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AHA LIGHTBLUB MOMENTS: Cindy, thanks for re-running Rose’s comment, since I did miss it the first time around. Rose, not only did I not think “duh,” but my reaction was more along the “aha!” line, with that all-too-usually dark lightbulb over my head finally lighting. Thanks to your comment, I started thinking that the only […]

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JOYFUL MEMORIES: Ah’ Your are too sweet Cindy :)  You remind me so much of my middle school teacher. I learned tons of things from her such as carving stamps and printing, macrome, potters wheel, decoupage, water color panting, sketching, how one side of the brain is our artistic side. so forth. She was awesome. […]

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SWEET HUSBAND: Hi Lisa – When I read your post I thought about your pirate canes (lol) and that made me remember that I’ve not taken a picture of  my pirate cane, like my tree cane today, it’s pretty wonky too. Nobody near me really understands polymer clay like the people here. My membership is […]

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GETTING STARTED: Cindy, I have to say I love your site and your lessons. Not only do you have a fantastic base of knowledge but it gives me inspiration and motivation to continue. I was an art student as my first college experience and then, out of necessity for a living and a stumbled upon […]

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SO MUCH INSPIRATION: Cindy, I couldn’t be more glad to have found your site. You (and everyone in our clay community) have given me so much inspiration. I can’t thank you all enough. I might have given up clay myself if it weren’t for you Cindy, and all the rest of you here. God Bless […]

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SPECIAL CLAY FAMILY: Ifama – Thank you for sharing with all of us. Your items are beautiful. You have shown and reminded us how wonderful Cindy is at teaching us all how we can take her videos and put our own personal touch on them. We can take and make something all our own thanks […]

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YOUR COMMUNITY: I love this Polymer Clay Tutor site it is so great to share ideas with so many wonderful people! ~Cara-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Projects COVETED AWARD: Cindy, I was so surprised.. and pleased and humbled this morning when I saw your post. You are so kind to […]

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NO SECRETS: Phaedrakat, you are so right about some people who are not willing to share their knowledge. It seems here that just about everyone WANTS to share their secrets and their ideas and solutions. And most give great feedback and encouragement. When I see someone give  “a pat on the back” to a fellow […]

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WONDERFUL CLAY ARTISTS: Cindy, you are awesome, thanks for the quick response. I am really looking forward to enjoying your course and I don’t feel that you are self-serving. You are so giving with all your knowledge. You see, I have been reading lots of your blogs and love all the comments of others. What […]

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CHEATING: I am really happy that I came across this site. I have found so many helpful tips that I feel like I’m cheating if I don’t share some too! Thanks for all of your hard work Cindy! ~Debi >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Canes INSPIRATION: Personally, I love to sit […]

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TUMBLING BEADS IS LIKE MAKING MEATLOAF: I absolutely love, Love, LOVE this site. I sat here giggling through all these posts becasue it was kind of like reading directions for making Meatloaf; no breadcrumbs, hell just throw in some quick oats. We started with beanie baby pellets and ended with river rock !!! Sounds like […]

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Well, thanks for having such a great site and a friendly community. Actually my wife is the is the jewler, I make the clay beads and photograph the work for sale on her site. Thanks for the compliments. ~Rob @ Polymer Clay Rock Polisher I agree with everything you said Marsha [reference to challennges with […]

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My primary interest in using polymer clay is to create beads for jewelry, but this article has sparked an interest in flat pendants, as well. I never would have thought of putting cardstock in the oven! Home Depot here I come, for drywall sandpaper and ceramic tiles – I can’t wait to experiment with this […]