Member Benefits 003-4: Tips Baking

Polymer Clay Membership SiteGood ideas, I hadn’t actually thought to recover already baked beads with fresh clay. I save all of my mistakes thinking someday I may find a use for them. ~Nora @ Scrap Polymer Clay

The tip about baking face down makes all kinds of sense but I never thought about it. As Yakov says “you will now”. ~MJ @ Polymer Clay Pendants

Great tip!! Thanks for this one! It is very hard to know if it is “done”….so I will bake longer and be safe!! ~Kam @ Baking Beads

Thank you for this article. I was trying to make my son in law a pendant celebrating the upcoming birth of his and my daughter’s first child (a girl). I had trouble getting it off my tile and it would stick. After using card stock to put it on I created a pendant for him that has his name on one side and then used liquid clay to write my granddaughter’s name (Aubrey) on the other side and baked it without any problems. ~Annie @ Flat Polymer Clay

That was great. I’m new to polymer clay and need all the help I can get. I will be trying that. Thanks. ~Cheryl @ Baking Polymer Clay

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