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What a cool technique!  Of course, it’s one of about ten I’ve got lined up to try now that I finally have some time.  Looking forward to the videos next month. I’d like to second the comment about value for money. Your videos are great information. Thanks so much, Cindy. ~Sue-W >> This comment was […]

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Hey, Cindy — I watched your way of doing Skinner blends, with tear drop pieces of clay and — wow! I don’t think I’ll EVER cut triangles again! This is so much easier and I can see much more clearly how the colors will blend. Thanks. ~Jacqui-T >> This comment was originally posted here: Skinner […]

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I can’t wait to have a go at this extruder flower cane – you make it look so easy!  Many thanks for yet another wonderful technique so clearly explained. ~Susan-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Extruder Flower Mod Canes This has fast become one of the few things I must do every morning. […]

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GOD BLESS YOU, CINDY LIETZ!!!  I have been waiting for this video but knew you would only share it when the technique was perfected. Cuz, that’s how you are. You make the mistakes so we don’t have to. For anyone who has not joined as a member, this is something you definitely should do. The […]

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I LOVE your teardrop method and I really think you should get that in PC magazines so it can become a household name, it is really that great! ~Tina-A >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorial Absolutely loved the Video. I have been struggling trying to do these wire wraps on some […]

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Just like Peggy in a previous comment I had been looking around here for quite awhile, not realizing there is so much more for you when you really join. So I joined only a few days ago, and like Peggy I found Cindy to be on top of everything and couldn’t do enough for me,and […]

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Oh Cindy: I just watched your video on the Tear Drop Method. I have two words: Brill-yant! What a great technique, and I hope it gets known as the Lietz Method throughout the polymer clayniverse. Thanks for sharing. ~Deirdre-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Modified Rainbow Skinner Blend Tutorial Once again another wonderful […]

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Never even thought about keeping something like this to keep the clay cool. You have so many ideas that are really low budgeted and something that most of us have access to. That is the reason I got so frustrated at some of the sites because my budget does not always allow me to go […]

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I LOVE this video Cindy!!! Thanks ever so much for posting it! Yes, they are VERY addictive!!!! ~Steph @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads Just wanted to say thanks for the great video.  I have read how to do that technique and it still couldn’t picture it!! Yours made it look much easier….so might have to […]

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AWESOME!!!!! THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I’ve been wanting to know how to prevent the oval shape . . . this is perfect!!!! ~Stephanie @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads Hi, thought the mokume gane video was really helpful. I’m new to polymer clay and I’ve wanted to have a go but found the picture instructions quite hard […]

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Thank you for the tips on the Skinner Blend. It was really helpful. I had seen it done once before but it helps to see it more than once and of course put it into practice. Thanks Again. ~Pat @ Polymer Clay Skinner Blend I wear gloves but I really don’t like them. I’m grateful […]

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Good ideas, I hadn’t actually thought to recover already baked beads with fresh clay. I save all of my mistakes thinking someday I may find a use for them. ~Nora @ Scrap Polymer Clay Cindy, You have no idea how useful this tip is to me! I have been using my dremel with a coarse […]