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Polymer Clay Membership SiteCindy, YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! I am forever needing to get out those deep grooves you decribe between canes. ~Kim @ How To Sand Polymer Clay Beads

I have been reading up on polymer clay for about a year now and experimenting whenever possible. Through the hundreds of websites I’ve visited, I found what seemed like equally compelling arguments for and against sanding. Not that anyone was against sanding per se, but rather just thought it was too much effort and you could achieve the same finish by just applying a coat of finish to the unsanded bead. I didn’t know any better and certainly didn’t want to do anything I didn’t have to in order to get a good result. So I didn’t sand and the pieces were fine. When I stumbled across your website a month or 2 ago, I watched your video on sanding. It seemed easy enough and the materials weren’t expensive so I figured what the heck, I’d try it to see the difference. Well, what a difference it made! Just with sanding the colors appear so much brighter than without and the finish makes them look fantastic! Thank you for explaining just how easy it is. ~Cynister @ Sand Your Polymer Clay Beads

Excellent tips – I knew about cornstarch but not the baby oil – so will give it a try. ~Lunes @ Tips To Prevent Fingerprints on Polymer Clay

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