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Polymer Clay Membership SiteJust enjoyed your whole trip and as I had been away from my own area (Astoria, Oregon) for about 10 years and am trying to get to know what all is here again.  I was in search of fellow polymer clay artists, low and be hold you gave me a start with local folks.  Thanks again for your great videos of our area and our locals and of course their work from your tutorials. Now to go surfing (internet that is). ~Karen-H >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Wrapup Video

I love it! This is a fantastic contest for everyone! For the contestants, you’ve made it pretty easy — we make what we like, based on your tutorials, postings, or even the inspiration we get from this blog and community. It’s great for you and this blog too! More people will come and see what a huge benefit membership and watching your videos can be. At least I hope that’s what happens. You and your tutorials can really help take someone from beginner to awesome polymer clay artist! Thanks! ~Phaedrakat >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Contest

Beautiful necklaces everyone!  I can’t believe this month’s contest is coming to an end. It has been great to see everyone’s beautiful work. All the beautiful colors, texture, and designs. WOW! I agree with Carole, I am grateful for this contest. Thanks, Cindy for challenging each one of us to step up to the plate. I am looking forward to see what we can accomplish as a community… what each us can accomplish on our own. Thanks, Cindy, for letting us stretch our wings! ~Lupe-M >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor Contest

Hello Everyone, I haven’t commented since the first round of pictures and every time I come back and look at the photos I end up with so much to say that has already been said. There is so much inspiration out there. I don’t know how long it would take to put eating and sleeping on the back burner to complete these new challenges. My husband, who is a wonderful guy, would object in a nice way I’m sure. So I will just continue claying as time permits and enjoy all those moments. If there are still some of you who are straddling the fence, please, come on over and join the fun. Don’t be intimidated by the beautiful work already shown. Sometimes trying a new technique doesn’t look the way I wanted it to but it was more experience and the clay is becoming friendlier all the time. These “happy little accidents” will lead me to my master piece eventually and won’t that be time for a “Happy Dance”. Thanks to all of you for the beautiful work, yes, YOU too. (I heard that lol). ~Joyce-M >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest

Congrats everyone!! I’m so proud to be part of such a talented group. As always you have all inspired me to go higher. Thank you. ~Elizabeth-S >> Original comment was posted here: Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Cane

Cindy – I am having fun making these tulip beads, sweet peas, poinsettia flower earrings, etc. Based on what you taught me during our recent PcT Roadtrip visit, I’m now working on making the flowers a little smaller for the earrings. Thank you for providing such great videos, I am understanding the size issue much better now. ~Cindy-P >> Original comment was posted here: Sculpted Parrot Tulip Beads

Wow, what an amazing idea! I’m all the way in Richmond, BC – a whole stone’s throw away! = )  Here are some of the things I’ve purchased during the time I’ve been receiving your lessons [list too long to print here]. I’ll bet for every comment / supply listed here, there are MANY more dedicated “quiet” followers who also utilize the same supplies, stores, web sites. Cindy, your warmth and enthusiasm; ability to set newcomers at ease; commitment to quality; and absolute dedication to your followers and craft are some of the reasons your tutorials are popular. If I were trying to increase a product’s exposure and improve sales, drawing on these qualities would be an obvious solution. The touring is a nice balance of online technology (convenience) and unique customer care (gathering)… encouraging connections. Hopefully sponsors will be engaging in a little friendly competition to take on this unique, community building project! Many people I know are really intrigued, but know very little about polymer when I show them my pieces. Seems like a market just waiting to be tapped. From the exposure of your online tutorials alone, I learned so much about the products above. Three years ago I wouldn’t have known how to use about 90% of the supplies listed (or even what they were). People are naturally drawn to your relaxed, sincere teaching style Cindy – with that we become inspired with the info we receive and want also to create our own projects. Especially in these difficult times, it’s hard to justify buying ongoing supplies without a clear understanding of how to use them in many different ways. Who knows maybe “down the road” a fleet of Lietz trailers, connecting and introducing folks from all over to clay? I could definitely see you with your own segment somewhere on TV too. Right now, only a few days after your petition you have 90 + positive comments – that says a lot about your determination and focus. Good luck to the whole Lietz family in your adventure, and most importantly travel safely!! ~Danette-J >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Virtual Petition

Hi, Cindy — I have not had time to keep up with all of your videos this summer, so I only just saw the video regarding the Virtual Petition. What wonderful ideas you have about how to help fund your roadtrip, and how delightful it is that you can offer your kids this opportunity of a lifetime to meet your neighbors to the south. I wish you the best, and I hope that some day you will be traveling over my way to New York. I would certainly set aside some time to have coffee with you in your RV. I am looking forward to seeing more vlogs as you go along. One of my dreams is to buy an RV and travel all over the U.S., claying inside the vehicle and selling my wares at craft fairs across the country, so I couldn’t be more excited for you (and for me, since I will be reading all about it every week). Happy travels! ~Sherry-L >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Video

OMG, what a neat idea! I’m in Sonoita, AZ – Arizona wine country. We’re at 5,000 ft so much cooler than Phoenix or Tucson. Don’t know if you drink, but if you do, we could share a bottle of one of our local wines as we talk about polymer. We do art retreats here. You come and live with us for X number of days and we feed you gourmet meals, have Margaritas after class and wine with dinner. Hubby grows his own veggies and herbs and it’s a fun, total immersion into whatever art form we’re doing. In fact, I have a polymer clay retreat coming up the end of July. I know it’s too soon for you to make that one, but you might want to think about coming sometime just to teach at one of our retreats. LMK. In addition, we are the U.S. distributor for Krafty Lady Art Moulds which are wonderful with polymer clay. In fact, you can put your polymer into the mould and bake the whole thing in the oven. I would love to send you some if you’ll email me back with a mailing address.  We are a little Mom and Pop business, but I would like to become an itsy, bitsy sponsor. I could supply rubber stamps, OPALS embossing enamels and a few other products. I discovered you while googling polymer clay for the upcoming retreat. I always had an interest in polymer clay but now because of you, I am totally hooked. Because of your videos, I have purchased: An electric pasta machine (Makins). Lots of Premo Clay (Polymer Clay Express). Various tools Findings of all sorts (Fire Mountain). Macrame books and cords (Fire Mountain and The Bead Smith). Micro Mesh Sanding Pads, bead rollers, bead rack and I’m sure there’s more but that’s all that’s coming to mind. ~Linda-H >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Sponsors

Cindy, we would be proud for you and your family to hang out in our driveway!  Why, you could even come in the house and hang out if you like… ha ha… I make a great homemade chicken enchilada that will knock your socks off… and a sheet apple pie for dessert… so consider yourselves always welcome at our house. ~Amy-B >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor Roadtrip

Hi Cindy and all, and now Willow and Fisher, Lovely children, wow off already, you sure don’t let the grass grow under your feet do you! That’s the way,”THINK IT DO IT” I like that attitude. What a perfectly lovely Natural video of you all. Glad you have that wonderful help of the kids and I’m sure you are all going to just love it. How exciting, and we will all be following all the episodes of the Lietz family trekking around, and will also get to see places we have never seen, just like yourselves, it will be an adventure for us too. All my very BEST WISHES go with you, and you sure get full marks for having a go. So many people in this world miss out, because they don’t take that first step, finding too many obstacles before they give it a try. Don’t leave anything behind, but if you do, I’m sure your Polyclay friends will always find it for you. Lucky them to be seeing you all. Look after yourselves. Love and hugs and my prayers go with you  all. ~Elizabeth-K >> Original comment was posted here: First PcT Roadtrip

I am excited for you and your travels. We are part time RVers also and LOVE it! I have not tried working with polymer on the road but I do a lot of beading and finish work while enjoying the scenery. Have fun while you can, and remember that it isn’t about the destination but creating memories along the way. ~Gerry-D >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor Journey

Hello KaronKay, Looks like that is going to be an amazing flower display with many creative blossoms that have the advantage over the real thing (they never fade and die). Bet you enjoyed meeting the incredible Lietz clan. We enjoyed meeting you and admiring your talented work. Now I can look forward to Mondays knowing for the next few weeks will be able to put a face to a name. CINDY so glad you did this road trip, it is a brilliant way to engage with your members. I bet you have learnt such a lot from this experience and hope you are already thinking about your future trips. ~Elaine-F >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Flowers Karonkay Cowger

Elaine, Thanks for watching. You are right, there are many different flowers in the project. I think by the conclusion I will incorporate about sixty five or so different flowers. And it will be hundreds of blooms… what a way to make the flowers bloom. We are adding a few fragrances to some for effect but the many varieties would be overwhelming, so am just doing the roses and maybe some of the lilies. You are right it was fun meeting the Lietz team… even more than that, it draws all the members closer together and putting the face with names, and getting a feel for what they like best. What a grand idea they had when they planned this roadtrip idea. ~Karonkay-C >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Sculpted Flowers

Congratulations Karonkay! Your flowers were awe inspiring. And how fantastic for Cindy to see how her inspiration has taken root and produced such wonderful ‘flowers’ (pun intended!). Also, following on from Elizabeth S’s comment, I’d also like to go on record and say that I’d love to meet up with others in the London area (UK) in the hope that Cindy, Doug, Willow and Fisher can one day make it across the pond. We don’t have a Michael’s over here but we do have Hobbycraft and I’m sure they’d be only too delighted to host Cindy and her incredible work with Polymer Clay. It would draw quite a crowd I know. Thanks again for all you do Cindy and Doug. Looking forward to the next video! ~Marion-R >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Flowers

Thanks to Cindy and her oh so talented hubby and children we are seeing some of this wonderful talent straight from there creative studios. It is going to be so much fun following you on your fantastic adventure you are creating with the help of your loving family. Hats off to the Lietz family once again for a remarkable job. ~Peggy-B >> Original comment was posted here: Bead and Jewelry Storage

Hi Cindy, Oh my, I have just finished some beautiful sweet pea and clover earrings! I can’t tell you how much being part of your “group” continues to mean to me. Sure hope you and your family will be able to visit Virginia on one of your motor home treks. It is a beautiful state…. Spring or Fall would be the best times. I’d be glad to help with arrangements if you need a contact person, so please be in touch when you are coming this way! The very best to you and your family.  May God keep you in His care. ~Carol-T >> Original comment was posted here: Who Knew That Dogs Liked Polymer Clay So much?

Thanks, Doug and Cindy, for making us look so good on the video. Furthermore, thanks to your artistic ear, you managed to edit just enough to make us appear more intelligent than we really are. It’s also been heartwarming to read the responses to the piece. You have a standing invitation to stay at our home any time you find yourselves on the North Coast of Oregon. Nice meeting you both. Nice meeting your kids, too. Take good care. Mark and ~BeckySue-M >> Original comment was posted here: Selling Polymer Clay Jewelry at the Public Market

I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN!  Start from, the top I guess.  Your road trip videos are incredible!! Lol, just had to do that. We are old RVers , not traveling any more,,,sigh.  But now I  CAN TRAVEL VICARIOUSLY with you. You have introduced all of us to many wonders via your road trip. Hope you are able to do MANY more. So not only do you teach polymer clay, but you and your family are travel guides.  How great is that! Meeting folks that we probably would never meet, and enjoying their tales of the PC trip, and being part of incredible group of clayers is absolutely THE BEST!!! Joining in 2010 has been so joyful and freeing.  You have touched so many lives and enriched them. We all thank you so much.  Words are inadequate. Knowing how much you and your family GIVE, I don’t know how you do it.  But, because your site has grown so, it is obviously thriving. Lucky us!!!! Let’s continue for many years – OK? Hugs and love all around. ~Patt-W >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor in Oregon

Hey Cindy and all the Lietz Family! Congratulations! You did it! And what a beautiful job of it, too! As for me, I loved all the videos, seeing all these great faces and wonderful projects. I vote for that you do it again… and it looks as though you guys voted on that before me! Love you all for your hard work, but most of all for all the joy you put in to it which just pours right on out back at lucky us. ~Andrea-P >> Original comment was posted here: Roadtrip Wrapup Video

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