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Polymer Clay Membership SiteThank you for the free tutorial videos which I enjoy very much. The lentil bead video was very simple and informative. You are a great help to the polymer clay beginners like myself. Thanks again. ~Sherry @ Polymer Clay Lentil Beads

Your videos are perfect, don’t change a thing. I am new and bad at making beads and your videos are most helpful. ~Barbara @ Beginner Bead Making

I really appreciate the videos and all I am learning. I just had surgery and will begin the practical phase next week. So far I have just watched and read and amassed tools and clay. Once my husband picks up a 12×12 ceramic tile I will be on my way. I have seen someone make a tree face out of the clay and although I begin this craft wanting to make beads, I can see there is a plethera of things you can do with it. I am truly looking forward to getting started. I purposefully did not start so that I could use it as a distraction during my recovery. Your videos have been very very helpful. ~Lani @ Slicing Polymer Clay Canes

Definitely SAND. I have not made any beads yet. Just a newbie and I started with an animal. The pictures of the beads you made are gorgeous, they shine like glass beads, which was all I needed to convince me to sand. ~Marianne @ Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

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VIDEO: Techniques For Perfectly Piercing Holes Through Your Lentil Beads
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