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Polymer Clay Membership SiteOK, now I think I can do it. Thank You so much for the Video, I can just understand so much more on Video than in writing for some reason. LOL, does that have something to do with age? ~Donna >> This comment was originally posted here: Pillow Beads

I’m so glad to have found you! I’ve already learned more from your videos than from a couple of years of trying on my own…THANK YOU!!  ~Pepper >> This comment was received via email.

Cindy I really love your videos. I live in a rural area where I don’t have access to workshops, so I really appreciate your workshop-like videos. Last weekend I made a mod cane following the instructions on your video and I was amazed at how easy it was! I have been wanting to work with polymer clay for quite some time, and had even bought some of the supplies. However, I couldn’t get over that hurdle of actually sitting down and making something until I watched your step-by-step videos. Thank you! ~Karen >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Mod Cane

I have learned so much from just watching your videos and I do appreciate all your hard work!  I think the fee system is fair and please count me in. I am looking forward to continuing to learn about working with polymer clay. Your instructions are clear and easy to follow. Thanks so much! ~Barbara >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

I think for a beginner (like me) Cindy’s videos are tremendously helpful and informative. I subscribe and look forward each week to seeing what I get to learn from her. You could probably search and find similar info from other places, but it’s nice to have this come directly to my inbox and I don’t have to do any work. But I’m lazy like that. ;) She sort of starts with a basic technique and then builds on that with subsequent episodes which is nice as well. (and probably a good way to keep her subscribers wanting more!) :) The color recipes with the printable cards are nice to have as well! ~Camille >> This comment was received via email.

Just a beginner here. Since my color mixing hasn’t worked well (your recipe cards will be a boon). Thanks for the videos, Cindy, because sometimes it really helps to see a thing done. ~Cariad >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Colors

I have just found out about beading clay and find it interesting and I enjoy the videos and color recipes that you send out. They are informative and I am learning from them. Looking forward to working with it more. Thanks. ~Delphina >> This comment was originally posted here: Polyclay Survey

I highly recommend Cindy’s site. I am a member and the videos and recipes are worth the fee. Maybe there is information for free on the net but you have to have the time to sift through all of it.  Cindy’s  tutorial comes to you and they are very easy to follow with a wealth of information.  Cindy always takes the time and is very prompt answering any questions and helping which you will not be able to get through any of the other free info out there. ~fp >> This comment was received via email.

Hi Cindy! I realy realy love your videos. I live in Brazil and, sorry, my english is very very bad. I just want to say to you how much I think about you, your profissional polymer clay art. I loved it. I know you are a very very good person spiritually and multiplies knowledge. We need people like you in the world. Kisses. God bless you. PS: Forgive me for not knowing English writing. ~Lilana >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorial – Crackled Gold Leaf

You have no idea how over whelmed I feel about what you said about my beads.  I could never have made them without your video on thread beads.  All your videos and tips are wonderful to newbies like me.  Please keep up the great job.  Thanks for the advice and information.  I purchased your course and every bit of it’s helped me out.  I refer back to it nightly and nonstop on the weekends.  Thank you, thank you, thank you YOU ROCK! ~Paul >> This comment was originally posted here: Jewelry Making Tutorial

Cindy; I have been really enjoying the videos & recipes. They are teaching me a lot about beads and the basics of polymer clay. I am very new to polymer clay and really appreciate all techniques. Thanks for all your hard work. ~Karen >> This comment was received via email.

Cindy, Where I come from Nobody does or has even seen polymer clay. I live in a small town in Minnesota, and drive an hour to buy my clay. I look at books but it isn’t the same as seeing it done. What you do is great. What I’ve seen so far in the beginners course, I have learned a lot and best of all I can do it!! ~Sharon >> This comment was originally posted here: How To Make Polymer Clay Canes and Beads

NOTE FROM ME (Cindy Lietz): As a subscriber at my paid library, you always receive a courtesy email a few days before your next payment is due. This way you have the opportunity to cancel BEFORE your credit card is billed again… if that is what you want to do. I get so many thank you emails from happy subscribers regarding this feature. This is the type of message I typically receive: “Your payment notification email just arrived. No way do I want to cancel, I love getting the videos.  I have much more confidence about working with polymer clay now because of them. Thanks and keep ’em comin’.” ~Kathy >> This comment was received via email.

I just recently subscribed to the videos offered by Cindy, and think that while written instructions are good IF they go into enough detail to make things clear, some visual directions are really helpful (ex. the directions for joining the edges of the pillow beads). Sometimes, if a student doesn’t understand something explained in one fashion, as an instructor you may need to try a different approach to get the lesson across. Both methods are valid but I prefer video as I can “see” how something is done. ~Ken >> This comment was originally posted here: Bead Magazine Tutorials

I love Cindy Leitz’s web site – I signed up and all the videos are very helpful.  I hadn’t made polymer clay beads before and it helped a lot with that.  I like her color recipes too. ~Betsy >> This comment was received via email.

That’s really cool. I love all your videos. Especially the lentil bead ones. Thanks. ~Kim >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tools

Hi all, After searching the web, youtube and buying some very good books. I decided to buy the basic course for beginners and I was hooked. I signed up as a member and her videos are very informative, clear and concise, I highly recommend her!!! The way I looked at it, I was paying only about $3.00 a month a lot less than all the clay I have wasted. If at any time I am not satisfied I can cancel with no problem, although I highly doubt it!! ~Tinuke >> This comment was received via email.

Just finished watching this video for the third time. I am still learning new things! Watching Cindy work reminds me of watching the old black and white Julia Childs’ French Cooking TV series from PBS/Boston. With Julia and Cindy, they show the good, the bad, and the ugly, as it happens live. It just comforts me so much to watch experts have similar problems to mine, and to watch them work it out to a beautiful finish. You could have edited the video to leave out some of the metal foil sticking to the rollers or how difficult the transparent clay was to remove from the paper backing. But by leaving it in, it adds so much more. It gives me confidence. You have beautiful hands Cindy, and I love the way you pronounce “clay.” LOL! ~Jocelyn >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorial – Alcohol Inks

Oh, I’m so glad that I found you! Your work is so beautiful and the video’s are so well done even a beginner like me can follow. I can’t wait to see what you will have coming next. You don’t have to reply I know you must be very busy. I hope I’m not bothering you with this reply but I couldn’t resist telling you. Thanks Again. ~Mary >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tear Drop Blend

Cindy, I would recommend the beginners course, as I’ve mentioned before, you can learn a certain amount from books but they tend to miss out vital steps, which is where your videos come into their own. Yes there is free info out there if you want to spend hours searching, though the quality of filming is usually a let down. Mistakes happen to us all, whether beginners/advanced, through your own experience, we are able to avoid expensive mistakes when it comes to starting a new hobby, after all, you’ve been there before. ~Andrea >> This comment was received via email.

Hi I have been doing polymer clay for awhile now and have seen a few color charts but I think yours is the best I have seen. Not only the yellows, green and blues of this article but also the purples you had June 14th. I found that really useful as I  was doing violets at the time. I was having a hard time figuring out how to get the purple I wanted and then I seen your blog. A friend of mine had sent me the link to your videos and I have enjoyed every one of them so far. Thanks for being such a great person. ~Linda >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Color Mixing

Hi Cindy, Your “Polymer Clay Bead Making for Beginners Course” is exceptional. I can’t agree more with all those who have said what a great teacher you are. And the presentation of the material you cover is easy to understand. The lighting in your studio is beyond professional. I have tried to learn another subject through tv video and the quality you have just wasn’t there. So I have an experience to compare to and you have it all. I have learned so much and now the fun begins to be able to play with the clay and make things happen. Of course I will need to refer to the tuts and their being available 24/7 is such a plus, no waiting for the class to begin, it is only a click away.  Also, your video library has so much more and I’m excited about trying out the recipe cards.  It is difficult at times to come away from your blog. All these artists who willingly share their talents also are wonderful. Its like an extended family in the clay world. Sometime I hope to be able to contribute an experience but for now I will be there with questions as I share this experience with my twin granddaughters who will spend their summer vacation here in sunny Florida. Thank you, Cindy. ~Joyce >> This comment was received via email.

I don’t understand the dialogo because my english is very basic, but “one image is better than 1000 words”. I appreciate very much your video, and I learn a new technique. Thanks from Spain. ~Jerónimo >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Cane Slices

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