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Polymer Clay Membership SiteSWITZERLAND: Another thank you for these videos … I look with great pleasure, even if sometimes I do not understand everything! But the fact that you speak slowly it helps tremendously. See you soon. ~Rosa-P >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorials

NETHERLANDS: Hi Cindy, I’m so glad that I’ve found you on the internet. Your tutorials are so happy, clear and complete. I’m an advanced beginner in the Netherlands and since 2 months I love polymer clay. I was using cernit and a bit of Fimo but I’m really in love with the Premo pearl clay since I have seen your tuts (the peacock cane for example). ~Francis-V >> Original comment was posted here: Peacock Cane Videos

NORWAY: Cindy – I liked this raku tutorial you teached very much and I think I managed to make some wearable things… I have not discovered anyone else with this hobby here where I live. I am not so happy reading english either, so your tutorials are perfect. You are easy to understand, and I’m looking forward to get your videos every friday… Thank you for your good and simple instructions! ~Synnove-O >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Faux Raku

REUNION ISLAND: Each time I see one of your mails, I know you will give a new idea, some inspiration and really I love to read and to ear you! Thank you very much! Hugs from Reunion Island. ~Sandrine-T >> Original comment was posted here: How to Salvage and Re-use Leftover Color Blend Pieces

CZECH REPUBLIC: I am in absolute awe of all that you do and have done… you have many tutorials on an incredible array of subjects. Take care and greetings from Prague, Czech Republic! ~Cat-V >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Videos

MEXICO: My dear polymer clay Tutor Cindy Lietz I am so happy with your tutorials. Thank you for always teaching us beautifull things. Hugs and Kisses from Mexico to you and your beautiful family. ~Marcela-S >> Original comment was posted here: Mistletoe Ornament Tutorial

BRAZIL: Hi Cindy!! It’s me again!! I always follow up on the beautiful things you do. Since in addition to being a polyclay addict, I’m also a bead hoarder, you have just given me another great tip for buying beading supplies: RINGS & THINGS.. Firemountaingems, Beadaholique and Auntie’s Beads are a delight to browse and purchase, even though I’m miles and miles away (in Brazil). Hope you can some day (not too far along), come and visit us in Brazil (please, take a plane to do that!!). Well. thanks again for your great tips and your willingness to always share things with others. You and your family are certainly going to enjoy good fortune soon! Bye and tks again. ~Olivara-F >> Original comment was posted here: PcT Roadtrip

UK: Hi Cindy and Doug – bless you both for all the time and effort you put into everything, for your enthusiasm which is so infectious, and for being so willing to share your incredible knowledge with us all. I hope you have a really great Christmas and I send greetings from London to you both and your family, for an even more successful 2012. ~Marion-R >> Original comment was posted here: Fancy Rose Earwires Technique

NEW ZEALAND: I love seeing what your room looks like, I don’t feel so bad about mine now. I have just bought a cuttlebug (thanks to the member who said her cuttlebug was as good as the bigkick) as it is the easy accessible diecutter to buy here in nz,  and am so looking foward to playing with it. I also love your jewelry display cards. I have been wondering for ages how I can make my own (I love figuring out how I can do things without having to buy stuff) but it never occured to me to use a die cutter. I also can’t beleive how time flies. I have been a member now for 3 years, and I love, love everything about this site. I take my hat off to you and Doug, Cindy, for the wonderful work you are doing. ~Sandra-J >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutor Studio

BELGIUM: Hi Cindy, Here in Belgium the summer was really not good so far, but thanks to your videos I haven’t been bored for one second. Vele groeten. ~Hilde-B >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Video Library

GERMANY: Hi Cindy, I am from Germany and I know I am not the only one from this part of the world to come to your blog…;-) Thank you for your constant inspiration! ~Anke-H >> Original comment was posted here: International Polymer Clay Artists Coming Together to Make Beads

AUSTRALIA: Hi Cindy, a few weeks ago I was having trouble getting your videos. You emailed me to try to help. Well I found out what was wrong and am back in business. Have just caught up to the most recent ones on the Gerbara canes, so am enthralled that I  will be able to continue now. In case anyone else has this trouble, I will explain. My computer was upgraded to Internet Explorer 8, and after that was when I could not get any videos to work. I finally went to Microsoft FAQs and found out how to bring back my videos by turning off a information bar and whala! there I am back in business again. It worked. It was like having withdrawal symptoms not being able to see my weekly videos. So Cindy , thanks for your great work helping us all become good polyclayists. Your videos are a joy to watch and have taught me so much. l loved the Raku and now the Gerbera ones. I look forward to Fridays when I can see whats going on. All the best. ~Elizabeth-K >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Jewelry Projects

FRANCE: I love Premo – the only downside is that there is no-one in France selling it wholesale and Sculpey never ever contact you back! ~Kylee-L >> Original comment was posted here: Premo Sculpey Polymer Clay for Making Jewelry Beads and Pendants

ITALY: Nevena very nice dear, I’m Italian living in the province. Milan. Together with my nick name surname Pagani Mariangela “Pamagela”. Where do you live? a hug. ~Pamagela >> Original comment was posted here: Purple Leopard Print Cane

UK: Hi all, here in the UK we call a purse a handbag and our purses are the little ones that we put our cash, credit cards in etc. and fit inside the “purse”/handbag. Confusing, although we speak the same language, with one daughter in US and one in Oz. I now know that their Strides, your Pants are our Trousers, and our pants are female under garments, once known as bloomers but bloomers also means making mistakes. There is no mistaking  before signing up with Cindy I made plenty of bloomers with polymer clay but now I am making huge strides in purse-uing this PC adventure. My fav. “purse” is a suede patchwork one that I tote around filled with 126 different items and if anyone needs a pair of tweezers, phillips screwdriver or needle and cotton  etc. they know who to ask!! Can see me making lots of these cute purses, the charm bracelet is beautiful and thanks to Cindy’s  teaching us so many tips they will look great on a “Pandora” chain. So thanks for another simple way to make such a cute bead.Cheers. ~Elaine-F >> Original comment was posted here: Purse Shaped Charms and Beads

NEW ZEALAND: Hi Cindy, I wanted to say thank you for helping me with my library account. I also want to thank you for your excellent tutorials. I have been a modelmaker for 18 years but somehow polymer clay flew under the radar (Kid stuff LOL). I have stopped a while ago but came upon an art piece which was made from polymer clay reigniting my model maker passion and since I needed a way of making some extra income I started to do research. Your site cut the time I need to get up and running and recently I sold my first batch of cute ear studs on my market stall. I’m fascinated by the sheer chameleon qualities of this stuff and since I’m easily bored that is a big bonus. Yesterday I build the mother of all buffing tools for my dremel thanks to your tutorial and am buffing the hundreds of beads that I have made over the last two months finally seeing the true beauty of them all and can’t wait to get into necklace making. Kind regards from New Zealand. ~Evelien-G >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Library

NORWAY: Hi, I’m from Norway and am new to clay-working… this was my first cane it worked out perfectly! Thanks – its so much fun! ~Marthe-L >> Original comment was posted here: Checkered Paisley Cane

AUSTRALIA: Hello Elizabeth, fellow Aussie here. Cindy’s wonderful videos arrive here on Friday evenings about seven (AEDT) and I often rush from the dinner table to have a peek because, well, who can wait? The GITD jellyroll promises such a lot of fun and with six young granddaughters there’ll be no shortage of (fairly non-critical of Granny’s beginner skills)  ‘customers’.  Do you get your supplies online? So far, I haven’t found an actual shop where I could go and browse. I live in Port Stephens, at Nelson Bay, but Newcastle and Sydney are within reach if you know any spots. I’m so happy to have found Cindy’s school and the claying community. Cheers. ~Mary-U >> Original comment was posted here: Glowing Jellyroll Cane Tutorial

NETHERLANDS: Thanks for helping me get my subscription payment figured out. I knew it was a ridiculously small amount. Of course I’m not giving up on this wonderful subscription. That would be so not worth it :) ~Ingrid-G >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Scrap Clay Feather Canes

UK: Well I decided to use this technique to make a necklace for my mum for Mother’s Day (tomorrow here in the UK). Since my mum prefers bright colours I thought lilac might be a bit soft for her, and so I went for red and orange colours instead – hopefully it won’t look weird in the “wrong” colours! I actually started with one of Cindy’s colours, 011-1b Ladybird, and made a 3-way Maggie Maggio style colour scale with Ladybird in the middle, darkened with some alizarin one end and lightened with 1:1 gold+cad yellow at the other. Lined up the beads look like a subtle Skinner blend, and I made the beads more open as they got lighter too. Once they’re finished I’ll wire them to a bit of chain keeping them in the right order – I think I’ll end up with something a bit like Cindy’s lariat necklace, maybe adding a few leaf beads too. I found that using the smallest Style and Detail tool first helped a lot, before using the medium tool. The bead’s less likely to crack that way. [Next Day: My mum really liked the necklace… says she’s going to show it off to her work colleagues next week when they go out for a meal. It did turn out really nice – not my usual style but fun anyway.] ~Silverleaf >> Original comment was posted here: Lilac Blossom Flower Beads

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