Member Benefits 003-3: Sculptural

Polymer Clay Membership SiteHi Cindy: Thanks for that review on “Mixed Media Polymer Clay Mosaics”… that book is very appealing to me. I love to use mosaics for the bases of my sculptures and I do think I could use some of her methods… off to purchase another new book!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ~Bonnie @ Moasic Crafts For Polymer Clay Artists

Beautiful work. It’s amazing the things you can do with polymer clay. I am learning from you guys all the time – so small and intricate. ~Peter @ Jewelry Making Classes

Pain in the “clay” is right! Even as a sculpter of dragons, this new clay is troublesome. I once left a dragon to sit for a couple of days to return to it and find his arms had melted off and fused with legs, and his head went somewhere else also :) (I guess it could be a new breed). Leaching is a pain, but it does work. THANKS for letting us all know. ~Angela @ Premo Polymer Clay

Definitely SAND. I have not made any beads yet. Just a newbie and I started with an animal. The pictures of the beads you made are gorgeous, they shine like glass beads, which was all I needed to convince me to sand. ~Marianne @ Polymer Clay Sanding Tips

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