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Polymer Clay Membership SiteTUMBLING BEADS IS LIKE MAKING MEATLOAF: I absolutely love, Love, LOVE this site. I sat here giggling through all these posts becasue it was kind of like reading directions for making Meatloaf; no breadcrumbs, hell just throw in some quick oats. We started with beanie baby pellets and ended with river rock !!! Sounds like tumbling beads is kind of like me making meatloaf, I never follow a recipe and never make it the same twice but it always tastes great. The tumbler expansion from baking soda so funny, lucky it didn’t explode. And, if all else fails follow the directions and put Vaseline on the rubber gasket. I think we are all adventurous and wiling to give lots of things a try and nobody has been injured yet. I am going to find my kids old rock tumbler and give it a whirl and will see if I can find some strange untried product in with the beads. Who knows, maybe it will be sauerkraut. Thanks for brightening my day. ~Anna >> This comment was originally posted here: Shiny Polymer Clay Beads

DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF: Cindy, You are so right about hushing our minds. Sometimes we must see our work through others eyes. I had been experimenting with pinata inks on focal beads trying to create a watercolour technique. I made a bead that I thought was hideous and threw it to the side of my table,discouraged yet again. My friend came over the other night, pointed to it, loved it wanted it strung as a necklace and saw it as a true piece of wearable art. She owns her own hair salon, and with confidence wore that art necklace all day receiving many compliments on the beauty of it. One persons trash, another’s treasure!! Another lesson learned. Thanks. ~Sam >> This comment was originally posted here: Confident Polymer Clay Artists

FRIENDS FOREVER: Dear Cindy, You are simply amazing!!!  I am so very grateful to have found you and your website.  You have certainly enriched this past year of mine!!!  I have learned so much from you, and have had so much fun along the way.  You are great teacher, and a terrific person to know.  I consider you a friend. I will continue to be a loyal reader and student for as long as you are here.  I am excited about all of the new techniques and projects that I will be learning from you.  You are a gem, a precious gem. For suggestions: I would like to learn more about using different mediums with polymer clay, such as mica powders, alcohol inks, stamps, resin, and other mediums.  I am sure there are many other ways of using polymer clay in conjunction with other mediums that I am just not thinking of yet.  Thank you so much for a fantastic year, 2008, and I look forward with excitement to what this coming year of 2009 has to offer.  I wish a blessed New Year to you, Cindy, your husband, and both of your beautiful children!!!  Your Friend. ~CindyE >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay 2009

A SPECIAL COMMUNITY: I’ve seen the carrots, egg, or coffee beans story many times.  But, Cindy E., you have lived the story and have enriched all our lives by sharing your story with us. Thank you and God bless you! A year ago I never would have thought that a blog community would become so special to me. Thank you Cindy L. for everything! ~Marsha >> This comment was originally posted here: A Mother Daughter Story

MAKING NEW FRIENDS OFFLINE: There was a comment on your site from Cindy Erickson, and I went to her website and we’ve been emailing back and forth – she lives near me and we have a lot in common, and hope to meet in person soon.  Thanks – you’ve introduced me to a new friend! ~Betsy >> This comment was received via email.

SERENDIPITY IGNITES A PASSION: I’m thrilled to have found your course! I had played with polymer clay for a short time a few years ago but set it aside. Your course has helped to ignite a passion, and I’m very grateful for the work you put into it, along with your blog and your library.   You see, I had a stroke in 2001. I’m okay physically, but the depression can really get in the way. One day in February was unusually warm, and I decided to go out and run a few errands (which is sometimes difficult when depression rears its head). I stopped by our local Barnes and Noble to have a cup of coffee at the café, and of course I had to find a magazine to read while enjoying the coffee. PolymerCAFE jumped out at me. Reading it caused me to feel something I hadn’t experienced in a long time – enjoyment! When I got home, I googled polymer clay, and found your course. Cindy, I’m hooked! I’m a rank amateur, but the passion is there.   This feeling – being passionate about something – is one I haven’t experienced in many years, and your work has played a big part. I simply cannot thank you enough. Serendipity is always such a wonderful surprise, and that’s what happened – the warm weather, the magazine, your course. I never expected any of them, but together they have set me on a course that I’m thoroughly enjoying.  What I love about your course (and your library videos) is your wonderful down-to-earth, chatting-with-a-friend attitude. Your depth of knowledge comes through, but it’s in a quiet way that I appreciate. It leaves me feeling encouraged, not intimidated (as many experts often make me feel). Thank you so much for being there! ~Linda >> This comment was received via email.

CREATIVE CYCLONE EFFECT: Yippee!! I cant wait! I just love to snoop in someone elses creative “arrangement”. And judging by the pic you mentioned, I’d say we have a lot in common. Right down to the fuzzy (light brwn here) robes! I find brown is the perfect color to cover all those little clay smudgies that get away, dont you agree? LOL! And a poet too! Sheww, that is uncanny. I write poems also, and in fact I havent bought a “Hallmark” card in forever. Everyone says they like mine better anyway, because they know they were written just for them. But, back to the studio, LOL. Its nice to see Im not the only one who thrives in a creative cyclone effect. To the untrained eye it looks like a horror set. But I know where everything is (or have a good idea anyways)I only really clean up once or twice a year to take inventory. That way I know what I need when the good sales come around. Then I hurry and mess it up again so I can get back to work Hahaha. As for clay at the PC? Not for now ‘sigh’. But when my new craft room is done? It will be right at the end of my work table on the rolling cart I got for it. I cant wait to be able to watch a tutorial and do it at the same time! Especially since I found your website. So many ideas! Gaaaahh! I need chocolate! Its the only thing that makes waiting for my “new” room bearable! Keep the good stuff coming Cindy! We love ya for it. XOXO ~Jaime >> This comment was originally posted here: Making a Basic Leaf Cane

CRACKED BEADS PROBLEM SOLVED: Wow, Jamie. I can’t believe how much you helped me. Without eyelets the beads were beginning to break in a day. With eyelets, I see no signs of the problem. I was really frustrated because I liked what I had made and they were falling apart. I switched to Premo since it is harder than Studio. I have used it before and like it but I had tried Studio because of the colors. I made my first batch of the eyeleted Premo beads last night and did not have your last comment yet so I baked the eyelets in the beads. Tonight after reading your comment, I popped the eyelets out and glued them. I also made another batch and glued those eyelets back in right away. Thanks, I really appreciate the help. ~Rosemary >> This comment was originally posted here: Jewelry Making Story

REACH FOR THE MOON: I have tried several canes and they have not worked well, but what the heck. Adventure is the name of the game, and try, try again is what we as clay artist should do. It’s like a runner going for 26 miles and hitting a brick wall at 24 miles. We need to push through it and when we do the feeling can be so high. So I say to all of you who want to quit. Reach for the the Moon and if you fall short, you are still among the stars. Cindy I so want to meet you, and thank you for helping all of us start our journey. ~Sandra >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Canes

COURAGE OF A CHILD: I just loved this post! Thank you for the advise about preparing ahead of time and tailoring your product to fit the market. And for giving me something to look forward to with my own children. I can completely relate to Willow being naturally quiet and soft-spoken, shows are very difficult for me for this very reason. I admired her courage and maturity! ~Shannon >> This comment was originally posted here: Craft Fairs – Selling Jewelry

MAKING HANDMADE GIFTS : Cindy I’ve been making home made gifts since my son was 9 months old. He is 39 now! I have always been into crafts, I started out sewing then I started painting pictures (oils, then acrylics). Fell in love with crewel work. My grandmother taught me how to knit and crochet. Started a small company when the kids were older making country wooden items in the 70s. Then along came companies that made the same except cheaper and cheaply made. Anyway my family always loved handmade gifts. I hope that the economy will bring back that special meaning of someone giving something that they put their personal touch to. I start making gifts in the summer so there will be time for me to enjoy the holidays with my family and not be so stressed out running around looking for that last minute gift. This year for the first time, everyone finally agreed not to bring gifts to the family party for everyone and to just enjoy being with each other, remembering what the true meaning of Christmas is about and play catch up on what has been going on in everyones lives. There is 32 of us so you can imagine all these years all the stress of having something for everyone! I never had to worry , but everyone else did. I’m so happy they’re happy! Well I didn’t mean to rattle I just thought I’d share. Happy Holidays to everyone! And thank you again Cindy for sharing what you know. That is a special gift to me. ~MaryEllen >> This comment was originally posted here: Making Gifts With Polymer Clay Beads

ONE BIG POLYMER CLAY FAMILY: Great video! Thanks for sharing it with us. I do go to many sites just to see what artists are charging for their beads and pieces. She Beads makes wonderful beads. I agree with Anna, many artists from the Polymer Clay community are so willing to share their expertise. It’s like a family. ~Lupe >> This comment was originally posted here: Selling Handmade Jewelry

FIFTH WHEEL VACATION STUDIO: On the other side of the argument, I LOVE my motor and in fact, have more than one, LOL.  The noise doesn’t bother anybody at my house.  When I first got it, it was because I had had shoulder surgery, so I had an excuse for the first one, LOL.  Now I’m just spoiled. Plus, I am a caner and go through A LOT of clay. Although it still doesn’t bother me to use the crank, either, I just prefer the motor.  When we have a class or I have people over for a clay day, I choose not to use the motor, but when it’s just me, I use the motor exclusively, I wouldn’t want to be without it.  My second one is because I have a “mini studio” in our Fifth Wheel trailer for taking clay on vacation with me and my DH spoils me by not making me lug all the equipment back and forth. Hugs. ~Sue >> This comment was originally posted here: Pasta Machine Motor

NOBODY EVER PUTS ANYONE DOWN: Hi again, I commented earlier when I just joined at how very much I appreciated Cindy and now her husband at all the help she gave me with some problems I was having with pay pal when first becoming a member. This happened approximately 2 wks ago. Since I have ordered several of the back issues, and the begginers many videos. At first I thought the begginers might be just repeat of what I already knew “NOT” Much much more thanks to Cindy’s way with both polymer clay and teaching. You are a natural. I have learned so much more and I am constantly going back and re-watching videos picking up more even the 2nd time around. The only complaint I have is against myself for not doing this the moment I first heard about Cindy. I belong to a Polymer Clay guild due to health am unable to attend meetings but enjoy the blog information and chatting back and forth with members. Nobody puts anyone down. I also belong to other Internet sites with polymer clay free and paid for info. I love them all but none have come close to the information and suggestions that Cindy puts out there. I just can not imagine someone thinking she doen’t give this her all. You can tell she loves her work. Ask her and she will answer. Don’t ask her and she still answers. Polymer Clay brings out great things in many people. Super things in Cindy. I honestly think she is one of the best teachers I have ever been blessed enough to come across. I would love the chance to spend a few days in the shawdows of Cindy and her clay. If you ever hold Personal classes I want to be one of the first to know. If possible I am already there. THANK YOU CINDY AND YOUR HUBBY TOO!! Eager for more. ~Peggy >> This comment was originally posted here: Beads and Beading and Polymer Clay

HELPFUL COMMENTS PROVIDE QUICK ANSWERS: Hi, Cindy – Based on your video, I am now eagerly awaiting receipt of the Lortone 3a rock tumbler I just ordered one line. While I’m waiting, can you tell me where to get the river rocks you mentioned? Do you know if Michael’s sells them? Thanks >>> Oops! Sorry, I asked my question about river rocks without realizing that you had all made such helpful comments and answered my question (and more) already. Thanks ~Sherry >> This comment was originally posted here: Polishing Polymer Clay Beads

NEW BEST FRIEND: Cindy I love all the styles you come up with and they all seem to resonate with me, as with your reader/fans. I want to do it all and am constantly looking for new ideas and methods for my beads. They don’t have to be fancy or difficult, just different and fun! To create one’s own style can put you in a box, and I am always looking outside the box to find that different twist, to an already used or not concept. Curiosity, Research. and just awesome imagination is what it is all about! You Rock! and we all get to Rock along with you. Thank you for your dedication and wonderful sense of humor. I wake up each morning wondering what you will come up with today. Miss you on the weekends. LOL I always feel like you are my New Best Friend and I know you so well. Thank you for being you! ~Beverly >> This comment was originally posted here: Bead Style

EMOTIONAL PACKAGING: I cannot tell you how lovely it was to receive the package of Cindy’s beads. So intricate and me!!  Felt like it was my birthday! Opened the package in the community room in front of many elderly friends. Some business possibilities here…only they all adored the box, materials, note, and wrapping details…..they weren’t too sure about the “skeletor” (as one of them put it) beads. Ahahaha. Cindy’s effort also triggered a wonderful memory for me, one that I have cherished since. When my eldest niece was in second grade, her boredom in class led to many problems culminating with her teacher mandating she write a class apology (she deserved it). She was horrified and terrified. To take the sting out of it, I hauled out the “antique letter” approach. First we stained the paper with tea, then used old timey ink pens and print style to write the note. As a final touch, I showed her how to use a lighter to burn the edges of the letter. We rolled it up scroll style, and tied it similarly to the way Cindy tied the package, with just thin string, multiple wraps. Mr. Steve was suitably impressed. What I remembered and cherished most was the look of wonderment on this child’s face as we constructed the project, and how tightly this precious non-huggie child bear hugged me that nite before bed. Extra special moment for her Aunt and Godmother, I can tell you, and who knows if I would have ever recalled it if not for Cindy’s packaging. Thank you Cindy. For the memory so special, for the effort, for the art, and for you. Can’t wait to use those beads in the lanyard. They are spectacular, so perfectly finished. I am having trouble putting them down, they feel so soothing in the palm of my hands. Kudos, and much fondness, girl! ~Jocelyn >> This comment was originally posted here: Handmade Packaging for Handmade Jewelry and Beads

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