Member Benefits 008-2: Friends Stories

Polymer Clay Membership SiteWell, thanks for having such a great site and a friendly community. Actually my wife is the is the jewler, I make the clay beads and photograph the work for sale on her site. Thanks for the compliments. ~Rob @ Polymer Clay Rock Polisher

I agree with everything you said Marsha [reference to challennges with learning how to make canes]. But, I have a feeling Cindy will get us through it. ~Marianne @ Blue Gingham Polymer Clay Beads

Color mixing to me is like Christmas, the WOW! factor comes into play. Not knowing what the end result will be is half the fun. My end result is to work with learning how to cane. I would like to add dimension and design using color as the driving force to my work, is something I am striving for. The spaces of nature is forever changing and it can give you that one of a kind piece that no one else can duplicate. So if you want to WOW! Yourself everyday play with color. ~Sandra @ Polymer Clay Color Recipes

OOH OOH membership news, now I’m afraid to leave the computer, don’t want to miss out if numbers are ltd. Also cos of the time difference I will just have to use matchsticks to keep awake. Great box tip, as I have several of these just waiting to be filled and good to know that you don’t have to wrap [I couldn’t make anything rhyme even if I tried-ha ha]. Going to friends tonight and I had asked for some claying stuff for my birthday, so getting excited [I am also looking forward to seeing them]. ~Andrea @ Polymer Clay Storage Boxes

I am in awe…Bren…your work is so beautiful! Cindy, you have to be beaming with pride for your part in Bren’s knowledge and work! I visited Bren’s sites and know I will have to go back and look in detail…I have bookmarked them and will go back VERY soon…what a talented person you are, Bren!!! Cindy, thanks for showcasing Bren so we could see more of her work :) Hugs to you both.  ~CindyE @ Rose Pendant Necklace

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