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Polymer Clay Membership SiteCindy… Like many other responses that I have read here, I, too, am very thankful for your tutorials that you and Doug so faithfully bring us every week. Also I’ve noticed how quickly you respond to any questions we email you with. It’s like having our direct link to a movie star who actually responds personally to her fan club! LOL. I also want to thank you for bringing such joy into the lives of so many of us. I had to retire early due to a disability that keeps me close to home and fairly physically inactive. I’ve been play/claying for several years and have never seen any site that teaches so much sooo economically as yours does. Anyone who is living off of disability benefits will tell you that funds are tight but the INVESTMENT I make with you each month is considered almost a necessity for sanity for me. Keep up the outstanding work you and your husband produce each week! Sincerely. ~Maria-K >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Peggy – I agree 100% about the support group. I am not sure I would have made it through those weeks in the hospital without the loving, caring, praying support I had from right here in Cindy’s group. Cindy, you have definitely created something more than just a clay blog! This is a group of people who truly do care about one another – and from all around the world! What more could we ask for. Thank you, Cindy, and thanks to ALL of you. I’m doing much better though I still need the walker because of the muscle weakness. I’m eating real good – dessert first – Life is too short to leave dessert ’til last! ~Carolyn-F >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Videos

Hi Linda B. this amazing story of yours almost makes me want to hurry up the road to the nearest special school and teach these lovely kids. Their work is amazing and your tutoring almost comes from God. What wonderful patience you have , and what gratification and fulfillment you must feel. Thanks to our wonderful Cindy who shows us all the way, we can pass it on to such great causes. I just loved your story and had tears looking at their wonderful work, knowing especially how handicapped some of them are.I love teaching too, and now know in my “twilight” years, LOL that my real vocation should have been in teaching, so can truly understand what you are saying here. Can’t you tell you how inspired I am and how inspiring you are, being the Grandma like you, I can really relate. God bless you. Love XXXX. ~Elizabeth-K >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Heartwarming Story about Special Needs Children and Polymer Clay

Hi Jocelyn, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my mail and for your advice. I just love your expression about getting distracted in “clay heaven”! You are right, when I am in a middle of a project, I can’t stop, creating beautiful things with Polymer Clay works better than pain killers. Whenever I am working with Polymer Clay, I forget all of my troubles and am, as Jocelyn said so beautifully, in Clay Heaven! ~Christl-P >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Art Changes Lives

Alexa, You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I also am disabled and use my art as therapy not only for the physical aspects but the emotional ones. My husband is very ill with a rare disease and recently was diagnosed with kidney cancer. He has been playing with clay for the past year. We amaze ourselves daily with how the clay can be an escape from all that goes with being ill. Most of all it has changed how we look at the world. We now see form and color in a different way and it makes each day a special exploration. Thank you Cindy for sharing Alexa’s story with us. I hope she knows that with her story we will be with her in spirit as she walks her path. Namaste to all. ~Illaya-B >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Coping with Disabilities

I have been battling a fibromyalgia flare this week. Even clothing touching some parts of me hurts – maybe it is the weather, I don’t know. Since finances are tight this year, I’ve planned on giving as gifts items I’ve made from polymer clay. My body trying to hold me back just isn’t going to cut it, and won’t be tolerated, lol, I have decided! Actually though, poking around with my clay really saved me Wednesday night, when I was at my wits end with pain. Thank goodness for polymer clay, and for Cindy, who teaches me what to do with it! ~Angela-M >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Lessons

Dear Cindy, here is a photo of my peacock cane. I am so happy because it is my first project since I was paralyzed last year. It is far from perfect but my hands are still very weak. I cannot reduce the cane until I get help when my daughter comes. The motor on my pasta machine is a big help thanks to Penny who gave me the link. She also has the new colors of premo. I just purchased them and have to say she is a very fare person with postage and help etc; and to you and Doug, thanks again for such amazing video’s. I am just so happy to be claying again and able to work thru the pain, at the end of it to see what I have done. Wow and what all the blog team have helped me do, love to you all ~Ritzs  >> RESPONSE COMMENT: Wow, Ritz your peacock cane is beautiful. I had an accident about six years ago falling and putting my left hand out to save my face!! (Wrong move) I fell on my hand which was bent completely backwards. After months of pain and practically living at the hospital I have regained most of the feelings. Can only type right handed and drop things constantly. Love this site, love reading about everyone and I feel that PC should stand for Pain Club :) It certainly is an escape into a rainbow coloured world, so now will put on my red shoes and skip down to the yellow brick road. (Going to limp to the shops)… Angels on your pillows. ~Elaine-F >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Peacock Feather Cane

I love the care and detail of your pieces June, they’re so intricate. You’ve created beauty from a painful experience. Thanks so much for sharing your work and offering some inspiration as well. ~DJ >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Creative Art Therapy

Hello Cindy and Doug. First, I truly admire the entire setup that you both share with this Polymer Clay Community. I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have been receiving your Newsletter Cindy since November 2009, but I have finally gotten the courage to join the full membership this January of 2012. I have been on Disability since December of 1998, I have not worked at a job since. Staying at home has not been my forte, and that is when I discovered by accident, the wonderful world of Color and Polymer Clays. This material has given me a reason to get up and try to forget the many medical labels they have applied to “my conditions”. It gives me a reason to fade away in thoughts wondering how this would look like together? …. or I wonder how to make….?  All of you here know the silent daydreams of the art world. I have been dabbling on and off since 2002, mostly self taught from reading on the Internet. I did join a NH Polymer Clay Guild for a few years, learned a lot, but needed to stop driving at night (my eyes). I was reading your blog regarding the beads of courage, our Guild was involved in the Bottles of Hope program which I had the great experience to deliver several batches of decorated Bottles to the Cancer Treatment Section of my local Hospital. It was so humbling to me when I thought I was having a bad day, to go there and see patients dealing with so much more. Forgive me, I have a hard time staying on one topic, hard to concentrate. Reason for my note today, thank you Cindy and Doug for the work that you do for all of us. Well at least I speak for myself – do appreciate it!  I am looking forward to learning more with all of you… better known locally as MountainMaMaDuke. ~Pauline-D >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Cane Tutorials

That really is a Hidden Treasure!!!! How different!!!!! Just beautiful, Cindy!!!!!! I can’t pull myself away from scrap clay to do your GREAT videos. It’s such a surprise when you play with scrap clay. I just bought the video to make lentil beads and I just cant stop!!!!!! I can’t get the crisp edges that you get Cindy. The video really helped but I can’t get those crisp edges. Are there any tricks to getting them?? I haven’t been blogging for a while, but I’m still here. My husband had a heart attack but he’s fine now. I just can’t seem to get rid of this black cloud over my head. Thank God for this site!!!!!!! I think I would flip out if I didn’t find this great place. Luv To All. ~Helen-S >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Scrap Polymer Clay

Brenda – I know what you mean. I too have chronic fatigue and pain. There are days I just seem to have no energy. By the time I am finished teaching I can’t do anything else. But clay is good. I find it really relaxing and so satisfying. ~Cheryl-H >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Tutorials

I’m so sorry you feel so much like I do Honey. And you’re right, claying helps! I can “get lost” in picturing how to do something in my head it’s like actually doing it – I don’t hear or see what’s going on around me while I’m in that mode! I feel so bad for everyone here who hurts. I just (TRY to) keep in mind that one day I’ll have a perfect body – no more pain, no more tears. Of course, I remind Him every once in awhile it would be nice to experience that while here on earth! LOL! And isn’t it great the way He brought us all together here, where we can support each other while learning and doing something so creative and beautiful? Thank God for Cindy, Doug, and everyone else here! ~Tanya-L >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Library

Lorraine Coetzee: It speaks volumes about Cindy, her tutorials, this community, and the wonderful healing power (and fabulous joy) we get from our preferred medium — Polymer Clay! — that inspiring people such as yourself and Lori spend your days here when you need a boost. Our lovely Tutor and Polymer Clay definitely bring it… they have lit up many a Friday for me! I have seen things you write on Facebook, Lorraine, and I love the way your creativity grows stronger (and your work — love it!) You remain cheerful most days, an admirable thing given your fight sickness. I have sent you a private message, as well, but I just wanted to say that having Cindy’s tutes and some clay can really cheer a person up when times are tough. Life can come at ya a zillion different ways (and sometimes it feels like it’s happening all at once…). I think you are an inspiration, Lorraine…so is Lori F., and so many other clayers fighting through their pain (or not feeling that pain, because they’re lost in the fun we call CLAYIN’!) I wish you all the best…I’m trying to forward positive energy to all of you. I’m so glad you discovered Cindy Lietz — our Polymer Clay Tutor, who makes every Friday happy with her amazing tutorials! The days in-between are pretty awesome, too. That’s a good time to put the techniques through their paces and bring out our own creativity… Happy thoughts go out to you… Hugs. ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Jewelry

Agree with all, plenty of orphan beads here, and Christmas is coming… this is a perfect gift. Thinking of one for my Godmother/Aunt who is in her mid eighties, and still loves to read her family bible for inspiration daily. In the past, I made her a set of multi colored ribbon bookmarks so she could highlight her favorite passages, but as she has arthritic hands, the ribbons are too fussy. A set of these copper bookmarks, would be the perfect sturdy easy to use markers! ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Hammered Copper Bookmarks

Like Linda K, I had no idea I wanted to try riveting until I saw this! It looks really cool – I think I’ll save this for when I’m having one of those days where I’m too tired to be really inspired to do clay work. I can do the planning and designing when I’m feeling well, and then just drill and rivet when I’m not so well. Awesome. ~Silverleaf >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Wire Riveting Polymer Clay

The tute is soooooooo easy – and a darling charm is the end result!!! How happy we all are!!!!! Thanks for such a neat way to use up some canes. Perfect for the little purses. Isn’t it rewarding, Lietz Team, to know you are helping such nice ladies with their therapy? Art is definitely the best therapy ;D ~Patt-W >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Purse Shaped Charms

Hi Cindy, I was able to purchase the remaining volumes to complete my library collection today. Btw, you are amazing to come up with what you do every week!!! Being a shut-in for the most part, you bring color and creativity into my life. Working with clay exercises my mind and spirit. Just wanted you to know that. And I was able to join the last bead swap that Marlene organized, had much fun making my swap bead and got some great beads from Angela. Turns out Marlene only lives 30 minutes from me, so hope to get together with her after the holidays! Your tutes bring people together!!!! Happy holidays to you and your family. ~Rita-H >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Library

Hello everyone. Cindy, I have all your tuts so far, and I don’t comment very much because of the stroke I had awhile back, but I have to say this is the most enjoyable cane I have done so far. The only hard part was extruding. My husband is trying to figure out a way to make it easier to do. (He’s clever that way). Thank you again for a great tutorial ~Elly-M >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Snowy Tree Landscape Cane

Thanks for another beautiful project, Cindy! So organic, and looks like the wrapping will be very “therapeutic” – good exercise for the sleepy fingers LOL ~Monique-U >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Fancy Rose Earwires

Being dyslectic it takes me twice as long to read and understand instructions, so you see CINDY, your tutorials and clear spoken words (love your cute voice) are the answer to my prayers. ~Elaine-F >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Colors

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