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Polymer Clay Membership SiteLove the dimensional look with the mold thingy. Might have to get that too. Once again you make it easy peasy. ~Pollyanna >> Original comment was posted here: Poinsettia Charms for Christmas

Aren’t these cup cakes the cutest things? I’ll be unscrewing a knob for this – teehee. I have a 14 year grand daughter who would love a necklace and earrings of cup cakes. They are all the rage, you know. Again, I am not a cutsie person but, the birdhouses and now the cup cakes are on my list for sure. Thanks, Lietz team. ~Patt-W >> Original comment was posted here: Miniature Beads Polymer Clay Tutorials

Cindy, Thank you for making your tutorials available online. I may not make everything you share but usually pick one or two things up from each tutorial. Recently I decided to sculpt a shoe and have been using your technique you demonstrated for clover flowers. I have taken your idea and adapted it to create purple loosestrife. I hope to get it all done soon and submit it to a local art show. This is my first real sculpture and so far so good. Thanks again. ~Shelley-L >> Original comment was posted here: Red Clover Flower Bead Tutorial

I absolutely loved this tutorial. First thing I’ve made since last November when I fell ill. I couldn’t work my clay. This little owl has inspired me to get creative again. I would love to see more sculpture techniques in the future.  Awesome work! ~Brenda-M >> Original comment was posted here: Owl Charm Polymer Clay Tutorial

Cindy – I am really enjoying my re-newed found love of making beads and miniatures from polymer clay thanks to you :) ~Laurie-M >> Original comment was posted here: Making Polymer Clay Miniature Food

Book charms with cupcakes! I’m making a mini scrapbook, a class is available at Michaels to learn how, and I thought of making little book charms for some of the tags and little photo pull outs. Polymer clay and scrapbooking go hand and hand! Just think of the little brads and embellishments you could make! I like to make the bead caps, Cindy did a video on a while back, and use them as little embellishments. So, Cindy, more food and little goodies please!! I love everything miniature!! ~Catalina-L >> Original comment was posted here: Miniature Cupcake Beads

Love your owl videos!!! You are one awesome clay artist!!! ~Ruthie-B >> Original comment was posted here: Owl Charm Necklace

Hi Cindy and all. Love this tut. Can see myself making lovely earrings with it. Love the idea of the paint on them too. Another good video Cindy. Thanks. ~Elizabeth-K >> Original comment was posted here: Lilac Blossom Flower Bead Shape

Great stuff, the technique for making the ruffled edges will definitely come in useful for other projects too. ~Silverleaf >> Original comment was posted here: Sculpted Parrot Tulip Bead Tutorial

Wow! Those tulips are attention-grabbers, for sure… very unique! Cindy, I think you were quite clever with these tutes. Teaching the Tulip Cane last week, then using a bit of it this week to make beautiful, frilly-petal’d beads — smart! The Parrot Tulip beads are lovely, and I agree with Silverleaf that this technique can be used for other things, as well. Very useful, indeed! Thanks so much for your video tutorials. ~Phaedrakat >> Original comment was posted here: Sculpted Tulip Beads

Hi Cindy – always happy with your tutes. Loved the clover flower. My version got a little big and long, but I love it and the process. I have a feeling there are many more colors to come. First time that I have worked with the inks. Gonna try some shaving creme dyeing next. I used to dye my own wool for my rug making, but that has become too hard on the body, yards of wet wool vs. polymer beads and a palette with dyes. I guess were one door shuts, another opens, if you look for it. ~Rita-H >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Clover Beads

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