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Thanks, Cindy! As a new polymer clay artist, It’s such a jump start to be able to learn from your videos. ~Thalia-K >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Library Hi Cindy, Your expertise, cheery disposition, and enthusiasm stand you in very good stead. When I was first beginning my stumble through how to […]

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Love your tutorials! Just made my first brain cane and peacock cane. First two successful! When I have friends asking me how to get started in Polymer Clay, I tell them to go to your site. It has been SO helpful! ~Shilo-T >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Polymer Clay Library […]

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Hi everyone, I just joined this site yesterday and I’m LOVING it!!! I’ve worked a little bit with polymer clay, but I consider myself a beginner. I’ve been looking at different posts and comments, and I think it’s great how everyone works together to problem solve and figure out better ways to use this medium. […]

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Well, decided to give polymer clay a try again. Got sidetracked with other things but recently started reading the blog and watching all the videos again. I was just going to start to make the color recipes and like so many here, Cindy’s color mixing video will now make that task easier. I am so […]

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Hi Cindy :) i L-O-V-E your site! i am brand new to polymer clay and i am trying to learn as much as i can – and your site is THE most helpful one i’ve found! thanks! ~Ashley-G >> This comment was originally posted here: Baking Polymer Clay Hi Cindy, I am fairly new to […]

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Let me congratulate you for your amazing site, very user friendly and terribly helpful, but mostly for the way you run it always having a kind and encouraging word to give to everybody. I’m very new to polymer clay and trying to find my way. Many thanks. ~Helena-G >> This comment was originally posted here: […]

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Hi Cindy, Your videos are always so inspiring! I get up especially early on Fridays just to see what video you have sent and I sit down with my coffee and watch. As you know, I am new to polymer clay, but I have watched your videos as much as I can and I am […]

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I am very new to polymer clay and so far haven’t done too much with. I have found that by far your training is about the best as far as video quality, the training is very easy to understand, the pictures sharp and the audio is excellent. ~Donnies >> This comment was originally posted here: […]

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Hi, thought the mokume gane video was really helpful. I’m new to polymer clay and I’ve wanted to have a go but found the picture instructions quite hard to get a grasp of, but actually seeing someone do has made a big difference and I’m going to have a go. Thanks very much. ~Debbie @ […]

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You perform a great service to newbies and to those of us who are seasoned clayers. It is surprising how much we sometimes forget about. ~Kriss @ Polymer Clay Tutorials On Video Dear Cindy, I am so fortunate to have found your blog, and I am very grateful that I have been able to enjoy […]

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Thank you for the free tutorial videos which I enjoy very much. The lentil bead video was very simple and informative. You are a great help to the polymer clay beginners like myself. Thanks again. ~Sherry @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads Your videos are perfect, don’t change a thing. I am new and bad at […]