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Polymer Clay Membership SiteCindy, thanks so much for the positive comments on my necklace. I certainly don’t advocate the intentional burning of polymer clay (even though I personally love the look) for health reasons. But, this was one of those happy accidents! Thanks again. ~Maureen Thomas @ Polymer Clay Necklace

I’ve been playing with clay for awhile now but really appreciate your videos. They’re straight forward and easy to follow. Thanks so much :) ~Heather @ Polymer Clay Plastic Storage Boxes

Some of us just don’t have the patience to sand most beads, lol and as you say it is lazyness, no excuse there. If one wants a particular piece to stand out then one must sand. Mokume gane with translucent clay and leafing is one example, sanding just makes it ‘pop’. I totally agree that it makes the item look professional when it is well-finished. I tend to save my baked beads now until I have a tumbler full and then tumble sand it, hee. ~Tina Holden @ Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

I like your color recipes and really would like more. I do have a problem with picking colors that look good together. I like earthtones and they do not reduce well, and tend to get lost in my designs when reduced. I have been working with polymer clay for quite some years now. I have a lot of molds, tools, clay, etc. Thanks for your help from all of us clayers. ~Lynn @ Avoid Leaving Fingerprints on Polymer Clay

REGULAR COLOR RECIPE (A): Sunflower Petal (dark)
** BONUS COLOR RECIPE (B): Pacific Salmon >> Polymer Clay Tutorials Guest List
VIDEO: Learn The Skinner Blend Technique For Making Color Gradations
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