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Polymer Clay Membership SiteWow Cindy when I think you have outdone yourself with the latest video tutorial, you do it again. Absolutely stunning. I know what I am doing Sunday morning. I just happen to have those little cutters too, and a lot of the pearl clays. ~Jeanie-N >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Blend and Switch Technique

Thank you so much Cindy! What a brilliant video to come home to after my vacation. This opens up so many possibilities, and so simple! Thank you for always looking for quick new ways to view things, lateral thinking at its best! ~Marion-R >> Original comment was posted here: Lietz Teardrop Blend Color Shifts

Wow Cindy, another wonderful tutorial that looks like it is going to be one of my favourites. Can hardly wait to try it out. How you work out how to do these techniques is just amazing. ~Fran-Y >> Original comment was posted here: Aurora Technique Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hi. I absolutely love the teardrop method of color blending. I use it all the time. It works perfectly every single time. I tried the Skinner blend off and on for 4 years. I just thought I was an idiot because I was rarely successful. ~Cassie-C >> Original comment was posted here: Teardrop Blend Shift

I am obsessed with Jupiter beads right now. They have taken over where the swirled lentils left off with my scrap clay! ~Carlee-N >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Beads

This is a delightful technique – very pretty and very delicate just like real butterflies. ~Susan-B >> Original comment was posted here: Inked Surface Butterfly Earrings

Thank you Cindy for this earwire tutorial!!! Such a useful one!!! ~Corinne-L >> Original comment was posted here: How to Make Handmade Ear Wires

I am an opal fanatic (it’s my birthstone, even), and I’ve been unhappy with the other opal treatments I’ve found elsewhere, for polymer clay. Cindy’s is just GORGEOUS and I can’t wait to try it myself. ~Charlene-A >> Original comment was posted here: Making Beautiful Faux Opals

Wowsers!  Opal is my birthstone (they were also my grandmother’s but she wouldn’t wear them because she thought they were bad luck). I have some raw opal stones so I totally agree that “rough” opals are nothing like the final ones. I’ve tried and tried other methods to make faux opals with terrible results. Using the Bake and Bond is a stroke of genius! The depth of these is amazing. ~Sue-D >> Original comment was posted here: Faux Opal Bake and Bond Technique

I love this segment on using UV resin with polymer clay. I’ve been waiting for someone to show me how to do this. I do have a couple of comments about the process. For those of us who are afraid of using flame in their shops, there is a product called Bubble Buster that is used for the same thing when using a resin type of sealant for mosaics. All you have to do with the Bubble Buster is spray it on the surface and the bubbles will disappear. All stained glass stores either have it or can get it for you. The other issue is using the UV light. You absolutely must use UV glasses when you use a UV light. You can damage your eyes if you don’t. Once again stained glass stores can get these for you and you can get them from photo-processing companies like IKONICS. ~Kathy-B >> Original comment was posted here: UV Epoxy Resin for Polymer Clay

Another winner Cindy. This has to be a wonderful addition to our growing arsenal of techniques. It just keeps getting better and better. ~Carole-H >> Original comment was posted here: Polymer Clay Tutorial Faux Agate

Don’t come knock-in cause I’ll be in the house rock-in. You did it again Cindy! ~Sandy-T >> Original comment was posted here: How the Rocker Bead Got Its Name

Wow, again… I love this and just found out my uv resin is in the mail. So much fun. ~Pollyanna >> Original comment was posted here: Faux Dichroic Glass Mica Technique

Love the tutorial!!! You’ve done several tutorials lately that have very specifically interested me. I’m so excited about uv resin, butterfly canes and this dichro glass technique that I might have to make a reversible pendant using all three!!!!! Now that you’ve done this tutorial, I’d really like to see a future one about creating stamps or texture plates for polymer clay. I know that rtv mold putty and polymer clay have both been used for making impressions in clay… but as everyone says, you make seemingly complicated things so much easier. I’m familiar with a few different methods, but I’d love to see how you might do this! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to design your own impression for dichroic glass; no limitations on design or hunting for that special one? ~Ellebella-S >> Original comment was posted here: Faux Dichroic Glass Video

This was a really fun project. My clay also got soft and was thin, so I put it in the refrigerator, and then I added another layer on the bottom. I was pleased with the results. This is a favorite of mine already. ~Loretta-C >> Original comment was posted here: Blend and Switch Video

Cindy, thank you for today’s tutorial- I enjoy the projects that leave lots to creativity like this one!!! Thanks!!!! ~Kati-D >> Original comment was posted here: Mixed Media Art Sheets

Very nice Cindy. I never would have thought a person could make bead caps with polymer clay, but what a wonderful idea. Beautiful and versatile. Thanks Cindy. ~Sue-C >> Original comment was posted here: Make Your Own Custom Bead Caps

Very nice. I am now experimenting on putting clay on anything that will not catch fire when baking. I thought of metal and clay coming together.  What a great tutorial! I am always learning something new from you Cindy. Glad to have you in my favorites. ~Susan-L >> Original comment was posted here: Hammered Metal Bracelet Blanks

I have so many ideas for these sweet little birdhouse beads bursting in my little brain, so I’ve decided to sketch some out. It is actually kind of fun and I have realized that the possibilities are basically endless with all of our past tutorials. I am now thinking of the clay art sheets we did earlier, in addition to the mushroom bead tutorial, and let’s not forget the mica shift. :) Thanks Cindy and everyone for the inspiration and clay happiness I am feeling :) ~Laura-R >> Original comment was posted here: Sculptural Birdhouse Beads

Love this technique. Can’t wait to try it with the mew metallic colors. I have made some using black cad red and white. The cuts are beautiful. ~Natalie-H >> Original comment was posted here: Faux Metal Mokume Gane

Hunted in the bathroom cabinet and found an “essential oil bottle” the cap looks good to make a cup-cake mould from, also a toothpaste cap, so just waiting for my mould-making stuff to arrive. Has anyone used a star-shaped icing nozzle fixed with a rubber-band to the plastic baggie containing the “frosting”?? As a few years ago I used to do a lot of sugar-craft, cake decorating, thought I would give this a try next week. Cup cakes are really popular here in UK for weddings so thought charm bracelets would make ideal bridesmaids gifts for the tiny bridesmaids, matching the colour scheme of the wedding cakes. ~Elaine-F >> Original comment was posted here: Miniature Cupcake Beads

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