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Polymer Clay Membership SiteFunny, I was just thinking about your colour palettes today (as I downloaded them into my new computer) and was struck by the names you give your colours. The names are all so lush and original, it’s impossible NOT to try to mix them to see what they look like. ~Isabel-H >> Original post was here: Vegas Wildflower Palette

Absolutely delighted to find myself paid up for the next 90 days! I know it’s all automatic, but thank you anyway Cindy. Joining your ‘club’ is the best thing I ever did, I used to mess around with Polymer Clay some years ago, but always had problems and gradually lost incentive. In particular, I have no colour sense, so, having your fabulous colour cards every week is just a dream. I actually read on a beading artist’s blog that she got angry with people wanting to know exactly what colours she’d used and wondered why they didn’t just try for themselves. Well, I could tell her why! Whenever I tried I just got grimaces from people. I think it’s necessary to have someone to get you started and give you a few designs / patterns to practice to gain confidence, so you can then ‘paint outside the lines’ without worrying about how it will turn out. So, thank you again dear tutor, I hope you’ll be around forever! ~Marion-R >> This comment was originally posted at: Polymer Clay Tutorials

Hi Cindy, Just love your color palettes. Before learning about polymer clay, I have never liked the warm colors. I am a pink and purple gal! Polymer clay has changed that for me. I love all the reds, oranges and yellows. I think I have you to thank for that. You just have a way to make the colors look more BEAUTIFUL!! Thanks Cindy!! ~Stephanie-B >> This comment was originally posted at: Campfire Palette

Cindy – I’ve never commented on your color recipes, but appreciate them and your videos so much. No doubt there are plenty of others like me who sorta hang out in the background and let others do most of the talking. I don’t make jewelry – the necklaces, earrings etc. – but I spend hours making things to give away. Tons of key rings, badge reels, magnets, bookmarks, etc. I’ve covered lots of tins that everyone seems to like. Little kids especially seem to love them. And I get lots of comments back from people who seem to like to take the beads and turn them into pendants, earrings and bracelets themselves. I put lots of beads on the little ball chains and tell people to attach them to gift packages or cards. I’m well into my senior years – have mobility problems so don’t get out that much. I do have a great mobility scooter that weighs under 40 pounds so I can lift it and put it in the back of my SUV which lets me get to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot to get some of the supplies you recommend. But I mostly shop via the internet. Your videos mean the world to me – so thank you so much for all that you and your family do that make my days so much fun. And to all you other people who – like me –  have neglected to tell Cindy how much you enjoy those color recipes and her videos – do it now!! ~Fran-R >> This comment was originally posted at: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Thanks Cindy – I absolutely love your color recipe cards. I do it like you do, with one exception. I make all my color “chips” and etch the number on the back and then bake them. Then I put them in a glass jar. I have the recipes stored in a plastic box by category (green, red etc).  I find that if I am looking for a color it is easier to me to find it in the jar and then look up the recipe to make it. Plus I can put them next to my other colors or project etc. Great tip on using the square, I was using a round cutter and it is alot harder to cut fractions – no idea why I never tried the square : ) This is money well spent so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!! ~Wendy-B >> This comment was originally posted at: Mixing Custom Color Recipes

Love the colors… so beautiful. I too, like the other posters am amazed at how you can pull these colors out of the pictures… you make it look so easy :) ~Laura-R >> This comment was originally posted at: French Quarter Palette

Hi Cindy. I was thrilled to discover your site and so happy to see the color recipes. I’m brand new to this and am happily overwhelmed with all the possibilities. Your info and kindness is unbelievable! ~Lucian-T >> This comment was originally posted at: Aloe Vera Palette

These are SOOOOOO pretty! One of my favorite colors. I always look forward to my Friday mornings, Cindy – can’t wait to see what you’ll do next!! ~Cheryl-W >> This comment was originally posted at: Bluebell Palette

Wow again!!! I would never have thought of using what you did for the colors. This was super!! [trying not to give away secrets…] Thanks you two. ~Pollyanna >> Originally posted at: Rose Petal Beads for Loved Ones

Sue, what a splendid colour palette. I can’t wait to get my Kato out and start mixing. Ya’ll make it so difficult to get any laundry, dishes, yard work etc. done when there are so many new colour combinations and techniques to try. I have to find a way to shove an extra 6-8 hours into my day.  But I’m loving it:)  Keep ‘er comin! ~Janet-R >> This comment was originally posted at: Kato Polyclay Color Palettes

Cindy I too love Foxgloves, I cant wait for the first to show their beautiful heads in spring. Our wild variety are a light purplish and much nicer than the ones grown from seed. I always have to pick one vase full, although I don’t like to pick wild flowers. They look better in nature, but they are a cheer for anyone in spring, but so is the color palette. You have scored again Cindy and Doug. ~Ritzs >> Original comment here: Foxgloves Palette

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the teardrop method of doing skinner blends and not only that but you’ve told us how to do the shifts with the blends!!! Those are wayyyy cool. I spent 4-5 hours playing around with that the first night and more time since. I’m learning alot thanks to you, Cindy. Thank you again for sharing your wealth of information and giving us new inspirations. I GOTTA buy CLAY!!! Just can’t get enough of it right now with the latest boost from you. Thank you again and I’ll see you in the library he he he!!! Your polymer clay student ~Bonnie-H >> This comment was originally posted at: Lietz Teardrop Blend Color Shifts

This color shifting technique has got to be one of the best things out there. ~Ken-H >> This comment was originally posted at: Teardrop Blend Shift

Thank you Cindy. I love how you take complex concepts and make them so very simple. And you are right. The Teardrop blend makes me happy because it works. The blends are awesome. Everyone loves the colors and keeps asking for more. It it so much fun. Thanks for changing polyclay from rocket science to as simple as painting rocks – with a definite WOW factor added! ~Cassie-C >> Comment originally posted at: Teardrop Blend Color Shift

Beautiful Colors!! I love purples. Thanks Cindy for another winning color palette. ~Jeanne-C >> This comment was originally posted at: Violet Shimmer Palette

Fabulous tutorial Cindy! The colour blends are just gorgeous. ~Fran-Y >> This comment was originally posted at: Peacock Cane Video

Wow! I really like this technique and the fact that I can mix my powders for personalized colors of paint! Awesome! Thanks Cindy. ~Rada-F >> This comment was originally posted at: Make Your Own Crackle Paints

Ikat, Batik, Mud-cloth, Tie-dye… love them all… but never tried to do Ikat although have wanted to for years. Now, THANK YOU CINDY I can make it in polymer clay. You are an amazing tutor. Don’t you just wonder about those ancient peoples from the four corners of the globe? All spending many hours making these beautiful fabrics to enhance their world with colour. ~Elaine-F >> This comment was originally posted at: Diamond Pattern Ikat Cane

I love these Heishi beads and am going to make them in lots of colors too. Very useful size and shape. I’m even going to use the same method of mixing the colors as Cindy does but I’m going to use other color ways. They may not look like authentic anythings, but I bet they’ll be pretty. ~Angela-M >> This comment was originally posted at: Faux Coral Heishi Beads

I too am a spring and fall girl (the seasons… not actually falling or spring-ging around for that matter) any-hoo we are just starting to get the brisk nights here in western North Carolina, the locus trees have turned yellow BUT (my fave) the beautiful dogwoods are just starting to turn lovely shades of pink and red. I feel very lucky to live in such a beautiful area of our world. Btw I agree – you can never have too many pretty red recipes – red has always been hard for me to copy, so thanks again Cindy. ~Tantesherry >> Originally posted here: Vine Maple Palette

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