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Polymer Clay Membership SiteThanks for the idea about the tile sandwich. I will have to put this in my notes. ~Brenda @ Baking Polymer Clay

Wow Cindy, I feel like such a Daaaaaa, never thought about putting another tile on top and let it cook a little longer. Great no more curled edges. Think I will invest in a few more tiles of different sizes that way I won’t tie up my main working tile. So much info in your articles. Thanks once more. ~Yvonne @ Baking Flat Polymer Clay Sheets

My primary interest in using polymer clay is to create beads for jewelry, but this article has sparked an interest in flat pendants, as well. I never would have thought of putting cardstock in the oven! Home Depot here I come, for drywall sandpaper and ceramic tiles – I can’t wait to experiment with this new idea! Thanks! Thanks also to the readers who posted some additional tips here! ~Sue @ Common Polymer Clay Baking Problems

Hi Cindy. Thanks for the video on burnt clay! I had experienced that, that is, before I viewed your new video. Where were you!!! Ha! Ha! I had made some really neat colored cabochons, in special shapes, and placed them on a metal tray, within my toaster oven — no thermometer/no parchment. Had timed this with my microwave, but never did check on it during baking. Must say, the obvious way (for me) to know that this clay was burning was the pungent odor. It affected me terribly with my Asthma and COPD. Anyway, the coloration changed from a gorgeous Fall colored pallette, toooo rusttt. After it cooled, (in exasperation) I tossed it. Anyway, after it was tossed I was angry at myself, because my right-brain had kicked in — Raku tap the rust with metallic, acryllic paints of Fall colors. Too bad, so sad, goneeee!!!! Just think Cindy, I could have had some gorgeous Raku beads, from those burnt beads. Ah well! Decided after that time to — 1. To precisely follow directions, until I was accustomed to working with new techniques. 2. To keep an eye on my clay, so that it had less chance of burning; and 3. To keep smiling, because we always learn from our mistakes, because they often come gift-wrapped. Ahem! My words of wisdom: None of us have the capacity to change what has happened, however, we can learn and build on it. So, I go with all three (3), and say, “Smile, and have Fun!” ~Diana @ Baking Sculpey Clay Without Burning

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