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Member Benefits 070: Beyond Beginners

I am constantly amazed at how much information Cindy passes on. I’ve been messing around with PC for some years but she still manages to bring up subjects that seem quite basic until we hear what Cindy has to add. And to be still doing the videos after 4 years is amazing. When I first […]

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It was such a treat to spend a bit of time with you, and I came away so impressed by your enthusiasm and dedication to polymer artisans the world over. You provide an amazing source of information and inspiration, and it’s all presented with that sweet smile of yours! ~Julie-P >> This comment was originally […]

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Dear Cindy, you make polymer clay that much more enjoyable and fun, helping me discover, even after 20 years of claying, new ways and techniques to get lost in this “Wonderful World of Polymer Clay!” Thank you and Doug for sharing your many talents! Keep it coming. ~Christl-P >> This comment was originally posted at […]

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This is the greatest site! I have been doing and teaching polymer clay for some years now, but it never ceases to amaze me how much I learn from these Cindy’s videos, even tho I must have every book that’s worth having on Poly, LOL. It also helps me to keep focused on Polymer Clay. […]

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Yes! Quick and Easy Skinner blends! And small Skinner Blend trial sizes!! Brilliant! My hands have been in polymer clay for 8 years. Your Teardrop technique has brought a wonderful and sudden change in my way of working with color blends. Thank you so much for sharing! ~Debbie-G >> This comment was originally posted here: […]

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I am an “intermediate” clayer but still have a lot to learn. I will soon be advanced once I keep watching your videos and tutes! I learn something new all the time. Very interesting facts about the poll Cindy. ~KlayKisses >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tools Hi, Cindy!  I’m really enjoying […]

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Hi Cindy, just got around to watching your video (am way behind on reading my e-mail) but glad I finally got to yours. I enjoy getting my lessons from you and watching the videos. I have been claying many years now but still learn a trick or 2 by watching them. Also I love the […]

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I stumbled upon your site while searching and researching the internet for any information and help with polymer clay. Ive been working with it about a year, and I’m self taught. I am so anxious to get into the loop and learn from you. Thanks for all you do. Hugs. ~Peg @ Polymer Clay Tutorials […]

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Cindy, thanks so much for the positive comments on my necklace. I certainly don’t advocate the intentional burning of polymer clay (even though I personally love the look) for health reasons. But, this was one of those happy accidents! Thanks again. ~Maureen Thomas @ Polymer Clay Necklace I’ve been playing with clay for awhile now […]