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Polymer Clay Membership SiteOne of the reasons I like to take classes is to learn all the tips that you normally don’t see in books. Tutorials are a way of taking a class without having to leave home! ~Katina @ Photo Transfer Bead Project

Just wanted to say thanks for the great video.  I have read how to do that technique and it still couldn’t picture it!!. Yours made it look much easier….so might have to give it a try now!!  Thanks! ~Kam @ Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Jewelry

My biggest challenge is canes…have been claying for a while now and seem to have some trouble with the idea of reducing and how to get the kaliedescope effect. I have lots of tutorials but a video seems to be my greatest learning tools. Is why I like your site, you have quite a few to learn from. I would like to know exactly how to put the clay into the canes to keep the petals of a flower rounded instead of sqaring off. Also the process of cutting and getting the kaliedescope effect seems to be eluding me….lol….Would like to see more detailed videos on the process. ~Laurel @ Polymer Clay Color Recipe Cards

Thank you for the free tutorial videos which I enjoy very much. The lentil bead video was very simple and informative. You are a great help to the polymer clay beginners like myself. Thanks again. ~Sherry @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Thank you for the very helpful videos! I found late about it, and i don’t know how to get the videos i missed. Sorry for my english, I hope you understand! Love. ~Oana @ Polymer Clay Storage

Hi Cindy!  Just wanted to let you know I’ve learned a lot from your freebie videos – thank you so much! While digging through some potpourri to try out this latest idea, I also found a chunk of something with a great texture that might look good on clay, and I think I might even be able to string some of the tiny little mystery pods if I can get a hole through them, for a wonderful organic look.  (Smells good too!)  So this was a very inspiring idea and I look forward to more! Thanks again. ~Libby @ Flower Petal Inclusion Technique For Polymer Clay

Good morning Cindy.  I just wanted to say thank you for your website and videos.  The website is easy to navigate and the free videos have been great.  I am going to order the course as soon as I finish this email to you. I have been crafting for years and since HGTV has changed their craft show format,  I look to the internet for more instructional sites.  I am chronically ill ( for 21yrs. now) so it is hard for me to attend a class.  People like you make it possible for me to enjoy doing crafts that I might otherwise not get to do.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and using your great teaching skills with others.  God bless you.  Sincerely. ~Zoe @ Comment Received Via Email

Cindy you make it seem that creating canes can be so effortless. I love what you do, and how you put into words the instruction for others to follow. I love the colors of flowers in nature to and I think that those colors in that one flower in this post are amazing. Colors are always inspiring, but your videos and instruction really make me want to think outside the box. Thanks! ~Andrea @ Polymer Clay Bead Designs

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VIDEO: Instructions For Making A Mobius Bead Using Slices From a Cane
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