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Polymer Clay Membership SiteGETTING STARTED: Cindy, I have to say I love your site and your lessons. Not only do you have a fantastic base of knowledge but it gives me inspiration and motivation to continue. I was an art student as my first college experience and then, out of necessity for a living and a stumbled upon my calling, I went into nursing. Now I work 40+ hours, evenings and weekends (when most of these classes take place) so I was unbelievably discouraged because I had no connection with other artists, especially when my main medium was oil on canvas. Then one day my mother was in town and somehow I decided I would make beads for her jewelry-making hobby. She bought me a pretty good amount of clay and some supplies to start me out… of course I knew nothing about PC or bead-making but I had determination and the internet. That was 11 months ago and now I have you and all these fabulous people. I can’t tell you what it means to me, my techniques have improved, my motivation is out-of-this-world, and now I feel connected to others who have the same passions. Thanks. ~Melinda-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Education

BEING DIFFERENT AND BEING YOURSELF: You didn’t think I wouldn’t chime in with my 2 cents on this topic did you Cindy? Muahahahaha! Seriously though, the way I see it is that with any “trend” or “style” somebody has to go first don’t they? Someone has to set the bar for others to aspire to. So who better than the woman who promised to “make the mistakes so we don’t have to”? And you are doing an admirable job IMHO. So why not have a dozen different styles or two? Who wants to wake up the same old person every day anyway, or stay that way all day long? I know I don’t. And you know what the nice thing about you and your website is? No matter who I am today, I can always find something to appeal to me here. Now, about that graffiti mokume gani….  XOXO ~Jamie-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Like Singing Opera in a Biker Jacket

POLYMER CLAY RADAR: How funny to hear that so many others get “the groans” from family members over what you can do with PC. Back when I first discovered it, I was super enthusiastic and had a list a mile long of the things I wanted to make (and learn.) I’ve always been fairly crafty, so I wanted to make everything out of polymer. My nephew wanted an overpriced, poorly-made accessory for an action figure, and I could see it would be easy to make an even better one with PC. I told his mom, “Oh, I can make that with polymer clay.” I ended up saying those words fairly often, so that it very quickly became the family joke. If a kid lost a toy, it was, “don’t worry, Auntie can make a new one with polymer clay.” Lost cell phones, can’t find your keys? You guessed it–“Don’t worry, she’ll make new ones with polymer. After I boxed it up, the jokes faded away. But now, I have a feeling they’ll be coming back. My poly radar is back up! ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Inspiration

BIGGEST FAN: Jackie, I am so sorry for the loss of your biggest fan, Vance.  He was so right in encouraging you because you have a great talent.  Thank you, Cindy for showcasing Jackie and to show how wonderful this community is.  It’s great to know that there are those out there that will support and give encouragement to one of their own when one finds themselves in a painful situation. Keep on Claying Jackie. ~Catherine-R >> This comment was originally posted here: Inspiring Polymer Clay Tribute

COMMUNITY: Just finished my morning ritual – turn on computer, start coffee, pour coffee, sit down at computer and open blog. Sound familiar anyone? Needless to say there is always something special waiting and today was no different. Cindy, thank you for expressing what many of us feel, that this is our clay home to which we bring our creative yearnings and know they will be satisfied. Beyond that, indeed, there is something more, this sense of community, family, friendship. It would be impossible, I think, to identify all the factors that contribute. It certainly begins with your talent and generous spirit in being willing to share it with us. Maybe, too, in a world where egos dominate and there is very little genuine kindness, we, from all countries and all walks of life, as Cindy put it, have found an exception. ~Elizabeth-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Beads and Jewelry Blog

GET YOUR OWN CRAYONS LOL: Wow, I work in a therapeutic nursery and I’m now eying the kiddies’ crayons like a vulture. Will pick some up tomorrow so I don’t break anyone’s heart! Thank you so much for all you do for the polymer community! ~Trudy-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Creative Techniques for Polymer Clay Inclusions

THAT ROCKS: I can hardly wait!!! We need the LOST TV version so we can time travel back and forth between tutorials. Doing my Happy Dance now. ~Anna-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Alcohol Ink Effects on Crackled Gold Leaf

TRAVELING WITH POLYMER CLAY TOOLS: Last March I went Minnesota to see my BFF and her daughter. My husband was not able to come with me so he sent me on a plane with my suitcase full of clay, jewelry findings, and tools! I was so worried I was going to “get caught” with my cutting blades, pliers, wire cutters I kept trying to “hide” them! Since they were in my suitcase and not my carry-on it was never found. My husband said if you are so worried about taking them just buy new ones while you are there. I asked him, “How am I going to bring them home?” He said “Mail them to yourself!” Yeah, right! But I did get stopped at the airport coming home because my girlfriend gave me a snowball that was a music box and they almost confiscated it! I had to put it in my carry-on and have it checked with my other luggage. I’m going to drive from now on. ~Catalina >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

STUDIO SPACE: I’m sitting here grinning as I read Dora’s comment about turning the dining room into a studio. The story of where I live and why is way to long to go into, but let’s just say it started out as a 36×16 greenhouse. When my husband died, I sold the motorhome and moved in. After a couple of years… [for full story, click link below]. I still don’t have my work space set up exactly as I want it since I’ve added polymer clay as my primary art form instead of the painting that I had done for years. It’s a gradual process but I’ve picked up some great ideas from Catalina and I love the idea of the magnets on the jar lids. My brother builds metal buildings so guess what he’s going to get to make for me this weekend???? Thanks to all of you for the ideas and inspiration! ~Arlene-H >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Studio Design Ideas

SUCCESS STORIES: Rob your beads are beautiful and Susan I love your Etsy store. Cindy you just bring out the best in all of us. ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

ACROSS THE POND: Awesome (an overused word, but sometimes its the best word to describe the situation) is what it is to meet you ladies from “across the pond”. Love the pendant and the color of all those beads. How nice to meet like people. Good luck at the NEC. Please keep us up to date with what happens there and hopefully polymer clay will come alive and you will have more products to choose from locally. The best to all of you, claying, playing etc. ~Joyce-M >> This comment was originally posted here: UK Polymer Clay

FEELS LIKE HOME: Yes I like the variety of different ways to do different canes. The more we try different ones the better we get. I hope! Poor Cindy seems we are going to keep you at it for ages to come. Whatever you come up with is fine by me, I’ll  be watching. It is nice too to know others out there are doing the same thing. Makes it all feel very homey, somewhere to go to discuss it all, and see all the variations, and the Cindy inspired pieces. Love. ~Elizabeth-K >> This comment was originally posted here: Cane Projects

LOOKING FOR MEN: Very cool Cindy! I don’t have any men in my family that would wear jewelry. They won’t even wear watches! But I know many ladies who would love to wear this also!! Maybe I’ll just have to start looking for men elsewhere!! Lol ~Maureen-G >> This comment was originally posted here: Men’s Jewelry Bracelet

INDIVIDUAL CREATIVITY: My friend recently did some using Fimo in translucent blue with gold leaf underneath. By the time the sheet was finished the gold was just in tiny flecks through the blue, looked a little like glints of sunlight off a swimming pool or something. Almost exactly the same technique, but her beads looked completely different from mine – I love how if you give the same instructions to a bunch of people they’ll all come up with something unique. ~Silverleaf >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Making

FAMILY OPINIONS: Well, my goodness! We’ve really had a ‘family’ discussion here. Does each person in a family have exactly the same thoughts, ideas and tastes? Absolutely not! It is wonderful that we can each express ourselves honestly here on Cindy’s blog. I personally am thankful that not everyone agrees – that’s what leads to creativity – thinking on our own. Whatever names are given to techniques, it is the technique that Cindy is teaching us. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind at all becoming a Cindy clone – well, not totally – I’m too independent for that – but she is so talented and I wish I had half her expertise! ~Carolyn-F >> This comment was originally posted here: Purple Leopard Print Cane

BE PART OF THE FUN: I love the idea of knowing how to do different kinds of leaves. I could make fall leaves as “welcome beads” for my next year’s class. I am so happy about all the coming tutorials. I decluttered my living space and found my firewire, so now I can upload pictures of my beads! They are not great, but I want to be part of the fun. ~Jill-V >> This comment was originally posted here: Ivy Leaf Charm

DILEMMA: Do I tell folks that my beautiful turquoise is clay or just say thank you? LOL!! (I wonder what it would look like on the up-coming metal bezels?). Cindy, I loved seeing myself quoted. And I still feel the same, especially after seeing the “Catalina turquoise” above. ~Koolbraider >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Faux Turquoise

MAKING NEW BEAD FRIENDS: Thank you all for a warm welcome! I was surfing the net trying to find out how to use the clay roller I bought 3 years ago! Cindy’s site came up and I spent 2 hours reading and viewing the video previews, she offers a few freebies so I signed up to receive them. I was hooked! I am from Eastern North Carolina, USA. 20 minutes from the ocean, 4 hours from the mountains and 4 hours from the piedmount depending which direction you go! I am so looking forward to learning how to make beautiful beads and making new friends as well! ~Laurie-W >> This comment was originally posted here: Making Your Own Jewelry Headpins

BIG BEAR HUGS: I feel that everyday here at your Polymer Clay Tutor site, I get closer to my claying friends. Starting to remember names and faces… man wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived closer? So that we could give each other big bear hugs. ~Brenda-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Book Beads

DAILY HIJINKS: What more can I add? I ditto everything that’s already been said. I love being a part of Cindy and Doug’s extended family and to keep up with the daily hijinks of the group. Any time I’ve had troubles, Cindy and all were able to answer my questions right away. I also feel I have grown as an “artist” and my friends and family see a definite change in my work. All this for less than the price of 2-3 lattes? What a deal!!! ~Maria-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Leopard Cane Tutorial Video

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