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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI am an Occupational Therapist and I have had several opportunities to recommend using polymer clay as a therapy medium! Cindy, your site is not only a learning environment, but a therapeutic one too! I use it for personal therapy to express my artistic side, but I have enjoyed reading about how women (and men) have used clay as a way toward greater strength, health, expression and meaning in their life. Thanks for all you have done. ~Sue-W >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Hi Cindy, My addiction to clay started about a year ago after I was diagnosed with MS and went from a career girl to staying at home going nuts trying to find something to do. It is funny, but my goal was to network more online and actually talk to the people who share my new passion. Discovering my creative side has had a huge impact on how I deal with my health issues. Formerly, I was a nurse, so I know all the positive medical aspects of having a “hobby”. But, without sounding corny here, it is more than a hobby to me now. When I am creating my mind turns to the beauty in life; and as I create for others, I think about the joy of knowing them. With that there is absolutely no room for thoughts about pain, illness, fears of the future. I tell you, I suggest to everyone to find an art medium now – of course I talk about polymer clay! I spent much time researching, reading, investing in books, etc. and your lessons by far have been the best tutorials – everything is broken down and made simplistic. And you even incorporate wire work – it is a great, inspiring site! If only I had signed up with you FIRST, the 20lb bag of scrap clay I have would be much, much smaller! Sorry, this is a long response but I must tell you quickly – I love flower canes! Followed instructions to “T” from books published by other well known polymer clay artists – and they would always look horrible! So, I recently purchased a back issue of yours, the flower petal cane, turned out perfect – especially your tip on the packing! This sounds silly, but it is a little exciting – you are famous in my house, I call you my Art Professor! Keep it up! Thanks. ~Michele-E >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Videos

I, too, am disabled; I enjoy creating, as it takes my mind off life’s difficulties. I have found a great deal of inspiration here at this blog. Cindy Lietz, and her wonderful videos, got me back into polymer clay after a long absence while I had back surgeries. Her videos are so helpful, and this blog community she’s created is a caring and sharing environment. I “hang out” here a lot. ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Sculpey III Polymer Clay

I watched the part of the video again where Cindy’s forming the loops … knowing that you can reposition the round nose pliers while forming your loops, people with hand and wrist problems may be able to do this and other wire working techniques they wouldn’t attempt before. I never moved my pliers while forming a loop before, and I have carpal tunnel and tendonitis in my hands and arms. That’s why this stuck out for me!!! Another life saver from Cindy!!) ~Tanya-L >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Embedded Wire Links and Loops

Cindy, these new sandpapers and sticks are just the bomb! I hate sanding so I find I have to create an environment of maximum enjoyment to stick with it, LOL. How? Mostly in bed with my feet up, pillows galore behind me, and adorned with heating pads. Treat myself to a low dose pain killer ahead of time, and put some of my favorite music on to sand to the rhythm. If you are a “smell” person, burning your favorite incense helps too. Total zen. Find that a really wet facecloth on a dish provides enough moisture so I am not playing with a pan of water and heating pads, a problem due to the number of trips I must take to the ladies. Have my Dremel rigged with the flexshaft near the bead for final buffing, but, based on the results of this micromesh products ease of use and advanced finishing capabilities, it might not be needed so much. Best, is that from the reading I’ve done since Cindy posted this product, is that it seems to last forever, unlike the auto paper. This is excellent value for your money, a cost saver, and a product that automatically improves the quality of your work. How great is that? ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Sanding with Micromesh Abrasives

Dear Joyce, I’m so sorry for your loss. I know just how you feel. I just lost my best friend and my love. He was my younger brother and died suddenly of cancer. I just can’t get over this and still cry every day and its been almost three months now. To help me forget I started going on  the computer and found this site. I played with clay before so this site looked very interesting. Its helped me so much. Between the death of my best friend and many ailments this site was a life saver. This will be the best thing you ever did. It is the best thing I ever did. Again, my heart goes out to you. Love. ~Helen-S >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Inspiration

What pretty spoon necklaces. I love the delicate look of lace on the bottom of them. I didn’t know that working with polymer clay could help the shoulder. How great is that? ~Freda-K >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Muscle and Shoulder Injury

Oh, Alexa, these are such amazingly beautiful things you’ve made!! I’m a newbie to Polymer clay and I simply cannot imagine making such wonderful things within my next year. I suffer from Post-Polio Sequelae, Myofascial Pain Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Cervical & Lumbosacral Radiculopathy, Polyneuropathy, Severe Central Apnea – and now Diabetes, which was diagnosed last month. It’s been a struggle. I have to stick myself 4 times a day to test my blood sugar, and because of my other health problems, it’s usually hours before the pain subsides from the stick. Two years ago my condition had worsened to the point that I couldn’t do any of the crafts I’d worked with since childhood. I was so depressed – and then someone suggested beading, which I can do because the beads are so light. I’ve been making little boxes since then, but a couple of months ago became entranced with polymer clay. Because of extreme muscle weakness, I am only able to play with Sculpey III, and I’d be unable to work at all without my wonderful pasta machine. Obviously, it takes me a great deal longer to accomplish even the simplest things, but it’s a wonderful distraction to pain, and when I can’t work, I can cruise the internet with the fabulous computer setup my boys built for me, which I can direct from bed. Even then, I have many long days where I must be still, but even thinking about polymer possibilities provides much needed distraction. My wonderful aide Lorna, is now excited about learning to make beautiful jewelry (which is new to me, and would be impossible without my loving daughter-in-law to do wire work and other things that are beyond me).   —   I’m so grateful, Cindy, for your sharing so much of your talent and expertise, and for spotlighting amazing individuals like Alexa. It really inspires me to keep struggling on. Thank you! ~Carrie-K >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay And Copping With Disabilities

Polymer Clay has given so many of us a calm a soothing place to go when we need it most. I know it has me. I suffer from a number of illnesses and am in a lot of pain all the time. But when I am able to hide in my craft room and tune into my PC if just for a short while, I can leave all that behind me. ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Bead Making

Yeah, isn’t it great that clay can be so therapeutic, distracting us from pain and life stuff? ~Silverleaf >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Beads

Sounds to me like we could start a separate fibromyalgia club. Thank God mine is fairly well under control and has been ever since I broke my back and had to go to a spine and pain specialist. The arthritis is in check also.  My son used like to make up words and he said that I had arthralgia.  Believe it or not, arthralgia is now a listed medical condition. Cindy, you really do help those of us who have limitations. You teach us how to make complex pieces with the least amount of strain. Thank you so much! ~Carolyn-F >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Yea, I am one of those in pain management. I fight it everyday. Sometimes it feels good to vent and share with ones who understand here at Cindy’s blog. ~Brenda-M >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Tutorial Videos

Your story is so touching Linda, and the pieces the kids have created are really lovely!! I share how you feel about how rewarding it is to work with individuals with special needs. I work at a drop in centre for developmentally disabled adults and continue to learn each day from our participants. I feel like I’ve found a family of truly honest, caring people with so much curiosity. I think because of this openness to learn and do, the art (paintings, photos, writing, crafts) they create is amazing. Our clients show and often sell their work at an annual art show… it’s such a thrill to see someone beaming with pride with their work, especially if they’ve sold an item! I’ll bet your project inspired that sense of pride in your kids too. It must have been so rewarding to see their reactions when they saw what they made… not to mention the fun playing with clay too!! ~DJ >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Heartwarming Story about Special Needs Children and Polymer Clay

20 minutes of Tai Chi equals 20 minutes of hard core aerobics (heart wise). For me… that’s a no brainer. I feel so much better after doing my Chi work and I have more energy. I have arthritis in my feet, ankles and knees so walking across a floor is sometimes very painful. Tai Chi gets me through the day. That’s why I love claying so much and reading Cindy’s blog and all of the group’s input. I can sit down!!! ~Linda-B >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Library

Thanks so much for making my retirement even MORE fun and exciting! ~Isabel-H >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Tutor

Health experts are always telling seniors (I guess being in my late 70’s qualifies me) to learn new things to keep the brain active. Your tutes are definitely keeping my brain buzzing. A polymer cloth rose next???  Wow – bring it on !! ~Fran-R >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymerized Cloth Mixed Media

Hi Cindy, WOW, what great colors, that flower made me feel spring and I need it so bad! I had to say goodbye to a 16 year old doggie child last week and this is the first real thing that made me feel warm on the inside, THANK YOU my friend! You DO have a way with words and poetic came to mind! ~Lisa-C >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

This tute was a gift for many reasons, even beyond the beauty of the finished beads as it was kind of a sad week-end here. My son and family adopted a little dog who had suffered a crushing throat injury as the result of abuse or an attack from another animal. Jackson had surgery on Friday by a wonderful compassionate vet who did everything he could to correct the injury. Sadly, although the surgery went well in that the vet was able to repair the damage he died during the night while still in the animal hospital. I can’t tell you how attached I had become to this little guy in the short time I knew him.  As I often do when I am troubled or sad I headed to my craft room where I had recently finished baking my first aurora beads.  Still reeling with the news of Jackson’s death I somewhat mindlessly started to sand them and before long the aurora beauty started to show just as Cindy promised it would.  I don’t know why but it gave me comfort, maybe because this technique mimics one of the most beautiful phenomenon’s in the universe to which Jackson’s brave spirit had returned. Who knows?  I do know that I will never give these beads away as they are the perfect representation of the beauty of this little dog’s short life. Thanks for listening. Love. ~Elizabeth-S >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Aurora Technique

In this busy world it is sometimes easy to forget to say THANK YOU. So I am just saying a BIG THANK YOU to Cindy, Doug, and kids. I love all the colour palettes, the photography, videos and mind blowing information that you so generously all give. My membership is one of the best value things I have ever invested in. With all the troubles in this world, both man-made and the natural disasters, it is great (for a few hours) to slip into “Cindy’s World” where I can lose myself in a kaleidoscope of colours, learn fab. new ways to create mini works of art, or just read comments, tips and tricks from other members. So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who contributes to this wonderful site. ~Elaine-F >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Cindy, you’re a great teacher and clay mentor and I thank God that I found you and your wonderful clay community/family. I have made some wonderful friends here that have also transferred to facebook where we share photos of our clay endeavors, laughter, and our occasional low moments too. Claying is a great form of therapy for me (and many others from the community here) – I have a birth defect in my lower back, that causes me to be in constant pain, Fibromyalgia, and I’m Bi-Polar. I find claying helps me when I’m manic (it calms me down), and it helps take my mind off the constant pain. I also thank God that your lessons are affordable for me, as we are a one income family every penny counts – your lessons are a fantastic value! I haven’t been around much over this summer… besides it being too hot (no air conditioning in the room I clay in), I’ve been very busy learning to ride the Harley-Davidson Sportster my dear husband bought me this summer. It’s a major dream come true for me… :) (I’m tearing up the roads now… heh heh!). But, the weather is cooling off now, so I am getting back to my clay and our wonderful claying community. I feel like I’m coming home after a bit of time away… :) I thank you and Doug for that happy feeling too! Bless you both! I can never thank you enough Cindy, your lessons are always a bright spot in my week. Peace, Love and Clay. ~Lisa-W >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Lessons

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