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Member Benefits 079: Cane Making

I made the butterfly cane for the first time today. When I sliced into it, I yelled because I was amazed it was so pretty. My hubby came in to see what I was yelling about, LOL. ~Joyce-R >> Original comment was posted here: Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Cane Cindy, the Holly Berry Cane came […]

Member Benefits 057: Cane Making

It’s TRUE! Cindy, you make mistakes so we don’t have to… but I’m glad to see you make them nevertheless. I’m always so conscious when I work the clay, even though I work alone, of what I might be doing wrong. Like grabbing this wrong, dropping beads, having to re-string things because I miscalculated, etc.. […]

Member Benefits 048-1: Cane Making

This is wonderful! Another simple technique that ends up looking like it must be very complicated to do. The pumpkin cane and the brain cane look particularly good when turned into feather canes. Thanks again Cindy and Doug. ~Susan-B >> This comment was originally posted at the following link: Scrap Clay Feather Canes I am […]

Member Benefits 044-2: Cane Making

SO much easier than I would have done it. Thanks again Cindy! ~Pollyanna >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Cookie Cutter Canes Well, I’ve actually made a couple of these canes before; but, as always, Cindy adds a few tweaks into her techniques and the results are fantastic! I’m also looking forward […]

Member Benefits 041-2: Cane Making

I love this cane. I also love learning how you do this. You see things so differently then I do. What a creative mind you have. Somehow you can think sideways, backwards and upside down! And then Ta Da everything is in the right place! ~Casey-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Backgroundless Tulip […]

Member Benefits 035-4: Cane Making

Cindy the tile idea is fantastic! – I have made these kaleidoscope canes in the past but I always had difficulty getting a triangle shape – this is a very useful and logical solution – you always manage to come up with a practical solution to solve problems in technique – I am so glad […]

Member Benefits 031-4: Cane Making

Cindy, this video is totally amazing. How do you ever figure these things out? I was watching and thinking okay, next she is going to… and I was totally wrong and amazed. I saw you slice the block and thought, well that is a interesting way to slice before forming the petals and “Presto Chango” […]

Member Benefits 030-2: Cane Making

Everyone who saw my butterfly wing cane absolutely loved them! And there’s absolutely no way I could have done this as a first cane without Cindy’s guidance and video, and have it come out near as well as it did! All credit goes to her when I tell anyone about any of my polymer clay […]

Member Benefits 029-1: Cane Making

Hello Cindy! I made a leaf cane using the technique you showed us this last week, and it was awesome! I made it to make a very special necklace for my 3rd anniversary with my fiancé. I truly appreciate your time and energy, and everything you put into your tutorials and website. ~Karrah-S >> This […]

Member Benefits 026-4: Cane Making

Cindy, you are a saint! I don’t know what it is about your teaching methods, but watching you just makes things click in my head! Don’t think I’ll get much sleep this weekend but I sure will have a lot of canes!! ~Carrie-W >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Flower Cane Tutorial […]

Member Benefits 023-4: Cane Making

Another Grand Slam. You always have that special little secret that just makes everything come to life so much easier. I have covered many heart beads with canes and never once thought about shaping it into a square to make it so much easier and elegant. You have made another fantastic video that will help […]

Member Benefits 020-3: Cane Making

Simply wonderful and once again with a brilliant tip about squaring everything up to avoid unsightly gaps between the cane slices!  That is really simple and really clever. Thank you once again Cindy. ~Susan-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Heart Shaped Beads Very good tutorial today. I’m so glad you kept your cane […]

Member Benefits 013-4: Cane Making

Cindy – I absolutely love, love, love your site!!! It has been so helpful and your beads are so fun to make!! I enjoy making beads as well as caning. ~Carrie >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials OH I just LOVE THIS CANE!! when I saw it I just had to […]