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Hi Cindy, I really enjoy your videos and the way you explain things. You have inspired me to try different things. I am new to polymer clay so really appreciate that there is some online teaching available as there is very little in New Zealand. I feel more confident thanks to you. Kind regards. ~Jo-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Sculpted Rose Beads Tutorial

Hi Cindy, I read all the messages you send and I’m sure you get tired of hearing this over and over, but I can’t express how much I like getting my e-mail saying that another one of your videos is ready for viewing. I received the one about making the clasps, and I thought “no-no-no I want you to teach me polymer clay, not metal work”… but as usual, I watched it and it contained extra information I had not thought of and hadn’t learned in the class I took. I thought the same about the texture video… “I don’t use those and don’t like them” but after watching, I got all these other ideas that I could do. I checked out the Tim Holtz site mentioned somewhere in your site and got new ideas about stenciling and inks! Thanks so much for making these tutorials… they are definitely worth the money! ~Kim-E >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

That was fascinating. You have a lovely teaching technique that does not come across as patronizing or, at any time, like you were talking to fill time. Each stage seemed clear and concise. A pleasure to watch :) ~Natalie-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Torn Paper Water Color Technique

Just wanted to let you know that after I joined your club that I stopped all the others that I belonged to. Thank you for sooooo much information and for saving me mucho dollars. Your new dedicated student. ~Norma-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

You are truly gifted when it comes to teaching… and you are so right… basics are so necessary and everyone has the ability to create… everyone!!!! ~Bonnie-J >> This comment was originally posted here: Making Polymer Clay Beads

I LOVE being a part of your group, it’s a fantastic resource!!! And a wonderful place to spend the day getting lost in your articles. ~Deborah-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Color Mixing Recipes

Cindy, I have to say I love your site and your lessons. Not only do you have a fantastic base of knowledge but it gives me inspiration and motivation to continue. I was an art student as my first college experience and then, out of necessity for a living and a stumbled upon calling, I went into nursing. Now I work 40+ hours, evenings and weekends (when most of these classes take place) so I was unbelievably discouraged because I had no connection with other artists, especially when my main medium was oil on canvas. Then one day my mother was in town and somehow I decided I would make beads for her jewelry-making hobby. She bought me a pretty good amount of clay and some supplies to start me out… of course I knew nothing about PC or bead-making but I had determination and the internet. That was 11 months ago and now I have you and all these fabulous people. I can’t tell you what it means to me, my techniques have improved, my motivation is out-of-this-world, and now I feel connected to others who have the same passions. Thanks. ~Melinda-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Continuing Education Craft Classes

So glad you are ready to show us your faux raku technique. It will be a pleasure to see how this is done. Thanks so much for all the time you put into this website. It truely is a great way to learn new things. Hugs. ~Adrienne-L >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Faux Raku

I am constantly amazed at how much you put into this blog and into your polymer clay life Cindy. Blogging takes a ton of work and trying to do videos on top of that?! Do you have a twin or something? I have to tell you that I come here daily – yet I haven’t finished that sewing project (who knew it was going to be sew (on purpose) big?) Because of it my clay sits waiting patiently – unused – the oven never even turned on – my laptop patiently waiting to take me step by step through my tutorial once again. I am chomping at the bit here to get at this – so coming here to read what I can do makes me sew faster! Thanks for everything you do Cindy. You are an inspiration. ~Aims >> This comment was originally posted here: Bead Videos

Hi, I frequently go back and read previous posts and videos. I sometimes do a search on Google for a technique and guess who always pops up. Cindy Lietz! ~Bette-L >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay

Cindy, I found out recently that I’m not the only one who belongs to your long list of followers. I belong to the Arizona Polymer Clay Guild and at one of our meetings a few months ago I told them about cleaning clay with a paper towel and alcohol and that I read it on your site. There were at least 5 other people who said they also belong to your Polymer Clay Tutor website and love it. Thanks for your helpful hints. ~Bonnie-K >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Too Soft

Thank you for all your inspiration and know-how. I love your videos; just wish I could see a new one everyday! :) ~Dawna-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tools

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out! I am really happy with all of your hard work and dedication to teach and encourage those of us who have fallen for polymer clay. Cheers to you…. please keep up the great work! Thanks again. ~Debi-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Art Beads

I love your site. I go on it so much for clay tips and ideas. ~Kaite-K >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

Hi Cindy, I’m enjoying and learning from every tutorial you do, but right now my learning curve is making canes, so any of the flower canes would be great. I am also ready to learn how to do wire wrapping. Thank you for all the wonderful information you provide us. ~Louise-T >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay How To Videos

Great job! Now I have the incentive again to give it a try! Thanks Melinda! And Cindy… great new feature on your site! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s attempts at what you teach us! What fun! ~Maureen-G >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Jupiter Beads

I am in full agreement with everyone else. This site is the best. Woohoooooooooo… and graffiti beads next. I can’t wait til Fridays to see the newest technique. Cindy thank you for all you do and give to us pc groupies. ~Nancy-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Graffiti Art Beads

I have been lurking for many months but have to thank you Cindy for an excellent and informative website. ~Penny-V >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

Thank you Cindy… love the tutorial! You make everything so easy. I love my Fridays, my favorite day of the week as I get my video fix. lol ~Theresa-N >> This comment was originally posted here: Jupiter Planet Beads

I, like Ashlyn was making jewelry with beads that I would buy, new and old, sometimes I could not find the size or color that I needed. While checking around on the internet I found your site and some others that helped me get started with polymer clay. I found making my own beads very relaxing and satisfying.I bought some polymer clay how to books, always looking for a new technique to try. My favorite thing is to find some antique beads for inspiration and make my polymer beads to accentuate the others. After giving away several necklaces I decided to try and find avenues for sales. ~Werna-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Creating Your Own Jewelry Beads

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