references more when […]

Member Benefits 063: Tips Baking

Cindy, Thank you for the very informative video on the glass ball ornament baking. I can see now that it could also smash and cause injury if not done carefully. I always like your way of giving information in a way that you are trying to convey as much information as possible and never in […]

Member Benefits 062: Sand Buff Shine

Cindy – With your guidance, I am changing how I make my polymer clay beads beads. I have made Jupiter Beads that are smooth. I have also made Rocker Beads that feel like butter, but I didn’t buff them. Now I know after your last Faux Jasper Video that they could have had a shiny […]

Member Benefits 061: Jewelry & Projects

I love the idea of the baby necklace, I used to work in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and know many nurses who would love to have one made for the parents of their little patients. ~Katina-K >> Original comment was posted here: Photo Transfer Bead Project Baby Keepsake Necklace I love how the foil […]

Member Benefits 060: Techniques Tools

WOW thank you for this Cindy. I have always loved the mica shift technique, but was never good at it. You taught me something new that will help a lot, and that was the putting the clay on the rounded surface to slice. I am anxious to try the slicing that way. I am not […]