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Member Benefits 075: Tutoring Support

Dear Cindy, Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials you provided us with last year. I had a blast watching this volume, especially the shaded rose cane. You always manage to make complicated thinks look so much easier. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with this month. Have a beautiful week! ~Andrea-I >> […]

Member Benefits 068: Tutoring Support

Cindy, I can’t tell you how wonderful your videos have been for me. The course I purchased has launched me into creating beads that are an amazement to me and also to my friends!  I love all the videos you send as well as your prompt answers to any questions or concerns. Being able to […]

Member Benefits 056: Tutoring Support

I want to chime in here and say I think $3 to $4 a month for the extremely high quality videos, the personalized help, the recipe cards, free tuts, the 24/7 access, and the list goes on.. is a bargain! All the work you and Doug do that saves US money is worth way more […]

Member Benefits 049-2: Tutoring Support

Cindy: Thank you for teaching me through this blog, for all your encouragement, and for including my work in this spotlight. I highly recommend your videos and articles to anyone getting started or wanting to improve with polymer clay bead making! You’re the best!!! ~Marsha-N >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: […]

Member Benefits 047-1: Tutoring Support

WOW! I am honored to have my earrings here among all the other fantastic items. Thank you so much, Cindy. And to all the others, Fantastic Job! You give me inspiration to go above and beyond! ~Marlene-C >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Member Project Photos OMG was I ever surprised […]

Member Benefits 045-3: Tutoring Support

Hi Cindy! Thanks a million for all that you do for us clayers – I’ve learned so much. This is the first crafting hobby I’ve actually stayed with because your weekly videos keep my attention, and I try new stuff! :) I know you and Doug are busy, busy, busy, and I appreciate that as […]

Member Benefits 043-3: Tutoring Support

How do you do it Cindy? Once again you have read my mind! As I get closer and closer to completing my “studio” (I use that term in the most liberal sense) I find myself thinking ahead to the how’s and wherefore’s of what I will do with my finished “objects d’art” and how I […]

Member Benefits 040-4: Tutoring Support

Pretty tricky Cindy :)  I wish all of my teachers in the past had been even half as tricky :) and inspiring as you are!!! Thank you for teaching me soooooooo much!!! I come back every day because I know there is always something else that I can learn on your site that I missed […]

Member Benefits 039-2: Tutoring Support

Cindy – You are the most straightforward person I have found on the net on polymer clay usage. ~Branny-D >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Library Isn’t the internet an amazing thing. Not only can I use it as a learning tool but also find kind friendly people with the same interests […]

Member Benefits 037-4: Tutoring Support

Cindy, You are the polymer clay guru. Every week I look forward to what new thing you are going to teach us. If you doubled your prices I would still be a member. Thank you so much for all of your time and effort. ~Jayne-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Canes […]

Member Benefits 035-1: Tutoring Support

I love working with polymer clay and just wanted to say that you show easy ways to do beautiful work. Thank you. ~Sandra-D >> This comment was originally posted here: Lortone Tumbler for Beads Hi, Cindy — Thanks for getting back to me so quickly (as you always do). You gave me just the answer […]

Member Benefits 033-2: Tutoring Support

Hi Cindy, I really enjoy your videos and the way you explain things. You have inspired me to try different things. I am new to polymer clay so really appreciate that there is some online teaching available as there is very little in New Zealand. I feel more confident thanks to you. Kind regards. ~Jo-S […]

Member Benefits 031-2: Tutoring Support

Wow, that was awesome! I have been playing with the idea of purchasing your course and the weekly videos, and now I’m convinced that it will be worth it! I’ve been wanting to play with clay for awhile, but am a little afraid of it. I SO want to make some of the flower canes […]