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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI love love love this cane. I have so many ideas running round in my head for this cane, but I cant do it :o( — We are in the middle of a move so every thing is in boxes and has been for over a month. So many tutorials and I cant even do 1. I want to thank Cindy for all her hard work its been a long time since I could think of any thing but my depression. Cindy has sparked some thing inside me that has given me a whole new lease for life. Thank you Cindy. ~Justine-E >> Original comment was posted here: Rose Brain Cane

Hi to Cindy and Doug. I am impressed with how this community is set up. I have belonged to a couple of others in the past, but, none as nice as this. I LOVE the tutorials! I just started out tonite with getting the skull and crossbone tute. After seeing how well it was made, I said the heck with it and joined as a member =D. It is nice to belong to a polymer clay group again. There is a real sense of community here =D. It will be nice to be a part of that again. I am looking forward to future tutorials. I briefly saw the one on the Celtic heart. I can’t wait to try that one out! It will have to wait until I make the skull and crossbone one first =D. I found polymer clay a long time ago. It’s been so long, I can’t really remember how long… memory problems LOL. Being disabled, it’s really helped me to keep grounded, and to take my mind off the things I have to deal with on a daily basis. I had to take some time off due to the illnesses I have, along with several elbow surgeries, but, I am now back at it, and can’t wait to make this skull and crossbone cane. I portray a pirate with a reenactment group in NH. I am going to make beads for each person in the group and attach them to a wine glass tag so they can attach them to their gun cases. I am also going to personalize each one. Once again, thanks so much for all you do! Sincerely, Black Dog. ~Mary-S >> Original comment was posted here: Halloween Pirate Cane

Hello Cindy, I want to say thank you for all your great tutorials. They have been so inspiring for me at this time of my life. I was diagnosed with liver cancer two years ago. I went thru a surgery, 5 weeks of radiation, 7 months of chemo and all was good, no more cancer. Yesterday I had another MRI and they found a new mass, another cancer but a different type. I will be having another surgery as soon as it can happen, you know after one more scan to make sure it hasn’t spread, and of course after insurance approves everything. I have the most wonderful doctors here and after 9 hours of surgery last time, I made it to see two grandchildren come into this world and what a blessing they are! Your tutorials have kept me very excited I look forward to each one every week like its Christmas or something! I just don’t know what my future has in store for me, but I am a fighter and with God’s help I will stay strong. You are my therapy. I wish all cancer patients could have such a great artist like you to keep them so inspired to be creative. I certainly will recommend all you do to the many chemo friends I have met, and will meet as we all sit together getting our chemo and chat. Take Care… Stay Healthy… Many Thanks… Thanks to Doug also! ~Christine-H >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

I want to thank Cindy and Doug and all of you who post comments here. Thank you for your friendliness and kindnesses to each other. This is such a positive, pleasant place to come to, especially right now, for me. I am mostly homebound with a painful disability and have been fighting a bout of depression lately. But I’ve noticed my spirits have been picking up and I believe it’s because of everyone in this community. I’m actually excited to see the new tutes each week and to read all the stuff everyone has to say. It makes me feel so good. It’s become my new therapy. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! ~Angela-M >> Original comment was posted here: Purse Shaped Charms Tutorial

My Mom suffered with Fibromyalgia, Lupus and Arthritis. She was in constant pain for years…. Angela – I admire your upbeat attitude and the fact that you use PC to help you to relax, which helps you to cope with the pain…. another great way to use PC! ~Mavis-T >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Cindy – I think of you every day and love playing with my clay. It helps my stress level sooooo much!!! I just made some awesome faux dichroic hearts – love love love love them!!!! ~Sue-O >> Original comment was posted here: Faux Dichroic Glass Mica Technique

Hello everyone – haven’t posted anything for a while as life is just starting to get back to a new normal… my beautiful 18 year old daughter suffered a stroke last month and life has been crazy. She is doing better and we are so very lucky to still have her with us. I have to say that being at the hospital 24/7 with my daughter Nikki, it was a godsend to have these tutorials and read everyone’s posts and see your pictures! Felt like there was my clay family in the room with me… prayers and positive thoughts for my daughter always welcome. Thanks! ~Laura-R >> Original comment was posted here: Clover Flower Earrings

Hi Cindy. I am start learning with clay and I love it. I am a breast cancer survivor and is help me a lot work with clay got my mind busy am looking forward to be a member soon cause my treatment is a little expensive, but as soon I can am gone do it. I love all ur work ur amazing thank for all ur work god bless you and remember soon am gone be ur next member. Good luck and keep doing amazing work.. hugs. ~Mayda-M >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Art Therapy

Polymer Clay is something I’ve been wanting to try for many years, but life always seemed to get in the way. However after battling Cancer for the past year, I have decided not to wait any longer! I did purchase the Beginner’s Course as well as subscribing to the weekly video offerings. I have been enjoying reading the comments as there is so much information there, and everybody seems so helpful. ~Linda-H >> Original comment was posted here: Mirror Image Heart Beads

Cindy – Thank you so much for all that you and Doug do for this Polymer Community. I basically self taught myself Polymer Clay basics solely by the wonderful sources available back in 2002-2003 on the internet. I joined the NH Polymer Clay Guild, became involved, learned that I loved to make canes. Now, that I no longer go to the Guild (Member from 2003-2009) because of my disabilities, I am sort of making a second round of learning what and who is still teaching on the internet. I am someone who simply cannot stop learning, my brain requires constant activity – and what a better place to come back to …my world of color. I am so grateful that I found your newsletters and videos, I feel it will open up a new section of learning for me again. ~Pauline-D >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Sculpted Dogwood Flower

Linda – Thank you so much for sharing this story with us all. As the “big sister” of a mentally challenged woman (and 9 years older than she is), my heart swelled and my eyes filled with tears as I read your story. Dee, my sister, still takes part in an art program every summer even though she’s 38 now, and some of the pieces they turn out are nothing less than amazing! I don’t know that they ever tried poly clay, but I’ve GOT to send a link to this article to my mom. Maybe she can suggest it. The artwork, and they do something different every year, is put on show in our state capitol’s mall in Harrisburg, PA and then auctioned off afterward. Isn’t working with the mentally challenged so rewarding? ~Tanya-L >> Original comment was posted here: Heartwarming Story about Special Needs Children and Polymer Clay

Isn’t it great when you get to that point where nothing else matters but what your working on? No pain at all. Sometimes I can just roll beads for over an hour, pain free!! It’s hard to get to that point but when you get there its great!!!! I have fibromyalgia and a pinched nerve in my back and the pain is horrible. Cindy’s web cite has done amazing things for me. I now have all these people and so many other things to look forward to and take my mind off of pain. ~Helen-S >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Healing

This Vol-019 cord ends tutorial is excellent, and so well-suited for polymer clay beads. Lots of us tend to make pendants, which look very good on all kinds of cord (leather, faux suede, satin, rubber, etc.) When you make a necklace, you need something on the ends so you can add a closure. These cord ends fit the bill! They’re the perfect finish for a ribbon/cord necklace or bracelet; and they work perfectly! I just made a couple quite quickly (it’s something I can do without getting out of bed & hurting my back!). They work as advertised. Now if I can get back to making my polymer beads, I’ll be in business. I’m thinking maybe I should leave the other 2 videos for another day, so that I’ll keep my promise to myself to make the extruder flower cane tomorrow, whether it hurts my back or not! Hmmm, can I stay away from Cindy’s videos, when they’re sitting there – ready to be watched? ~Phaedrakat >> Original comment was posted here: Making Your Own Cord End Findings

Well I am very sad to have to admit defeat but I guess I have to count myself out on this contest. I was so hoping I would be better in time to get some beads ready to send in and get that proud little kids grin we all have when we have accomplished something great. I have decided I will not claim complete defeat. As soon as I am up to spending some time at my craft table I will work at getting some beads done so I can send a picture of them to Cindy so she will still know how very much she has inspired me. I haven’t even felt well enough to post on the blog this last week. So I am slowly improving. Yep I am one of those fibromyalgia gals. It only kicks me in the behind this hard 2-3 times a year. Otherwise I am able to move around fairly well. I enjoy my clay so much because it is something I can work on off and on and not have to worry about it waiting on me most of the time. I do want to congratulate each and every one of you for putting your hearts and soles into your beads. I sure don’t envy you Cindy, having to pick out a winner. But because we have found your site and this blog and become the kind of family that can support each other with open arms and hearts, WE ARE ALL WINNERS!!!!! HATS OFF TO CINDY THE BIGGEST WINNER OF ALL!!!!! WAY TO GO CINDY and your POLYMER CLAY FAMILY – WAY TO GO!! Love and Uuuuuugggggggs (the painless hug). ~Peggy-B >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway Contest

Brenda: Right you are! I hope you’re doing better. Polymer clay is great therapy. ~Cheryl-H >> Original comment was posted here: Johnny Jump-Up Pansy Cane

This truly is a wonderful group to be connected with, not only for polymer clay but for all of life. We share our ups and downs. This group recently held me up in prayer as I spent 3 1/2 weeks in the hospital with an ulcerated esophagus. Needless to say I didn’t do any claying during that time and I am just now getting back with it. One of the great things about Cindy’s videos is that you always have access to them in your personal library … you can go back and look and learn any time. I’ve looked at all the ones I missed while I was sick and soon I’ll get around to trying my hand and making them. Cindy is so down to earth … and makes the lessons so easy to understand. ~Carolyn-F >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Color Recipes

Laura, I’ll second what Elizabeth-K said. I had one of those cheap ones too and hardly ever used it because it was just too much work and pain (I have fibromyalgia and it makes my hands and wrists hurt). But when I got a green Makins extruder everything suddenly became easy! I wouldn’t swap back now, no way. ~Silverleaf >> Original comment was posted here: Polymerized Cloth Mixed Media

Love the rosette ear wires… just the prettiest thing I’ve seen in ear wires in a long time. I love Linda’s idea of balling the end of the wire first. I think that would make a stunning center for the rose. Blessings to everyone for a healthy, happy 2012, our teacher Cindy, our video guy Doug and the family.  I am so looking forward to the next year of tutorials, it’s like Christmas every week! I have recovered about 70% from my car accident so I have a lot to be thankful for, especially being able to spend my down time claying and chatting with this group. ~DixieAnn-S >> Original comment was posted here: Fancy Rose Earwires Technique

I love this Celtic heart, and all the variations done by members. Thanks so much for sharing your pics. I finally got one to look good! It’s been warmer this winter, and what a great therapy doing this cane. ~Jocelyn-C >> Original comment was posted here: Knotted Celtic Heart Beads

Sorry to be one of the last to chime in with thanks and gratitude for this latest awesome tutorial. I fear that this second round of shingles I’m dealing with has sapped my energy and sadly, dampened my spirit a bit. As always though, when I needed a pick-me-up I came here to enjoy not only the tute but the wonderful interesting posts offered by so many. I love this place!!! I chuckled when reading how so many, like myself had tried the combing technique as one of their initial pc projects with unsuccessful results. I’ll bet if we combined the mud we all accrued from the effort, it would be a sizable pile indeed. Then I wanted to shout, “ME TOO”, when learning that so many of you have moved away from depending on pc books since joining Cindy and Doug’ site. Several said that often the book instructions seem to be missing important pieces of information and I think that is absolutely spot on!! I’ve said before that being able to watch even just how Cindy holds her hands in doing a technique can mean the difference for success or failure in my own effort. Anyway, thanks again, Cindy, Doug and all my friends here. You are gifts I treasure. ~Elizabeth-S >> Original comment was posted here: Marbled Combing Technique

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