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Polymer Clay Membership SiteMy primary interest in using polymer clay is to create beads for jewelry, but this article has sparked an interest in flat pendants, as well. I never would have thought of putting cardstock in the oven! Home Depot here I come, for drywall sandpaper and ceramic tiles – I can’t wait to experiment with this new idea! Thanks! Thanks also to the readers who posted some additional tips here! ~Sue @ Baking Flat Polymer Clay

I love your description of the sunflower against the blue sky. As a Kansas born girl, well, old lady now!, I know that sunflowers are the lifeblood for people – especially women. Where ever I have gone, moving across the Good ol’ United States, I have planted sunflowers and provided black oil sunflowers for the birds. The color palette for the petals is brilliant and so creative. Your experience in mixing the clay colors is desperately needed by me – an old lady beginner! Now i want to figure out a design incorporating the black oil sunflowers . . . so the birds have something to eat as well. Thanks for the best website on polymer clay i have ever found. At last – I am learning something. And the treasure hunt is just plain fun, although winning would be even better! ~Pamela @ Polymer Clay Color Mixing

Just think of it Girls and Guys, instead of reaching for those potato chips when you are watching T.V. reach for your beads that need to be sanded. I am all into multi-tasking. Just think of how many calories you will save and burn. I am always looking to make a dull project fun, so all you Polymer Clay artists  start thinking outside the box. I feel like a kid again, playing with this medium. Being a kid again is what all of us old folks dream about. ~Sandra @ Sanding Polymer Clay Beads

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