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Polymer Clay Membership SiteEnjoyed the tutorial and as usual you made it so simple.They look so beautiful, so real. I saved the photo and sent it to my mother. She loves painting flowers and also molds them and makes sculpted paper flowers too. ~Cherie-H >> Original comment was posted here: Poinsettia Charms for Christmas

I’m very happy that I stumbled upon you. I bought the clover flowers video. They are so gorgeous! I’m talking to a friend who’s a master florist, suggesting that if she designs the arrangement I can do the flowers. That really grabbed her. So many ideas… so little time! Thanks to you Cindy, because I have never sculpted before. But I’ve done all kinds of art work and crafts since my daddy taught me to draw a straight line and cut with scissors at age 5. I’ve taught myself most everything…I get impatient with having to relearn everything I already know and that’s what usually happens to me in most classes. So I go at it alone. But IMAGINE! Now I came across you and some other awesome artists that not only give me the fundamentals I may have missed but that are willing to SHARE all this wonderful knowledge. It’s a totally different experience for me learning this way. And all of you in the ‘polymer community’ are willing to share unreservedly of everything you learn and do! You all contribute to each other but you all have your unique style and forte. I’ve gotten some commissions at work that I have to finish and a very serious lead that could be ‘big time’ for me. I wasn’t looking for it but the opportunities seem to be knocking on my door and I’d love to go at it. Love ya! LET’S CLAY! ~Andrea-P >> Original comment was posted here: Red Clover Flower Beads

Hi Cindy, thanks for the cupcake video. It’s amazing to me how many different skills you teach within 1 project. I don’t know if I will be making cupcakes anytime soon. I’m working on my sculptures. But I will use some of the new techniques that you taught in this lesson. You are a brilliant teacher. My work has improved by leaps and bounds since I “met” you. I think that one of the most important things that I am learning is that working in poly clay is really an art form. I knew that of course, but I’ve always been a little embarrassed about it. I’m almost done with my latest sculpture. I will send a picture. Your techniques are all over it! Thanks again. ~Cassie-C >> Original comment was posted here: Miniature Cupcake Beads

Fun! I’m not really into sculpted flower beads but these are cool. I like the idea of mounting a flower in a bezel and will definitely try that. ~Silverleaf >> Original comment was posted here: Sculpted Iris Flower Beads

Hi everyone, Happy Chinese New Year for the 23rd. The year of the Dragon (one of my favourite creatures). Think I will have to make a frosted rainbow/snowflake necklace to put round his neck. Think my deep purple one will love it (his name is Desmond2) but have to order some more inks. Love this tute Cindy, and just adore sea-glass so my mind is again buzzing with Cindy inspired new ideas. ~Elaine-F >> Original comment was posted here: Frosted Rainbow Beads

I always enjoy the videos and although I usually work in a much smaller scale with PC since I do miniatures, the techniques usually transfer well using smaller cutters etc. ~Kathy-H >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor Studio

Dear Cindy, I am so happy to have found you “googling” on YouTube. Your videos are very instructive and simple even for me, an Italian “beginner” in polymer clay modeling. Yesterday I signed up for your newsletter and today I watched your beautiful free video tutorial. Can’t wait for your next videos on Youtube! You make great videos! Thank you so much for sharing them with us… from Italy. ~Alessio-G >> Original comment was posted here: Does Your Pasta Machine Handle Keeping Falling Out?

Cindy, I love it when you make little critters, miniatures, animals, etc… Whether you’re creating them into beads or making them into something else, it is SO MUCH FUN to see you making these little guys!!! I hope you do more!! I made some little clay hockey players to set on the table when our team does their annual meet and greet next month. ? How cool to make some little Canadian hockey player beads!!! Too, too, cute! (And you KNOW they would love em in your neck of the woods) ;0) ~Sherry-L >> Original comment was posted here: Owl Charm Necklace

CINDY is so right, if you put things aside for a while you will learn new skills and can take those old pieces add a few dodahs and swirly bits and come up with something you love! ~Elaine-F >> Original comment was posted here: Sculpted Treasures

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