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Member Benefits 083: Sand Buff Shine

Beautiful!! … thanks so much for using a piece of tape on the back of the bead to sand it – I have tried sanding flat like that more than once, and the piece won’t move. I feel like having a duh moment because you make so much sense. ~Beth-W >> Original comment was posted […]

Member Benefits 062: Sand Buff Shine

Cindy – With your guidance, I am changing how I make my polymer clay beads beads. I have made Jupiter Beads that are smooth. I have also made Rocker Beads that feel like butter, but I didn’t buff them. Now I know after your last Faux Jasper Video that they could have had a shiny […]

Member Benefits Vol-054: Sand Buff Shine

OMG! I kind of gave up on beading for a while because I couldn’t manage to finish my beads properly. Like so many other people, I have joint issues and all that sanding was torture. As a last resort I tried the micro mesh pads. These pads are MIRACULOUS! I can’t believe that by going […]

Member Benefits 046-4: Sand Buff Shine

I ordered these and they came in. They are the BEST thing since sliced bread. I have never had such a smooth finish from regular wet/dry sandpaper. I’m a believer. Thanks Cindy for showing them to us. ~Kim-C >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Sanding Polymer Clay with Micromesh Pads WOW! […]

Member Benefits 039-1: Sand Buff Shine

You are awesome. I am so blessed to have you as my teacher. I have come a long way since I have been learning from you , and I have been playing for about ten years, only now I have no fingerprints and the beads feel so soft and wonderful. Thank you for all of […]

Member Benefits 027-1: Sand Buff Shine

Cool!!!! I’m going to order the micromesh pads right after leaving this comment. Thank you Cindy and Doug for being our research department for new products, just as you’ve made the mistakes so we don’t have to, which saves us money on clay, your researching of anything new that could be beneficial to us and […]

Member Benefits 024-1: Sand Buff Shine

It’s amazing how sanding and buffing transforms the clay. I like how Cindy emphasizes the need for doing it. Jade always has a very polished surface but sometimes we don’t see the obvious until some one points it out. I love Fridays!!! ~Koolbraider >> This comment was originally posted here: Faux Jade Technique Dear Cindy, […]

Member Benefits 019-1: Sand Buff Shine

OHHHHHHHH I needed these tips!!!!!!!! ALL of the stuff I made in the past had fingerprints on them!! Thanks Cindy. ~Kristy-D >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads, Finger Prints Ok, Cindy. I admit, I was skeptical, but you made a believer out of me. I made my first Premo beads today. […]

Member Benefits 012-3: Sand Buff Shine

Wow, I just found your site, Cindy.  Excellent tips and instructions, and a fantastic website to boot!  YOU ARE A POLYMER SUPER HERO!  Finally a way to conquer the dastardly This-Clay’s-Too-Dang-Soft-n-Mushy Villian and his menacing Fingerprint Gang!  Oh, man, I’ll be up all nite now playing around with these tricks!  THANK YOU!! ~Lisa >> This […]

Member Benefits 006-1: Sand Buff Shine

Thanks for the videos Cindy. I wish I would have known about this site before. Thanks for the tips on using the dremel Rotary tool. I learned how to properly hold the tool to polish my beads. I agree with everyone else, keep the videos coming. Thanks. ~Lupe @ Beginner and Advanced Bead Making Info […]

Member Benefits 001-1: Sand Buff Shine

Cindy, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! I am forever needing to get out those deep grooves you decribe between canes. ~Kim @ How To Sand Polymer Clay Beads I have been reading up on polymer clay for about a year now and experimenting whenever possible. Through the hundreds of websites I’ve visited, I found what seemed […]