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Polymer Clay Membership SiteThanks again, Cindy. I am 86 years old and have never been a fan of anyone. But now there is a polymer clay guru up in Canada who has my heart. ~Katherine-D >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

What a great story! I love getting kids involved in the clay. My husbands siblings (a 12 year old boy, a 14 year old girl, and a 16 year old girl) spend the night with us and working with clay is the first thing they ask to do when they walk in the door. I am especially close with the 14 year old and she has gotten good enough at it that she helps me on most of my projects, and she goes to festivals and shows with me! My cousin also hired me to come to her daughters 8th birthday and help her and all her friends make bracelets! ~Carrie-N >> This comment was originally posted here: Children and Polymer Clay

Cindy and Doug Thank you for the wonderful gift. I feel this weeks tute was so much more than just a lesson. It was a learning experience not to forget you can take a beautiful piece of art and with a tweak here and a change of color there you have a similar piece of jewelry that is now working for many woman of different ages and tastes enjoying the same technique. Now that is not only Awesome but PURE GENIUS!!! Many Many Uuuuugggss. ~Peggy-B >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Faux Dichroic Glass

Hi Cindy, I love your tutorials – they’ve expanded my horizons about what I can do with polymer clay. I also really admire that you are a working artist! As a current college student thinking about career options, I think that it’s amazing that you can make a living through artistic endeavors. Thanks. ~Vierra-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Library

Elizabeth, I know just what you mean about grandkids and clay. I have two boys here, 7 and 4 years old, and that’s what we were doing today. They opened about 7 packs of clay before I had the heart to stop them. I loved every minute of it. We’re having a long sleep over (maybe a week) before school starts. They even have a 2 year old brother but three is too much for me. He’s a wild child but so cute and adorable. Anyway, I gave them small cutters and they made small flowers for Mom. Tomorrow I’ll let them glue magnets on the back and Mom can use them on the refrigerator. Thank goodness I have two pasta machines – one for each. They also love putting all the colors together, but its fun. ~Helen-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Blend and Switch Technique

Cindy, Just a quick note to again say thank you for all you do.I LOVE the new order system!!!! Easy to order more than one back issue at a time and easy to check out! NO more cancels from paypal. I love it. By the way , my son is now doing clay as well so I am Very excited to see the pleasure that he is getting from playing with clay and gives us one more thing that we can do together. So again thank you for all your hard work and worrying about us and the paypal system. Hugs. ~Karon-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Image Transfer Technique

I like this idea and love a lot of stuff from the 60’s art era.I think this would be great to make for the teen in my home and or for others too. ~Stephanie-S >> This comment was originally posted here: Jellyroll Cane with a Psychedelic Twist

Congratulations on your beautiful beads. I love the way you personalized Cindy’s technique. Will make notes from your take on this. Aren’t hubbys wonderful? He has such pride in you that he is willing to share. It was awesome for you to share a heart with that little granddaughter. We would probably all be in tears if she could share just what it means to her. The best to you in this venture, it is deserving. Ah, to have such a pea sized brain… you are a fine gem in this community. Thanks so much for sharing. ~Joyce-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Faux Carved Bone

I made these mushroom pendants for my niece’s three little girls. They loved them! ~Linda-K >> This comment was originally posted here: Mushroom Beads

Wow, your Blushing Pansy Palette is gorgeous! I love pinks and purples… they’ll come in mighty handy for Valentine’s jewelry. Plus, my nieces love girly-girl colors (as long as I mix ’em with other “funky” colors, too.) I’m inspired to get started on “hearts” and “I love you” stuff — pronto! Thanks Cindy, for the lovely color palette… and Doug, for your beautiful photography — as always! ~Phaedrakat >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Color Recipes

Another awesome idea for my grandkids and me to use. I have several rolls of copper tape, in different widths. Have only used it on glass pieces. With Polymer Clay – never thought of it. I learn so much from this site!!! ~Dianne-M >> This comment was originally posted here: Pendants Wrapped with Copper Foil

What a great video, especially because it combines so many techniques taught previously, and allows use of scrap clay due to the smallness of the object. Can’t wait to see the reaction of a group of kids to this one, perfect introduction! ~Jocelyn-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Sculptural Birdhouse Beads

Interesting! The wired leaf charms with the polymer clay remind me of the fun art projects I used to do with my artsy grandmother in my childhood. We’d take wire bent into a similar shape like Cindy’s and dip it into this gooey stuff that then dried and became translucent. ~Maria-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Mixed Media Wire Leaf Charms

Oh Cindy, you’ve made an old woman very happy! A dream come true, a peacock cane! I too have always adored peacocks, their feathers, their unbelievable shimmering colours, their strutting  -well how could they help it-  and I even love their haunting calls. In the ancient literature they’re the symbol of immortality so your choice of gorgeous wedding colours was very wise as well as highly original, very Cindy-and-Doug-ish. And no need to tell you, your marriage is lookin’ good, absolutely imperishable! (I’ve noticed that my peacock feathers, standing in a vase for years and years, still look fresh and lovely, so maybe there’s something in that).  Anyway, this is a challenge which I will take up and persist with until it comes out like your cane.  Let’s see, I’ll be 163 by then …  Never mind, I’ll press on. Practice, practice (or practice, if you spell the American way) should help. What fun! Thanks a million, Cindy. ~Mary-U >> This comment was originally posted here: Peacock Cane Project

Had my tear drop blends all ready to go yesterday, and then my grandaughter arrived (babysitting duty for grandma!) but I refused to let it stop me. She had a ball starting and stopping the video and helping to “smush” as she said (already getting into PC slang and she is only 4) the clay and then layer the slices. This was a fantastic tute, well worth the price, and another of your and Doug’s marvelous efforts. Thank you! ~Marlene-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Peacock Feather Cane

Cindy, Those little bits of yummy stuff are so cute. I often wondered how to make icing. Although I am not a PC foodie, these would be so cute for a charm bracelet for my granddaughter. ~Bette-L >> This comment was originally posted here: Miniature Cupcake Beads

I have been making and selling a variety of different crafts for years and only discovered polymer clay on a visit to US to look after my granddaughter. Together we sat at the kitchen table and played with clay. It was not until I stumbled upon “CINDY” that I realized how wonderful this stuff really is. I have made many PC gifts for family and friends but never attempted to sell any. Well at the end of September I will attend my first craft-fair selling my polymer clay creations. I’m getting really excited just thinking about it. Because there are already three people selling jewelry I said to the organizer I wouldn’t be selling jewelry. So I have three note books stuffed with alternative PC items, but all using “Cindy’s wonderful recipes, canes, wire-work etc. I’ve already had pre-orders for hook-marks and buttons using “Cindy” techniques, so THANK YOU Cindy, do you realize that you are changing “MY WORLD” I’m having so much fun and look forward to each amazing new idea that you pull from the hat!! So if anyone is reading this and wondering if they should sign up to become a member – “just do it” and as “Dell-Boy” says “You know it makes sense”. :} xx cheers. ~Elaine-F >> This comment was originally posted here: Polymer Clay Recipes

What a nice flashback to my childhood. ALOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago LOL. As Ken wrote – this tute has lots of possibilities. Fun to experiment, huh?. Also, thanks for the heads up on the Frost vs. White Translucent. Glad to know they are the same. Thanks – as always – for such an interesting tute -smile! ~Patt-W >> This comment was originally posted here: Dandelion Ghost Cane

SOOO cute!! My Granddaughters would love a charm bracelet made with the mini purses ~Jeanne-C >> This comment was originally posted here: Purse Shaped Charms and Beads

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