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Member Benefits 028-1: Video Learning

I am a member of Cindy’s Polymer Clay Tutor site. I stumbled on her accidentally while looking for a way to make poly clay faces for a beading project. She is not only responsive and amazingly generous with her information, but a fantastic teacher. I finally “get” some of the techniques I had been reading […]

Member Benefits 025-4: Video Learning

Hi Cindy, I love Fridays and I love how easy to understand your videos are. You explain everything so well and the photography gets up really close so I can really see what you are doing. Thanks!!! ~Dorothy-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Zebra Cane Video I have now started actually using your […]

Member Benefits 023-3: Video Learning

Hi Cindy! I am enjoying your videos and learning so much! Thank you for doing this program…I live in a part of the US where getting to polymer clay classes is not easy, and often very expensive. Even though I have a number of books on polymer clay, your video tutorials are far more educational […]

Member Benefits 022-2: Video Learning

LOVE THE VIDEO – Another great lesson Cindy, you must of waited till the stroke of midnight then put your video up. I was awake and thought I would sneak into my husbands study just in case and there was the video waiting for me. I love the way you take a technique and simplify […]

Member Benefits 020-2: Video Learning

Cindy, as a newbie I can’t get enough of your videos. I already went through your 39 basic polymer course videos and they were great. I’ve seen a lot of other videos on the web but yours are so easy to follow. You Rock!!!! ~Catherine-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Pendants […]

Member Benefits 018-3: Video Learning

I’m a new subscriber and loving the back issues. So much so that my credit card company called to verify my card hadn’t been stolen because I had so many charges to you! ~Becky-F >> This comment was originally posted here: Baking Polymer Clay Thanks for the videos Cindy.  I wish I would have known […]

Member Benefits 017-3: Video Learning

Cindy, I have found that your tutorials are so easy to follow and easy to understand. I prefer to learn by seeing and your videos definitely do that and more. I am so glad that I came across your website because I found that your videos and membership are so reasonably priced. Again, thanks for […]

Member Benefits 015-1: Video Learning

Love your Videos. You are the FIRST person to show me how to do a leaf quickly and correctly. THANKS GIRLFRIEND!!!!! ~Donna >> This comment was originally posted here: Fimo Polymer Clay Cindy, You are the best…  I have books, books, and more books but there is nothing like your hands on video teaching.  I […]

Member Benefits 013-1: Video Learning

OK, now I think I can do it. Thank You so much for the Video, I can just understand so much more on Video than in writing for some reason. LOL, does that have something to do with age? ~Donna >> This comment was originally posted here: Pillow Beads I’m so glad to have found […]

Member Benefits 009-2: Video Learning

One of the reasons I like to take classes is to learn all the tips that you normally don’t see in books. Tutorials are a way of taking a class without having to leave home! ~Katina @ Photo Transfer Bead Project Just wanted to say thanks for the great video.  I have read how to […]

Member Benefits 006-4: Video Learning

I LOVE this video Cindy!!! Thanks ever so much for posting it! Yes, they are VERY addictive!!!! ~Steph @ Making Polymer Clay Lentil Beads Dear Cindy, How do you always read my mind? I was just trying to figure out the best way to store my canes (which I’m happy to say are looking better!) […]

Member Benefits 000-1: Video Learning

I had been getting air bubble until I watched this tutorial. THANK YOU! It worked wonderfully. ~Cynister @ Conditioning Polymer Clay What a great way to hold the bead while piercing through the side! Actually I had never thought to pierce through the side. Thanks for another great video! I love that they are short […]