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Polymer Clay Membership SiteCindy, Thank you for the very informative video on the glass ball ornament baking. I can see now that it could also smash and cause injury if not done carefully. I always like your way of giving information in a way that you are trying to convey as much information as possible and never in an attempt to be condescending. Excellent information. ~Joy-C >> Original comment was posted here: Mistletoe Ornament Polymer Clay Tutorial

I love the community here… I wish I would have discovered you guys sooner! I have found SO much information on this website! Last night I sat here and read for probably 6 straight hours (do I know how to party on a Saturday night or what?). At one point I just buried my face in my hands and just started laughing because one thread lead to another suggestion on another thread, which lead to another video on another thread and before I knew it I had 9 (!) tabs open on my web browser all from this site pertaining to some sort of question I had, or a question that I didn’t have but now do. I’m finding some great answers, though, and will soon be lining my oven with ceramic tile to help stabilize it. ~Karen-R >> Original comment was posted here: Selling Polymer Clay Jewelry at the Public Market

Joining Cindy’s clay family in 2008 is something I am very thankful for. Because of this, my granddaughters were able to make some charms while visiting over the holiday and I had a chance to use my new Kitchen Aide counter oven. It worked like a charm and held the heat. I only had to reduce it a bit to keep it between the 265-275 temperature needed. I purchased it two years ago when Kohl’s had it on sale at 50% off. A little pricey but worth every penny. It is going to be wonderful not to have to worry every time I bake some clay pieces . These are only two of the items of a long list that could have each and every name in our clay family. It is so wonderful to hear from each of you every time you pop in. And so it all started with Cindy, Doug, Willow and Fisher…..Many Thanks to ALL. ~Joyce-F >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor

I’m so happy that I found this out early when I became a member!! It saved me so much time, energy and clay!! I had done alot of projects before I became a member and they were all of course under baked. All I did was re bake them and I was able to save all of my hard work!! I had glazed some of my projects so of course I didn’t re bake those but I was able to save most of what I had done previously. ~Michele-D >> Original comment was posted here: Ten Minutes NOT Long Enough to Bake Polymer Clay

Dear Cindy! I want to thank you for your video “ten minutes not long enough”. It came to me just in “right time”! I was so frustrated over broken clay that I was about to give up! Now I’ll never bake for a short time again! A nice Christmas to you and your family, from Norway. ~Synnøve-O >> Original comment was posted here: Vega Gull Palette – Premo Color Recipes

Just adore this thread. Where else on the web can you find this type of information, detail, sharing and interacting. I feel rich, being a member of this community to have this bank of information at my fingertips. ~Jocelyn-C >> Original comment was posted here: Curing Polymer Clay With A Heat Gun Not So Good

Tricks of the trade! Such good ideas. Way back yonder a long time ago, I read to ALWAYS cover your beads. So I do, Always. To date, I have never had a burned bead. Maybe luck, but I think it is that the beads are covered. Try it – you will like it. I use alum foil, but you can use whatever works for you. Cindy, I am so glad you told everyone about this. It has been a lifesaver, more than once. As for the tiles.  You have got LOTS of them. As Karonkay says, go to Habitat, if you have one close by. They have all sorts of good stuff, look around. Treasures for sure. Cindy bakes at 265F. That is the best temp for me. So again I do it. I have a convection oven, and it took time fiddling around to get to exactly 265, but well worth it. Cindy has really tried all the stuff she teaches us – SO WE DON’T HAVE TO. Thank you Cindy for all your good work, we appreciate all your GOOD work. You learn so much here. From Cindy all the wonderful clayers who help out. The is the most wonderful site ever…… smile. A HUGE HIP-HIP-HOORAY for the Lietz team!!! ~Patt-W >> Original comment was posted here: Simple Tips To Avoid Burning Your Polymer Clay

Cindy – I’m having fun making the sea shells and starfish. I have also started baking for an hour and using the tent method.  Experiencing more with your colors. Thank you for providing such great videos. ~Cindy-P >> Original comment was posted here: Bohemian Beach Bracelet Tutorial

Hi Cindy, What a very helpful thread! I had heard about boiling being helpful for keeping white and translucent clays true-to-colour. I’m going to try these methods as soon as I can get hold of the right containers. I will bake for half an hour next time, or an hour for my bangle bracelet (1/4″ thick). Can’t wait to try it! You are so helpful, Cindy. Thank you! ~Sue-W >> Original comment was posted here: When Baking Beads, It’s OK to Sometimes Break the Rules

Hi Cindy this is a great tip.  I have always used a tile to bake on but didn’t use the paper until a while ago. Although I already knew about this idea it is nice that you have posted it here for others who didn’t know it yet. ~Linda-G >> Original comment was posted here: Baking Flat Polymer Clay

I finally got so disgusted with my toaster oven that I moved my convection oven out of the kitchen and into my studio. I loved the way that oven cooked food, so it took me a long time to make the decision. I’ve never regretted it, though. Baking my clay has turned from a nightmare to a simple task. ~Linda-K >> Original comment was posted here: Snowman Beads for Christmas

I got a great tip on making very large PC beads using the air dry modeling clay by Amaco. Make your core bead from this and let it dry. Then cover the bead with thin slices of your polymer clay or cane or whatever and bake it at your regular temp for an hour as Cindy suggests. Your beads will be very light and lovely. ~DixieAnn-S >> Original comment was posted here: Texture Texture Texture Polymer Clay Tutorial

I just watched it for the second time this morning with my cup of coffee. Very nice to meet you Margaret and Dana. Thanks for all the tips Cindy. I’ve heard you mention before about baking upside down in between the tiles, but it never really registered, lol, and I confess I too have a resin obsession. It makes a beautiful piece amazing. I just had two compliments this week, from men (that’s never happened before), on my peacock cane earrings that are covered in… you guessed it, resin! Don’t forget Upstate NY Cindy. Is there anybody else from the Upstate NY area? Maybe we could all plan to get together when Cindy and her family are able to come our way and have a meeting at one of our craft stores. WOULDN’T THAT BE FUN!!!!! Thanks again. ~Michelle-A >> Original comment was posted here: Who Knew That Dogs Liked Polymer Clay So much?

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