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Polymer Clay Membership SiteYou perform a great service to newbies and to those of us who are seasoned clayers. It is surprising how much we sometimes forget about. ~Kriss @ Polymer Clay Tutorials On Video

Dear Cindy, I am so fortunate to have found your blog, and I am very grateful that I have been able to enjoy your “Polymer Clay Bead Making for Beginners Course.” I have learned more from your course, and your bonus videos, than I could have ever guessed I would learn. Each of your videos is so jam-packed with information…yet, because you really know how to teach, you make it all so seem so simple and doable. You explain, in detail, how every part of each process works. You have taught me what tools are the best to use, and how to use them. You have taught me the differences between each different kind of polymer clay, and the best way to work with each of them. Each time I finish a video that you have made, I go away knowing, without a doubt, how to do what I have just been taught. I now have great confidence in my abilities when I work with my clay, thanks to all that I have learned from watching your videos. Through your videos, I have learned how to avoid many mistakes (after all, you have already made them for me!), and how to make beautiful beads, jewelry, and anything I want to make! Making beads and other projects with polymer clay used to be so mysterious to me, now, thanks to your beginner course, I understand what I am doing, and I just get to have all kinds of fun!!! I can hardly wait to so what more you have in store for all of us! Sincerely. ~Cindy @ Comment Received Via Email

Your tutorials are very helpful to me as a newbie. i learn a lot from your vids. :D ~Kat @ Polymer Clay Recipe Cards

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