Member Benefits 004-2: Beyond Beginners

Polymer Clay Membership SiteI stumbled upon your site while searching and researching the internet for any information and help with polymer clay. Ive been working with it about a year, and I’m self taught. I am so anxious to get into the loop and learn from you. Thanks for all you do. Hugs. ~Peg @ Polymer Clay Tutorials

I LOVE your website, Cindy. I have been working with polymer clay for about a year. Thanks! ~Ronda @ Comment Received Via Email

Maggie’s video is an excellent tool for those of use who are growing from “playing” with clay, to turning it into a more serious and mature artform. I have long had difficulty with blending colours and now I have a logical approach to providing my own solution. Thanks for showing us Maggie’s video. ~Carol @ Polymer Clay Color Mixing

It’s funny – once I’d visited a blog by a jeweler. He was talking about polymer clay artists who mimic his work in doing mokume gane. He thought the work was inferior. Which intrigued me. Okay, so I went to look at his gallery. You know what? I think our mokume gane, with it’s rich variety of color, was nicer than his work. He did a fine job, don’t get me wrong. But I think polymer clay mokume gane offers a wider variety of opportunity and in my opinion, not nearly close to inferior. ~Charlene (“Cat”) Theirien @ Mokume Gane Polymer Clay

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