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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI found polymer clay in 1999 right after someone important in my life got arrested for a serious crime. It has helped me alot in coping through that time and even with the everyday stresses of today. ~Shar @ Polymer Clay Art Therapy

Thanks for the videos! I’ve been making polymer clay canes for 10 months now, making candle holders for beeswax candles I’ve been making. I finally figured out how to make the candle holders. When I used slices put together they broke – but I didn’t like the slices on top of a solid piece. This weekend I tried mixing white with a leftover flower cane, so the same colors were in there for a solid base, and just put the beautiful flower cane around the edge. It’s sturdy and beautiful! (I drape it over an overturned bowl to bake it.) I would never have started making candles, and then learning how to make polymer clay canes for candle holders, without having gone through stage III (out of IV) thyroid cancer. You never know what is in store for you or who you will meet. Thanks so much for making the videos! ~Betsy @ How To Make Polymer Clay Canes

My sister has cerebral palsy and this is a wonderful tip for me to help her condition the clay more easily. She’s also deaf and mentally handicapped so arts and crafts are a way for her to express herself creatively. So thank you for the wonderfully helpful tip!!! ~Abby @ Techniques For Softening Polymer Clay

REGULAR COLOR RECIPE (A): Sunflower Leaf (dark)
** BONUS COLOR RECIPE (B): True Gold >> Polymer Clay Tutorials Guest List
VIDEO: Step By Step Instructions For Learning the Mokume Gane Technique
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