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Member Benefits 080: Video Learning

Hi Cindy, I have just been viewing some of your video tutorials and I think I have learnt more in 15 minutes than the last 15 months since I started to play with polymer clay. ~Kathleen-J >> Original comment was posted here: Beauty On The Beach Color Palette Cindy, I have been buying a few […]

Member Benefits 073: Video Learning

Your videos for the Sweet Pea cane are absolutely fabulous! Can I just say that I don’t know how you do it, but no other polyclay artist I’ve found on line can even come close to the quality of your videos and the degree of care that goes into them, especially at this incredibly low […]

Member Benefits 065: Video Learning

Cindy Lietz provides a brilliant tutorial site at absolutely minimal cost. Okay, there are plenty of free tutorials on the web… but if you want real quality, easily understood videos, wonderful projects and lots of free info, Cindy is the one to follow! It costs so little… and every month there is so much to […]

Member Benefits 049-3: Video Learning

Thank you Cindy for another year of WONDERFUL polymer clay tutorials and rainbow color palettes; and thank you Doug for such EXCELLENT VIDEOGRAPHY. ENJOYED every lesson … and am trying my best to keep up with past purchased lessons as well as even the basic course. Thank you so much for your willingness and joy […]

Member Benefits 047-2: Video Learning

Cindy, I absolutely love your tutorials… I took a hands on class about a year ago, and I have honestly learned more from your tutorials than I did in that class. The first video I watched was the Dandelion Ghost Cane Tutorial. I made different versions of the cane, and sold the pieces right away. […]

Member Benefits 044-3: Video Learning

Hi Cindy, I absolutely love your site and your videos are AMAZING!! What a difference from trying to learn something from a book. A big huge heartfelt THANK YOU for taking the time putting these videos together for all of us! ~Donna-P >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Blend and Switch Technique […]

Member Benefits 042-4: Video Learning

Thanks so much for sharing the video of the Northern Lights. What a spectacular sight! And your examples are just stunning. You just continue to come up with the best videos week after week! ~Fran-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Aurora Technique Video It took me a long time to join because I […]

Member Benefits 040-2: Video Learning

I guarantee, and everyone here will back me up, that you can’t go wrong in becoming a member. So many have said they thought they knew how to do a technique Cindy has done a tutorial on, only to watch her way and realize she does it better and/or faster. The video quality cannot be […]

Member Benefits 038-3: Video Learning

I feel blessed to have Cindy and Doug as teachers. I just saw someone else selling a tutorial on making your own texture sheets for a whopping $39.95 which is more than what we pay here, for a full year of weekly video lessons. ** I think I will keep my teacher :) ~Brenda-M >> […]

Member Benefits 036-2: Video Learning

It blows my mind how you can keep coming up with ideas! God Bless You and your family. Best videos on the web, hands down. ~Sandy-T >> This comment was originally posted here: Butterfly Wing Cane It’s mind boggling to think there are people out there that don’t realize your site is the BEST out […]

Member Benefits 034-2: Video Learning

Cindy – Honestly, I would be willing to pay a lot more for my membership! You have so many innovative, creative, and time saving tips that are such a great help! Most of my best selling jewelry has been, in one way or another, inspired by at least one of your videos! ~Carrie-W >> This […]

Member Benefits 032-4: Video Learning

I’ve looked far and wide online and there is nothing out there that is easily understood or filmed halfway decently. When other people film a clay tutorial, why do they not understand the importance of the close up? And don’t get me started on the sound quality. Anything on YouTube I have to plug speakers […]

Member Benefits 031-1: Video Learning

Cindy: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you – for the Bonus Videos – What a treat!  I love the this one with the crayons – can’t wait to try the technique. I am thoroughly enjoying all the videos – I feel I am learning lots! I have my computer running while I am mixing up […]