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Polymer Clay Membership SiteMy younger grandson and I made these tonight. Boy, did they turn out pretty. He’s seven and very proud of himself. I just gave instructions and he did all the work. Now he has presents for his mom and step mom. When he goes home tomorrow I will attempt some cause I really like how they look. ~Pollyanna >> Original comment was posted here: Mirror Image Heart Beads

Hi Cindy – I just taught my 9 and 5 year old grand daughter how to do the Komihimo cord technique. The younger one loves to say: “…look for the lonely one and brimful a friend.” That’s how I taught her to bring the third cord up to the single one on the top. Then she says in loud strong voice: “…now turn the wheel a little to the left.” She sounds so cute and she is so proud of herself that she does not want  me to touch her hands when she does it. She knows that the right hand brings the cord down to the bottom right, and the left hand brings the left cord up to the left. My hubby thinks that I should have taught kindergarten instead of physical education. Who knows, he might have been right. Thanks for your showing me how to do Komihimo cord work, so I could teach it to them. They love this as much as they love working with me with polymer clay. Thanks, thanks and thanks. ~Natalie-H >> Original comment was posted here: Kumihimo Cord Jewelry Projects

Cindy, thanks for being so prompt in helping with my password issue. By the way, your video’s have really helped make everything simple for me. I’m 78 but still learning! ~Marky-G >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Dear Cindy, Don’t you hate labels?  It’s because you love flowers, colors and have your head in the clouds that you are so great at teaching. I was in an orphanage until I was 10 (parents divorced and fighting, Mom declared an unfit mom). The only teacher I remember was the meanest one, but, I do remember singing, which I loved, and the stained glass window in our church which had beautiful colors. I go to the fabric store and just walk around and enjoy the colors and fabric prints. I learned long ago that God doesn’t make junk and that what I do is fun. It gives me pleasure when other people compliment me on my polymer clay jewelry. I am 71. I’m playing for the first time in my life… have been married for 49 years to a wonderful man who lets me be creative and loves my work, even though his brain is made up of orderly file folders and everything in it’s place. I have 4 wonderful grown up children. I can hardly wait for Fridays when I get to be taught by you.  My daughter is a choral director of high school kids in a lower income school. She lets her ADHD kids fiddle, one she lets have his comic books when he is antsy, still his tests show he is learning what she’s teaching. She has a special needs class and loves the children and has found that , because of music and rhythm, they have accelerated their learning in their regular classes (music was started last year as an experiment). I go on too long, but your comment brought back so many memories. ~Sandra-G >> Original comment was posted here: Creativity, Passion, Online Learning

Well as far as I am concerned you can put me down for 3 votes 1 for me and 2 for my grand kids. I always have glow in the dark clay. My 2 youngest grand kids think it is neat to stack the blocks and turn the lights off in my craft room. I go through a lot of the glow in the dark at Halloween. Last year we made skull pendants and ghosts for all the kids in my granddaughters classroom. I think there was 23 of them. Let me tell you we were glowing. So when I see it on sale I always buy several bars of it. Oh ya my grandson has a dragon made with the glow in the dark clay. It really is awesome. So yes 3 votes for me and mine. Thank you Cindy for all of us who are still kids at heart and always will be. Uuuugggggs. ~Peggy-B >> Original comment was posted here: Jellyroll Cane with a Psychedelic Twist

I made a birdhouse charm for the bookmarks, with a backgroundless rose embellishment that is cute, but I also want to do more work on that. The hammered bookmarks are a hit, by the way. I also made a cute little clay “book” like the one you made for your son, which was a super gift for a 12 year old boy moving back to Canada. So, onward and upward… I do appreciate your lessons and will try to get up to speed on all of the projects so that I’m ready for new challenges. Thanks. ~Jane-VW >> Original comment was posted here: Sculptural Birdhouse Beads

Aw-w-w-ww those are too cute!  I can see a charm bracelet and maybe some earrings for my grandaughter. She loves stuff like this. These will look adorable on my custom made Christmas Cards too. ~DixieAnn-S >> Original comment was posted here: Snowman Beads for Christmas

Love, Love, Love the Spider! Can’t wait to make one for my grandchildren’s tree. ~Brenda-M >> Original comment was posted here: Beaded Spider Ornament Tradition

Wow, what a treat – Willow what a lovely, thoughtful piece you’ve created! Cindy, you and Doug must be so proud of Willow and Fisher, such inspiring and creative ideas. They both seem a lot older in the way they express themselves… it’s really great that we can glimpse and share in their projects too! Still amazed and inspired with all our fabulous projects as well… seeing how to piece and design finished things together, help in that direction is greatly appreciated. It’s amazing our community here, love seeing the positive input and support from so many. ~DJ >> Original comment was posted here: Knotted Celtic Heart Beads

Cindy – I REALLY enjoy your site. You are so precise on your instructions – and us “old dogs” need that! ~Judy-M >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Library

I look at the videos every week and my Granddaughter comes and looks at them with me and we look and look at them. I anxiously wait every week for a new video and new material to work with. GD is doing it for 4-H. Thanks bunches. ~Sherry-K >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Virtual Petition

I love polymer clay flowers, each one is a challenge to whether you can make it. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking but each flower offers new challenges and stretches your abilities. Polymer clay as an art medium is so forgiving… all mistakes can be wadded up and begun again at least until you bake it. Then you get to give the errors to your grandchildren who think they are beautiful even with lopsided petals and the total wrong color. ~Karonkay-C >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Flowers

Hi Cindy, We love your video tutorials, my little girl is only 5 but whenever I get the clay out she also has to play, she will avidly watch your videos with me. Keep them up, we love em. ~Dawn-P >> Original comment was posted here: Who Knew That Dogs Liked Polymer Clay So much

Loved the tutorial and had a duh slap myself on the forehead moment when you made the jump rings!!!!  I never thought to turn my flush cutters around to get the smooth end on the other side of the ring!  I could never figure out why my jump rings wouldn’t come out right, lol.  Thanks for the wonderful project. ~Michelle-A >> Original comment was posted here: Faux Flaking Rust

Michelle – Me too!  I was like ‘well duh’.  Could not believe with all the reading I do – that one Important tool move Never sank in to this old brain. ~Tantesherry >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Rust Tutorial

Wow.  It hurts just to think how (you Cindy) that little girl must have felt to be told her work was “incomplete and messy”. Due to being out of the working world for a long while as a stay at home mom, I have not been able to find a job as an RN (employers all want recent clinical experience). In a lovely twist of fate, I have become a grade school science teacher, plus the biology teacher to my daughter’s high school class. I LOVE IT!  I feel my creativity pushed to the nth degree. The kids are awesome and I enjoy their thoughts. I work very hard not to be the type of teacher that crushes a child’s spirit and imagination as I always try to put myself in their place. Thank you Cindy for continuing to inspire us! PS. I find that the kids periodically need to keep their hands busy, while engaging their heads in what is discussed in class. They’ve been having fun playing with Sculpey clay and I’ve had to bring some projects home for baking. I am amazed by their work (fish, snakes, etc). ~Maria-C >> Original comment was posted here: Creativity, Passion, Online Learning – Sir Ken and Me

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