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Member Benefits 085: Sculptural

Love the dimensional look with the mold thingy. Might have to get that too. Once again you make it easy peasy. ~Pollyanna >> Original comment was posted here: Poinsettia Charms for Christmas Aren’t these cup cakes the cutest things? I’ll be unscrewing a knob for this – teehee. I have a 14 year grand daughter […]

Member Benefits 072: Sculptural

Enjoyed the tutorial and as usual you made it so simple.They look so beautiful, so real. I saved the photo and sent it to my mother. She loves painting flowers and also molds them and makes sculpted paper flowers too. ~Cherie-H >> Original comment was posted here: Poinsettia Charms for Christmas I’m very happy that […]

Member Benefits 064: Sculptural

Cindy and Doug, Thank you so much for featuring my work. I’m honored to be here and thanks again for all your inspirational tips and techniques that you share with us weekly. I refer back to your tutorials more than any other reference materials that I use, well maybe I use anatomy references more when […]

Member Benefits 049-1: Sculptural

Thank you Cindy. I will probably be making little purses all weekend. They are the cutest little things. You also solved some other problems for me with the way you put it together. I love the “handle” trick. You are the greatest! ~Cassie-C >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Purse Shaped […]

Member Benefits 043-2: Sculptural

Cindy – Although I’m doing more sculpting than jewelry right now, I always enjoy your videos. I’ll take your videos over a movie anytime. LOL! ~Lynda-D >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Sculpting These are absolutely (yep, I’m gonna say it, too) …ADORABLE! These little purse beads are so cute, and the […]

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You have made my day!! I love birdhouses and I love making little charm type items. I know I’ll end up making these by the dozens. I have a pile of little teapots and flip flops sitting in front of me right now and would love to see you make tutes on those. Your ideas […]

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Thanks, Cindy, for showcasing my first attempts at polymer clay and my little collection of miniature doll furniture and accessories. It’s been two years now and I have learned more here than anywhere. Keep up the good work! ~Catalina >> This comment was originally posted here: Dollhouse Miniatures Somehow or another I have never come […]

Member Benefits 018-2: Sculptural

Cindy – I love to use your ideas and transpose them to my work. I just made some clothes for a fairy with fimo coloring with the inks. I ended up putting gold leaf on top of the clay, but it gave a good back ground for the gold. ~Bonnie-J >> This comment was originally […]

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I am a member of Cindy’s site. I stumbled on her accidentally while looking for a way to make poly clay faces for a beading project. She is not only responsive and amazingly generous with her information, but a fantastic teacher. I finally “get” some of the techniques I had been reading about and trying […]

Member Benefits 003-3: Sculptural

Hi Cindy: Thanks for that review on “Mixed Media Polymer Clay Mosaics”… that book is very appealing to me. I love to use mosaics for the bases of my sculptures and I do think I could use some of her methods… off to purchase another new book!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ~Bonnie @ Moasic Crafts For Polymer Clay […]