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Polymer Clay Membership SiteHi, thought the mokume gane video was really helpful. I’m new to polymer clay and I’ve wanted to have a go but found the picture instructions quite hard to get a grasp of, but actually seeing someone do has made a big difference and I’m going to have a go. Thanks very much. ~Debbie @ Mokume Gane Polymer Clay Jewelry

I really liked the part about adding translucent clay to give it a more realistic translucency. I can see all the flowers in my mind now, of course being new it will take me a while but I will get there. Thanks. ~Cheryl @ Polymer Clay Cane Designs

Cindy I just purchased your beginners course and I like it very much. There are so many little details that no one else tells you. I have seen the lentil beads you make and they look amazing. I want to start making polymer clay beads and combine them with the tagua nut beads that I sell. I guess these will be the perfect combination. I am just starting with polymer clay and I am really apprehensive as to making canes or any other complicated project. I would also like to know when you will have your next 2 courses available as I would be interesed in buying both. Thank you for your help. Best regards. ~Gail @ Polymer Clay Bead Making

Wow some of these post are really interesting. Some have made me laugh. I am really enjoying this treasure hunt. I like to make small figures and I try to sand the spots that I can but I must tell you it is not one of my favorite thing to do. I am just now getting into making beads. I have noticed a real big difference in the look of beads when I take the time to sand and buff. Buffing is another problem area for me. I haven’t had the problem that Sue had but I am a little afraid of my dremel tool also. ~Linda @ Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

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