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I love love love this cane. I have so many ideas running round in my head for this cane, but I cant do it :o( — We are in the middle of a move so every thing is in boxes and has been for over a month. So many tutorials and I cant even do […]

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Cindy… Like many other responses that I have read here, I, too, am very thankful for your tutorials that you and Doug so faithfully bring us every week. Also I’ve noticed how quickly you respond to any questions we email you with. It’s like having our direct link to a movie star who actually responds […]

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I am an Occupational Therapist and I have had several opportunities to recommend using polymer clay as a therapy medium! Cindy, your site is not only a learning environment, but a therapeutic one too! I use it for personal therapy to express my artistic side, but I have enjoyed reading about how women (and men) […]

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To me this is a learning blog and anything I can do to continue my progress as a clayer is accomplished here … It’s so funny, I now consider myself as a PC artist. This art form really is therapeutic and is giving me a sense accomplishment. ~Carolyn-K >> This comment was originally posted here: […]

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Several years ago I fell and fractured my shoulder which meant a lot of therapy. Working with polymer clay has helped to strengthen my muscles and puts me in a zone where I’m concentrating and everything and all cares are moot. ~June-F >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay as Creative Art Therapy […]

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I’m an aging nurse (still working) with two beautiful grand girls and Parkinson’s disease. Working with clay really helps my hand strength and coordination, not to mention my stress-level!  I sell some of my pieces at the local craft show, on Etsy and on my own web store. ~Susan-A >> This comment was originally posted […]

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Just wanted everyone to know not only is Cindy a fantastic teacher (as you will all agree) she has now become a household name in our family. Since I joined her course in July all I have talked about polymer clay so to the reason Cindy is so talked about. I have been a smoker […]

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Linda, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your inspirational story… art and crafts can heal. I, too, am returning to polymer clay after an long absence due to MS. The great thing about this site is that it’s loaded with “tryin’” folks. Cindy leads the way. LOL! ~Jocelyn >> This comment was originally posted […]

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It helped me kick a 13 year smoking habit! ~KB >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Art Therapy Love the site…now a library member, especially now that I am layed off from my job.  Hoping for work soon to support my polymer clay habit… it has been very therapeutic. Or maybe sell […]

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Cindy, Just want to let you know that I have learned so very much from watching your vidoes, and I enjoy your relaxed style of teaching. You have kept me going during some trying times. Thanks so much! ~Barbara @ Making Tube Beads With Gold Leaf Good morning Cindy. I just wanted to say thank […]

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I found polymer clay in 1999 right after someone important in my life got arrested for a serious crime. It has helped me alot in coping through that time and even with the everyday stresses of today. ~Shar @ Polymer Clay Art Therapy Thanks for the videos! I’ve been making polymer clay canes for 10 […]