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Polymer Clay Membership SiteI LOVE this video Cindy!!! Thanks ever so much for posting it! Yes, they are VERY addictive!!!! ~Steph @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Just wanted to say thanks for the great video.  I have read how to do that technique and it still couldn’t picture it!! Yours made it look much easier….so might have to give it a try now!!  Thanks! ~Kam @ Mukume Gane Polymer Clay Technique

Cindy!  Thank you OH SO MUCH for your advice!  I actually found some great oils, I purchased some from a seller on Ebay that i have yet to use, as well as some from a seller on, they’re oil perfume rollers and come in all kinds of scents from apple pie to chocolate chip cookie.  I tried it on a few ‘tester’ charms and it works great, the clay holds together well and even after glazing you can still smell the scent. It’s only been a few weeks since I’ve had them and they still smell as strong as the day I made them. I really appreciate your post and your email comments!   THANK YOU! ~Ryssa @ Scented Polymer Clay

Wow!  How cool is this!?!  :)  OK…my imagination is rockin’ and rollin’ and shavin’ and colorin’ and squishin’ and bakin’!!!  Thanks for the great ideas!!! Oh, and for letting us know how not to get dripped on, as well :) ~Cindy @ Polymer Clay Inclusion Techniques

Spices. Who knew? I had never thought of it, but boy does it make sense. Thanks for the tip!  I can’t wait to try it and see your inclusion videos. ~Cynister @ Spice Beads Polymer Clay Inclusion Techniques

What a great idea!. What a nice way to preserve a memory. ~Denby @ Flower Petal Bead Inclusions

Video was very well done.  I decided to watch it even though a skinner blend is something I think I do fairly well.  The water tip was good, sometimes my work area is warm and the clay is sticky.  Also the butting it against the side of the pasta machine. ~Nora @ Skinner Blend Technique

Hi, I have been all over your site for the last hour and a half. You rock! I thought I would share my MOST favorite tool for my polymer beads.  Are you familiar with the clear stamps that you mount on a clear acrylic square?  Those squares are AMAZING to make lentils out of.  They are available in many sizes and being clear you can see what you are doing and they are super easy to grip because of the thickness of them.  You can even find small ones in the dollar bins at Michaels.  My fav. size is on that is about 3×3″.  Fabulous! You should try one. ~Andrea @ Making Lentil Beads

Thanks for explaining the “leaching” process.  I wasn’t sure how one actually did it because I have heard the term before but wasn’t sure what it meant. I like using the FIMO soft clay as well as the PREMO although there are more colors available in the PREMO than the FIMO at least at JoAnn’s or Michael’s.  But your color palette cards come in handy when you just can’t find the right color and so you make your own. I am not sure if I have used new PREMO brand since I didn’t look carefully at the package, but I will let you know when I come across one. Although the last PREMO I used, I thought I was considerably softer, but I didn’t take a good look at the packaging.  Thanks again! ~Lupe @ Phthalate-Free Premo Polymer Clay

Sheer genius, and thanks to be that you are a sharer.  Just cut my workload down by such an amount that now I will have time to experiment will more new techniques. This one tip just about paid back a lot of money invested in subscription as a time and clay savor. Congrats, and keep up the great work! ~Jocelyn @ Teardrop Method – Modified Skinner Blend

I got my first newsletter video today through your email. Thanks! Another great one. I thought I might share a great tip I got from a friend of mine regarding blade safety.  She paints nail polish on the edge of the blade she picks it up with.  It helps dramatically NOT to pick up by the wrong edge. ~LynEllen @ Comment Received Via Email

I’ve been using the Cindy Lietz beadsandbeading web site. I especially like being able to order “back issues” based on topics that I really want to know about. Recipes are good, videos are good. The field has become so vast that I find I have to narrow my focus or I don’t get anywhere! So I like being able to learn about “sanding and buffing” long before I am ready for Mokume Gane. Then she has that too when I’m ready. ~Monique @ Comment Received Via Email

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