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Polymer Clay Membership SiteGood ideas, I hadn’t actually thought to recover already baked beads with fresh clay. I save all of my mistakes thinking someday I may find a use for them. ~Nora @ Scrap Polymer Clay

Cindy, You have no idea how useful this tip is to me! I have been using my dremel with a coarse sanding tip to bevel each and every one of my pendants! What a waste of my time, when all I had to do was break out the Saran Wrap! Thank you so much for being there! ~Donna @ How To Make Polymer Clay Pendants

Thank you Cindy! Now I understand why I was getting oval beads. This is truly an addicting technique! Two of my friends have placed orders for these necklaces. I didn’t make them yet because they were coming out lopsided because I was too impatient to let them cool before piercing them. Now I will wait. ~Maria @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

What a great way to hold the bead while piercing through the side! Actually I had never thought to pierce through the side. Thanks for another great video! I love that they are short and attack a very specific little thing that comes up while working! Thanks again and thanks for keeping this site free! ~Kimberlee @ Making Lentil Bead Holes

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VIDEO: Make Unique Lentil Bead Designs Using Scrap Polymer Clay
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