Member Benefits 079: Cane Making

Polymer Clay Membership SiteI made the butterfly cane for the first time today. When I sliced into it, I yelled because I was amazed it was so pretty. My hubby came in to see what I was yelling about, LOL. ~Joyce-R >> Original comment was posted here: Blue Morpho Butterfly Wing Cane

Cindy, the Holly Berry Cane came out terrific! I watched your video so many times and went back over all your instructions, I added translucent and very carefully and patiently got it down to about the size of a quarter, nickel and dime size canes. It turned out GREAT! I think the light bulb came on during this process and I am in clay heaven. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your guidance, I am so pumped up now to tackle the next one! ~DixieAnn-S >> Original comment was posted here: Budding Artist Palette

I just had a go at this ikat cane, what a wonderful tute! I have tried making this kind of cane before but I couldn’t get it right. So thanks Cindy for another wonderful way of doing things. ~Sandra-J >> Original comment was posted here: Diamond Pattern Ikat Cane

Good morning everyone! (And good afternoon Europe!) It is 10:00 am here in Atlantic Canada (the beautiful but snowy and cold East Coast). I could hardly wait for the youngest son (17) to get on that school bus this morning so I could start building this cane. It is done and partly reduced, resting so I can save a piece in larger size (thank you for that great tip, Cindy). I can’t believe I was able to survive all this time (over 5 decades) without this wonderful site LOL. Now I get why everyone is always so psyched for Fridays! One tip to get that background filled in fast is to cut your “snakes” in longer lengths, lay them side by side before trimming to the correct length and you’ll have “sections” to work with. Anybody out there still not a member? GET ON BOARD. Have a great (claying) weekend everyone! ~Monique-U >> Original comment was posted here: Snowy Tree Landscape Cane

Cindy, I watched the preview of this leaf cane, and loved the example you showed with the combination! This leaf is quite simple, but the leaf made from several lengths of this cane combined looks anything but! It’s very striking! I love this idea, and I can see it would be even easier to make than the leaf canes I’ve made in the past! Thanks for your endless supply of inspiration. ~Phaedrakat >> Original comment was posted here: Instructions for Making a Basic Leaf Cane

Love this… and I also liked learning more about packing around. It sure was better your way than what I had imagined. Thanks!!! ~Pollyanna >> Original comment was posted here: Pirate Cane Part-2 Skull Cross Bones

I’m all over the place in terms of skill level. I would say a hard intermediate moving towards advanced. I’m trying to find my “voice”. I’ve been using Cernit clay – the nature line, and the clay’s texture is wonderfully soft. It’s perfect for rustic, earthy beads, but for me right now, I get clayer’s block when I look at the colors. I hope that means I’m progressing. Either that, or its back to writing novels or oil painting. I usually hate making canes, but your tulip cane video was great. I made parrot beads. Sincerely. ~Keenya-R >> Original comment was posted here: Backgroundless Tulip Cane

Hi Cindy!!! I just wanted to say thank you so much for the your amazing peacock feather cane tutorial. I was very pleased with how it turned out! ~Marsha-L >> Original comment was posted here: Peacock Feather Cane Tutorial

Thank you so much for the brand new flower pedal!!!! I’ve never seen this one before and I’m so very excited!!! ~Melinda-H >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Flower Canes

Excellent cane, the possibilities  with this tribal design are endless! ~Jocelyn-C >> Original comment was posted here: Tribal Cane Tutorial

I never thought this would be so easy for looking so complicated. I bow to the Master!!!  Look out canes here I come. I can’t wait to start. I have my tile and triangle already taped and ready to start grouping canes and colors. Thank you Cindy for this fabulous tutorial. ~Linda-B >> Original comment was posted here: Easy Kaleidoscope Canes

Cindy – I am having fun making the zebra canes. Also tried the butterfly cane yesterday and it is very pretty. Have started baking for an hour and using the tent method. Experiencing more with your colors. Thank you for providing such great videos. ~Cindy-P >> Original comment was posted here: Zebra Cane Animal Prints

As a beginning caner – I have several canes (ok-lots) that are wonky – what a great way to use them. ~Patt-W >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Scrap Clay Feather Canes

What a beautiful cane… I love the depth of the petals and the pretty ruffle from the white too! Of course awesome camera work, as usual – thanks so much Cindy and Doug for providing us with such quality. LOVE the fabric rose and polymerized cloth tutes a few weeks ago too. ~DJ >> Original comment was posted here: Backgroundless Shaded Rose Cane

Such a beautiful cane, dear Cindy! A real original one! I love the way you skipped the background on this one. The teardrop bead is strikingly stunning! I just love its dimension given by those leaves. Wonderful work! ~Andreea-N >> Original comment was posted here: Grape Hyacinth Flower Cane

What a fun project. I can remember wishing on the dandelions as we blew on them. If they came off in one blow you got your wish :-) This cane reminds me of one I used to make a bandana pattern that I found in a book. It turned out really cute. My husband and I will be traveling for 5 weeks in our travel trailer, so will be keeping in touch on my laptop as we are able to find wifi. Don’t want to miss any of your lessons, Cindy. ~Loretta-C >> Original comment was posted here: Dandelion Ghost Cane Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi Cindy, Thank you so much for your great tutorial on the faux wood grain. You have done such a great job explaining how make the cane! ~Christine-C >> Original comment was posted here: Faux Wood Cane Video

So beautiful! I can’t wait to make one. Love the KISS theory of things! I know if I just let things be simple they come out so much better, but it is hard to remember that sometimes. LOL! ~Hope-M >> Original comment was posted here: Rose Brain Cane Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi, I’m from Norway and am new to clay-working… this was my first cane it worked out perfectly! Thanks – its so much fun! ~Marthe-L >> Original comment was posted here: Checkered Paisley Cane

Thanks, Cindy! As a newbie I’ve been afraid to attempt the “canes” thus far, but your video has inspired me to give it a try. I am amazed at the creativity of some of the canes I’ve seen, and have wondered how in the world one goes about figuring out how to assemble the picture they want in cane form. Thanks again, your creativity is inspiring. ~Michele-K >> Original comment was posted here: Reducing a Polymer Clay Cane From Start To Finish

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