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Polymer Clay Membership SiteThankfully I have a big house and I have a room all for my crafts. I call it my shop, after I did an inventory I was shocked! The suppliers have NO excuse for not sponsoring you, Cindy and Doug! They are getting rich from PCT members!! I make polymer clay beads for jewelry. I also do Sculptures of mermaids, dragons and dolls. Hope to see you guys come to Indiana on your Roadtrip. ~Debi-S >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Virtual Petition

How awesome it was to meet and spend a few hours with the Lietz family. But of course it was much too quickly time to say goodbye. It was like meeting family we so loved having them here. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of their trip as they post it here. They are a happy talented family. I hope that in the future we will be able to create a gathering of all the clayers in the group I would so love to meet each of you and spend a day or two together. It was soooo much fun. I watch all of your projects as you share and try to keep up on the tuts… sometimes I haven’t much time. What an awe inspiring group that has gathered at this site.  Cindy & Doug thank you for the great video of the flowers, and for sharing your trip with my family. Hugs. ~Karonkay-C >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Flowers Spokane Washington

I love your site and would hate to lose even one of the e-mails and tutorials. I am enjoying seeing the people you are seeing across the country. It is so much better when you have the face to go with the names. Thanks Cindy, I have gotten so many great ideas from you. Aloha from Hawaii. ~Norieta-K >> Original comment was posted here: Roadtrip Wrapup Video

Hi Cindy ,and family and all. Wow ! Wow! Wow! What a great video, Cindy and Doug and kids. First I heard you were thinking of doing a road trip, and here you are nearly all ready to go, with a wonderful RV and lots of plans. I wish you all the best and will be watching every episode of where it all takes you. First around U.S.A, then the world! If I can do anything from this end (Mackay, Queensland, Australia), will be happy to be involved. CANT WAIT to meet you!!!! As to what suppilies I have, well like most here they are so many and never ending and bought mostly to enhance your teaching , I have so much in clays and books and tools and misc items that contribute to my learning from POLYMER CLAY TUTOR, that I think I will have to move house to accomodate my addiction. My Polymer clay stash has grown so large since taking up with POLYMER CLAY TUTOR, nearly 4yrs ago. Just think this is an amazing story to come out of Polymer clay, and I wish you all the very best of times for your time on the road. Will be sure to leave a donation and hope it helps. Bye for now. ~Elizabeth-K >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Event

I live at the base of Mesa Verde National Park (four corners – Mancos, Colorado).  We have a cattle ranch with a small private RV park. You can camp there as long as you want! There are hundreds of acres for dry camping, also. If you would like to hold a clay class at our ranch, I would love it!  I have a large studio that could provide space for 20 or more participants. There is also a studio in town that is available. There is plenty to do for non-clay families. Mesa Verde can afford days of exploration. It is the only national park that was created to protect man-made structures. The cliff dwellings (thousands of them!) are incredible! Anyway, let me know if you are interested. ~Patty-R >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip Petition

I’m nervous, excited and on pins and needles to get started. I don’t have any beads from Volume 14 but love those tuts. I have had an unexpected family guest show up and will be here till Thurs or Fri. So will be strapped for time but God willing I will try my best to make what I can but most important is I need to relax and have fun. It would be marvelous to win but it is an honor just to share with all of you my love for this. So I pray everyone first and formost have fun learning, and kick butt. No one is a loser in this contest. That is a big part of what makes it so fun to learn from Cindy. We are all winners just for trying and finding this blog and Tuts. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!! Love and Uuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggggs. ~Peggy-B >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Bead Contest

What beautiful, well-thought-out gifts! Giving each of them a bookmark that fit their personality and “style” was the perfect way to show your appreciation. Pastors do so much, and give so much to their church; you gave them the perfect gift! They sound like a wonderful group of guys, too. The fact they weren’t expecting a present made it even more special! I’m sure you made their day, week, or more! The bookmarks themselves are lovely and well-crafted. Did you use your “favorite” PYM II on them? They turned out fantastic! I love how you represented several of Cindy’s tutorials. You’ve shown that you can learn some cool techniques, and then make them your own! That’s what this “contest” and the spotlights are all about. Showing how we learn from Cindy, or how we are inspired to create beyond the tutorials, even creating our own new techniques. Basically, showing how the Polymer Clay Tutor helps us grow as clayers! ~Phaedrakat >> Original comment was posted here: Pastor Gifts Polymer Clay Book Beads and Bookmarks

Cindy I was scrolling through your older videos and came across this one – it is hilarious!! It looks like you have a blast with your kids! Are you & Doug and the family taking any road trips next summer? (2014) You should visit Michigan – my area (Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore) was voted most beautiful place in America last year! My hubby and I have a 32′ travel trailer and we could show you around! (incidentally I own a winery so that is pretty cool too :-) ) Keep up the great videos! ~Kris-S First PcT Roadtrip Now Scheduled

These road trip videos are so much fun to see. SOOOOOOOOOOO glad you and family are doing this. It widens our view of the world. Thanks so very much… Not gushing! I really mean it. ~Patt-W >> Original comment was posted here: Selling Polymer Clay Jewelry at the Public Market

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