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Polymer Clay Membership SiteNEWS FASHION FLASH: My 20 year old daughter Elizabeth is still at that age where she does not know if it is”Okay” to actually like something MOM made. She was looking at my Pirate beads and I said they are supposed to be “distorted” – mine actual had about 20 teeth – LOL. The new term for that is “stylized.” Sounds intentional and more expensive. Who Knew!! ~Anna-S >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Pirate Cane

Cindy – I’ve never commented on your color recipes, but appreciate them and your videos so much. No doubt there are plenty of others like me who sorta hang out in the background and let others do most of the talking. I don’t make jewelry – the necklaces, earrings etc. – but I spend hours making things to give away. Tons of key rings, badge reels, magnets, bookmarks, etc. I’ve covered lots of tins that everyone seems to like. Little kids especially seem to love them. And I get lots of comments back from people who seem to like to take the beads and turn them into pendants, earrings and bracelets themselves. I put lots of beads on the little ball chains and tell people to attach them to gift packages or cards. I’m well into my senior years – have mobility problems so don’t get out that much. I do have a great mobility scooter that weighs under 40 pounds so I can lift it and put it in the back of my SUV which lets me get to Hobby Lobby and Home Depot to get some of the supplies you recommend. But I mostly shop via the internet. Your videos mean the world to me – so thank you so much for all that you and your family do that make my days so much fun. And to all you other people who – like me –  have neglected to tell Cindy how much you enjoy those color recipes and her videos – do it now!! ~Fran-R >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Yea!!! My grandson was here … you know how young people are (I’m 83). He showed me what I was doing wrong on my Windows XP computer. I had installed Firefox but did not set it as my main browser. Now it is and my Adobe Flash has been updated so the videos are working again for me with the new player. Such a dumb thing to not notice what my browser was… but that was what I was doing wrong.  So glad I am back in the fold. ~Jeanne-W >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Beaded Spider Ornament

These are SOOOOOOOOOO Cute!! I have a 14 yr Grand daughter. Bet she would love these. Thanks for thinking “outside the box” er… birdhouse. What a neat idea, I love it! ~Patt-W >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Sculptural Birdhouse Beads

AWESOME TUTE – I can not wait to make some buttons. All of my younger grandchildren love making T-shirts with paint stamps. Some homemade PC buttons are just what they need to top them off. Next time kids are over I think we will be making buttons to put on our shirts. Thank you Cindy you are fantastic and Doug too!! Uuuuuggggggs to all. ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Making Custom Buttons

Dianne – Cindy is wonderful like that. She inspires you to break out your clay and other supplies (even those you bought “just cuz they’re pretty”, LOL.) You’re really going to love putting your Pearl Ex to work. The effects are absolutely amazing — and the stuff is versatile! With the kids — especially — it’s best to avoid breathing the dust (safety first… use these gorgeous powders in a well-ventilated area.) Then start creating shimmery masterpieces! Have fun…and enjoy those ‘adventures’ with your grandkids! ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Pearl Ex Powder

Oh wow, yes yes yes! I have two sisters-in-law (ages 13 and 15) they love the stuff I make now and so do all their friends, I can’t imagine their reaction with neons and glow in the dark! The 13 year old was over a couple weeks ago and wanted to make some beads. She ended up doing something similar to Jupiter beads but did not use scraps (she used colors of her choice) and did not roll them smooth but left them coiled. We used them as links on some funky chain. She is the envy of the 7th grade! Everyone wants to know where they can get one! ~Carrie-W >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Glow In The Jellyroll Cane

Those are sooo cute!!  They look good enough to eat!!  I’ve already checked my lamps and have the knob so I’m ready to cook up a batch. I’m going to make a set for my granddaughters. ~Jeanne-C >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Miniature Cupcake Beads

Real neat technique Cindy, and there’s me thinking I had to use brute force and a 20lb hammer! But no, Cindy says I can use my smallest hammer to tap tap away in a ladylike manner!! (I will feel like one of those little elves who helped the old shoemaker in the fairy tale). Now if only we had a Michaels down the road I could get all those cool tools and supplies, but I will have to improvise. First, to raid “his” jar of foreign coins and borrow some to turn into man-type jewelry. Yippee Cindy, I feel like a kid again, please keep those cool ideas flowing:} They Rock. ~Elaine-F >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Wire Riveting Introduction

SOOOOOOOO adorable! Have 5 granddaughters who are gonna be VERY happy with their Barbie purses, and couldn’t help but notice I have some of the same chain you used for the bracelet = another copy cat!!! ~Marlene-C >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Purse Shaped Charms

Cindy, this tut is right up my alley. Every Christmas I’ve been making an ornament for each of my 3 nieces. I try to do something different each year, and I love it when I can find a new technique that incorporates their photos in the ornaments. This is the third week in a row that you’ve given me ideas for their ornies. Thanks! ~Linda-K >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Hand Tinted Photo Transfers

Hi Cindy – Had my grand daughters over yesterday and we made some Arizona beads using some scrap of yellow and very pale purple. They had a great time (oh they are 5 and 8). They love the ragged edges… we cut them in half to make more so each one can have a bracelet when I finish baking them. ~Natalie-H >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Scrap Clay Rolled Arizona Beads

What a lovely project! Only wish I had my nieces back at six, seven, eight.. because the ooooo’s and ahhhh’s that would have resulted when the teardrop sliced into the heart would have been wonderful. Still good for me, and I’m in my late fifties, lol. Also commend you for really providing good ideas for the use of scrap clay. I wish all of you a happy heart day. ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Mirror Image Heart Beads

Love this little guy.My grandson in coming for the night and he loves the clay. Will have to show him how to make this. He will love it, too. Thanks for the inspirations. ~Pollyanna >> This comment was originally posted at this link: Snowman Beads for Christmas

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