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Cindy’s latest stuff on baking clay properly sets the standard, one of the best sources of info on the web, so use the search engine on the site.  There is a ton of information contained within all Cindy’s blogs, tutes, and commentaries, and it is an amazing resource. Thanks Cindy.  You do not know how […]

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Cindy, Thank you for the very informative video on the glass ball ornament baking. I can see now that it could also smash and cause injury if not done carefully. I always like your way of giving information in a way that you are trying to convey as much information as possible and never in […]

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Cindy – I wanted to thank you for the tip on curing for an hour instead of the normal recommended time and also for putting it in card stock. I usually would have had problems with white burning or getting darker but that idea worked perfectly and the clay is really strong. I am making […]

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Well, not only am I learning about polymer clay baking, but how to possibly fix my cookies as well!  Never thought about why that happens. I love to cook, have actually catered from time to time, so I am learning not only about clay, but cooking as well. I knew there was a reason I […]

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Baking for an hour at 265 degrees is perfection. I haven’t burned anything yet! I did however, sandpaper my finger in my enthusiasm in my first project (a faux rock :). I’m feeling a little more confidence as I go along and am having fun instead of worrying about perfection. Thank you Cindy for your […]

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That was a very well done explanation of your theory. You made me an instant believer and I’m changing my baking approach immediately. Thank you so much for taking the time to – not only answer my question – but to answer it so completely and with the scientific bent. That truly helped me. Again […]

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When I was searching the Internet for a new adventure Cindy’s website was coming up again and again. I believe it was Cindy who inspired me to open my ETSY store. I have learned so much from this website… The cornstarch was a beautiful thing. ~Susan-L >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay […]

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What a wonderful easy tip.  I am going to try it out tonight on a piece and see what it does.  Thanks so much for passing this info on.  I really appreciate your site and wish I had time to try everything out. ~Diana >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Oven Hi […]

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Thanks for the idea about the tile sandwich. I will have to put this in my notes. ~Brenda @ Baking Polymer Clay Wow Cindy, I feel like such a Daaaaaa, never thought about putting another tile on top and let it cook a little longer. Great no more curled edges. Think I will invest in […]

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Good ideas, I hadn’t actually thought to recover already baked beads with fresh clay. I save all of my mistakes thinking someday I may find a use for them. ~Nora @ Scrap Polymer Clay The tip about baking face down makes all kinds of sense but I never thought about it. As Yakov says “you […]