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Polymer Clay Membership SiteAWESOME!!!!! THANKS SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! I’ve been wanting to know how to prevent the oval shape . . . this is perfect!!!! ~Stephanie @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Hi, thought the mokume gane video was really helpful. I’m new to polymer clay and I’ve wanted to have a go but found the picture instructions quite hard to get a grasp of, but actually seeing someone do has made a big difference and I’m going to have a go. Thanks very much.  ~Debbie @ Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Jewelry

Hi Cindy!  Just wanted to let you know I’ve learned a lot from your freebie videos – thank you so much! While digging through some potpourri to try out this latest idea, I also found a chunk of something with a great texture that might look good on clay, and I think I might even be able to string some of the tiny little mystery pods if I can get a hole through them, for a wonderful organic look.  (Smells good too!)  So this was a very inspiring idea and I look forward to more! Thanks again. ~Libby @ Flower Petal Bead Inclusions

This is great, very timely for me. Thank you for the extra videos, too. ~Marianne @ Slicing Polymer Clay Canes with a Dull Knife

Cindy:  What a great idea!  I have several bead boxes and they would work well also.  Your idea made me think of using those.  I also use a fishing tackle box by Plana (you can buy cheap at WMart) for beading and they would work great for polymer clay.  They come in different sizes so there would probably be one for everybody.  Thanks again for helping me learn something new today.  love ya. ~Zoe @ Polymer Clay Plastic Storage Boxes

I hadn’t thought of this before.  Great idea.  I can’t wait to try it. ~Cynister @ Creative Polymer Clay Inclusions

I played a little last night with my clays, keeping in mind the things I learned from your videos. Wasn’t great…but I am getting there.  It’s funny because I know in my mind how these things are supposed to be done……I guess my hands just haven’t figured it out yet!!  I am so intrigued with so many techniques and I have to keep reminding myself that I have to PRACTICE doing these things for it all to come together. For instance, mokume gane… when I tried to do it…well, let’s just say that my dog could have done better!  But I know (in my head) that I can do this and get good results… if I can just get my hands to get on the same page!! Sorry for the rambling….. Thank you again for showing my hands how to behave!!! ~Pepper @ Making Polymer Clay Jewelry

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