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Polymer Clay Membership SiteThank you for the tips on the Skinner Blend. It was really helpful. I had seen it done once before but it helps to see it more than once and of course put it into practice. Thanks Again. ~Pat @ Polymer Clay Skinner Blend

I wear gloves but I really don’t like them. I’m grateful for the other tips you’ve given here. :D ~Kim @ Finger Prints And Polymer Clay

Another great idea you came up with there, Cindy! Gave me some ideas, for sure….have quite a bit of “inherited” silverware that just sits in its chest tarnishing. What a good way for it to see daylight again! Wondering about the handle..some of mine has beautiful patterns…hmmm, could I possible bend that forward and incorporate it as part of the bail?? (I have used them for texturing clay with wonderful results!).. Just sitting here pondering… Thanks for the inspiration! ~Garnie @ Silver Spoon Pendants

When I first saw this technique I thought, “What could be so addictive?” Then I realized, “Oh, that’s how you do the swirl.” Then I tried it. Ok, I admit it. I’m hooked! This has got to be one of the simplest techniques but the result looks so impressive. I lentil-ed a bunch of clay this weekend! Thanks Cindy. ~Cynister @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

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