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Polymer Clay Membership SiteTo me this is a learning blog and anything I can do to continue my progress as a clayer is accomplished here … It’s so funny, I now consider myself as a PC artist. This art form really is therapeutic and is giving me a sense accomplishment. ~Carolyn-K >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Mixed Media

Hi, dear Cindy: Discovering Polymer Clay is one of the best things ever happening to me. It took away the fear of retirement, I have not been bored for one second. You never ever have to buy gifts for friends or family again, it’s good for the environment, because one recycles many items, it keeps your brain going, I could go on and on. For me it was a real life saver as well. Born in Germany, I spent wonderful 45 years in the United States, fell in love during a visit to my home town in Germany, got married there, you can imagine the rest. I was like a fish out of water, no friends, a workaholic husband (Mayor of town), so creating with Polymer Clay and keeping my apartment in New York as a security blanket, were my two life lines. I find the Polymer Clay community to be the most sharing and wonderful people in the artistic world. And YOU should consider yourself right on top of it! Thank you Cindy for helping to get more people involved in this incredibly versatile and happy making hobby. Keep up your wonderful work, Cindy, you are making a lot of people happy!  With very best regards and HAPPY CLAYING. ~Christl-P >> This comment was originally posted here: Teardrop Blend Shift Video

I actually use clay a lot in my treatments as an Occupational Therapist. I work with little kids in home health. It is a marvelous therapy tool. It’s also so rewarding. I am absolutely loving these videos. It is nice to meet so many wonderful people. ~Cassie-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Peacock Feather Cane Video

Kudos ladies. Learning techniques from Cindy has enriched our artistic abilities and enriched our lives. Big thanks to Cindy. ~Illaya-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Spotted Lily Cane

Oooo, this is so exciting…not only do we get to see more of everybody’s creativity, but a chance to win some of Cindy’s beads too! Woohoo! I just love our clay community, you guys are the best – and once again a big thank you to Cindy for bringing us all together, from all over the world. Being a part of this community really helps me battle my depression, so thank you clay family, you brighten my gloomy days!!  :) Keep on Claying. ~Lisa-W >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Giveaway

Thanks for this post! I’ve not been with Cindy very long and have been trying to work my way forward from the beginning…. there is something to look forward to each day, and this will help me through my grief over losing Don. I feel really connected to this new (to me) community and thank you all. ~Carolyn-F >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Lessons

I have never had enough time to make the amount of beads it would take to sell them. My family takes them faster than I can make them already. I love making them for my family though so I will not complain. I have so much fun with my pc that is the main goal for me. It is what I call my out patient physical therapy. Very much medically and mentally needed!! Many Uuuuuuuugggs. ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

Sorry for bringing up this tragedy. It’s just when things like that happen, it makes you think about the good things in your life and how you should be thankful. Cherish what you have, and everyone else. There are people hurting out there. Help them if you can! My prayers go out to all of you, and I hope you will reach out to others, and be good to each other. Be happy, and enjoy your loved ones and family! Teach someone to clay, as its tactile properties and artistic qualities can help with healing. Try to be a good listener, sometimes that’s what someone really needs. You never know how badly someone might just need to be heard at a certain moment. Bless you! ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Lisa and Kat, Thank you so much for your caring support. That’s what I love about this community…. PEOPLE… So many people are so nice… We’ll all battle our ailments together.  If you both can do it, so can I. The both of you are always in my prayers. Love. ~Honey-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Book Beads

I heard that it’s 5% of the world population (maybe 8-10% of women) who have fibro, but there sure does seem to be a good proportion of us on here. I wonder if it’s because clay is one of those “quick win” activities which doesn’t necessarily require much physical or mental effort but gives you the satisfaction of being able to create something pretty that you can be proud of, so people with fatigue or chronic pain or other illnesses kind of gravitate towards it. I’d guess that if you compared the “sick” population to the “healthy” population, you’d see a significantly larger proportion of crafters in the “sick” population. It would be interesting to see if anyone’s done any research into this. ~Silverleaf >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Videos

I have fibromyalgia and sitting too long is a bear. But I found that I could adapt some polymer clay work to standing at a kitchen counter. I also found that tai chi is an excellent exercise; practically no impact and you can do it in your living room with no equipment other than a DVD player. ~Koolbraider >> This comment was originally posted here: Rocker Beads Video

Hello Fellow Clay Buddies: I ditto the recent comment of one of the members who said Cindy should do a tutorial on how she manages family and career so well. I would be very interested in that (tee hee)!!  Cindy is like a friend who I enjoy listening to every day and I have learned so much from her. Three cheers for Cindy and her supportive family. ~Samone >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Support

I took a batch of beads out of the tumbler this morning after using the softener on them. I have to admit I am really pleased with the outcome. There is not one fingerprint on them. This is really a big deal for me… not having to even do any touch up sanding. I do not think I have mentioned this before. I suffer from arthritis in my hands, so anytime I don’t have to sand, is a good day… lol I believe the working with Polymer clay is the only reason I can still use my hands. Well I guess I will play the waiting game now and see if there will be any consequences to using the softener on the beads. Everyone have a great day. ~Jackie-N >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Sanding

Cindy, Once again you have made my week a bit more bearable. I am sooo tired of being on bed rest, but you have given me so many things to look forward to these last 6 weeks. I definitely will be getting some micro mesh as soon as I can afford it. I don’t have carpel tunnel (which as a nurse I am aware of how very painful it can be), but I do have rheumatoid arthritis, and when it settles in my fingers and wrists just holding a fork can be very painful, so this will be a great thing to try! Not to mention that it goes quicker than regular sand paper! I am so happy! Thank you so much for helping me keep my spirits up through out my recovery. Once again I must say it, Cindy you are the bomb!!! ~Tiffany-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Library

Love this technique, so easy for someone with hand difficulties!!! Splitting and rearranging the final cane just adds to the possibilities. ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Cookie Cutter Canes

Hi Linda K.– Thanks for thinking of me. We are not in the firing line for the floods this time so far. We had torrential rain all thru Nov and Dec, and even just a few days ago, when I start to worry my house frontage will get inundated if it doesn’t stop raining. But it is further down at present, in Queensland. I am so sorry for those people and it will take a long time to recover, so much lost. Even bigger than your Katrina. All we can do is donate what we can. They had a telethon on Sunday and collected 10 Million but even that is only a drop in the bucket it will take billions to recover if they ever do. I think the whole world with feel this as Australia is a producing country, and so much has been lost. But people are resilient and they are all helping each other, and I think more caring has already come out of this and there will be a new way to live when it all finishes, as we will realize we don’t own this earth, and wont be so complacent, as if it never happens to us personally. Nature rules as I say and we are at its mercy. Still we have fun and rely on things like here to keep us going. Thoughts of our creativeness can always bring relief, so I’m on to my Polymerized Fabric and so must get to it. Thanks again for thinking of me. Love. ~Elizabeth-K >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymerized Cloth Mixed Media

Just want you to know that I scheduled long overdue lab work for today (I’m a fainter, whiner, puker and generally a baby about such things). I figured that I would just think about the reward of coming home to watch the tut while she was poking me and that would get me through. Of course my reverie was interrupted with the phlebotomist’s exclamations that she had never seen such beautiful blood. She even requested an extra sample to show the world what the standard for perfect blood should be. (You believe me, right?). Ah, but I digress-I made it through without embarrassing myself and without causing her to have to change her uniform, and I know that it was the anticipation of watching the tut that saved me. Thank you, Cindy and Doug – I’ll bet you didn’t know the far reaching effects of what you provide for us. Oh, and the tut was wonderful!! I’ve got my table set up and I’m rarin’ to go. I couldn’t imagine how this was going to work-the roses are so beautiful. BTW, I threw two blocks of white Premo away yesterday as I just couldn’t get them to condition enough to work with them.  Wonder if they are different that others. ~Elizabeth-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Shaded Rose Cane Tutorial

Ritzs: It is so good to see you on the blog again, I always enjoy reading your comments and have thought of you often.  I agree with you, playing with clay is very therapeutic for both the body and soul. Glad you’re back. ~Jeanne-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Finishing Wax Bead Polish

I get these bursts of creativity and color ideas when I’m working out at the gym.I can hardly wait to finish my workout and get home to start making wonderful things. I LOVE POLYMER CLAY!!! ~Maria-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Sculptural Birdhouse Beads

Jocelyn! Sorry to hear you know first hand what fibro’s all about, but you made me laugh when I read your crack about the pain in the butt! … You’re right about “creating to cope”. I can get lost in creating art. ~Tanya-L >> This comment was originally posted here: Copper Bangle Video Tutorial

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